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Not so Simple (bryhnnie) boyxboy by lilibecat
Not so Simple (bryhnnie) boyxboyby Kassidy
Johnnie can only hide the fact he's an omega for so long. What happens when his alpha roommate (secret crush) finds out? * omegaverse / boyxboy / smut / mpreg *
How I fell in love with Johnnie Guilbert (a Johnnie Guilbert FanFic) by bandlover4
How I fell in love with Johnnie Morgan Sykes
Lily Wright is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in the UK with her "loveable" family. Lily doesn't really see eye to eye with her family, they expect her t...
Do You Want Me To Suffer? [#KohnnieFanfiction] [Complete] by GirlWhoDreamHigh
Do You Want Me To Suffer? [ biaisillusioned
"Hey, my name is Johnnie. Johnnie Guilbert. I'm in a rough time of my life. It seems that everything I do has no meaning in this world. People don't care about me...
Warped (A FanFic) by kaitlyn-reads17
Warped (A FanFic)by kaitlyn-reads17
When Ky finally gets to go to Warped Tour she thinks it will be the only positive thing that has happened to her in the past year. But, when she meets her favorite YouTu...
once upon a kohnnie by lillywolf2
once upon a kohnnieby Lilly Wolf
Bryan, Johnnie, and Kyle were invited to Hawaii by Damon. Kyle only knew Bryan and Damon, what would his first impression of Johnnie be? would it be love or hate? I don'...
What about Alex? (Johnnie Guilbert x Reader) by ImJustBoredRightNow
What about Alex? (Johnnie Random Girl
_____ was a youtuber and a singer she only has one friend named Zack They both go to warp tour for the first time because _____ is preforming she never had a bf or ha...
You make me happy- social repose by giselle_the_loser
You make me happy- social reposeby Andy boosack
I'm not good at descriptions... read the info chapter :) I swear it's not as bad as you think only a few errors a chapter Disclaimer I have no idea what happened between...
the sex slave. by xxxSTRAWBERRIESxxx
the sex xxxSTRAWBERRIESxxx
hi i'm Ashley and i'm 15 years old and i was sold to a few guys for a sex slave. My dad died when i was 5 . and then my mom use to beat me.
The End Of All Things {Sequel to Ever Since We Met; Johnnie Guilbert Fanfiction} by zenogeode
The End Of All Things {Sequel to LONELY MOONLIGHT
I don't own YouTube or any of the YouTubers mentioned but I do own this story line and characters that are not YouTubers that I have made up. This is a fanFICTION. As in...
 Sebastian meepz X reader by imjustemotrash1923
Sebastian meepz X readerby imjustemotrash1923
i mean the title kinda explains it all so... (hehe i suck at descriptions)
You and I are my OTP (Kohnnie) (Boyxboy) by lovelyismyaesthetic
You and I are my OTP (Kohnnie) ( alovernotafighter
Almost everyone has their own ships or their own OTP's, but what happens when Kohnnie becomes Kyle David Hall's one and only OTP? Does Johnnie ship it too? Or will he ha...
Ever Since We Met {Johnnie Guilbert Fanfiction} by zenogeode
Ever Since We Met {Johnnie LONELY MOONLIGHT
Meet Melody, the secret sister of Kyle David Hall. With a foreboding past looming behind her she is forced to in hiding so that they don't find her again. But what happ...
Fifty Shades of Guilbert (Reader x Johnnie Guilbert) by agapeyurio
Fifty Shades of Guilbert (Reader Kat Young
Pretty much this is just another Reader x Johnnie Guilbert with a lil bit of other ships
My Digital Escape - living with MDE by chloe-is-a-turtle
My Digital Escape - living with MDEby .•° Chloe°•.
Hi I'm Chloe, a 13 year old girl from Ireland. My mother is really sick and we need to move to LA to help find a cure. What will happen when my life gets turned upside? ...
Waterfall (Kohnnie) by antique-trash-can
Waterfall (Kohnnie)by Aurjazel
After a chance meeting at a curious gathering called Warped Tour, Johnnie Guilbert can't forget a strange YouTuber called Kyle David Hall. When Kyle moves into Johnnie a...
Long Distance (Kohnnie fanfic) by twobirdsof-a-feather
Long Distance (Kohnnie fanfic)by Alyssa and Lizzy
what will happen when Kyle visits Johnnie in California?
These are just same imagines and mane preferences... Enjoy :)
These Things That We've Done (Kellin Quinn) {Book 2} by epiconfire
These Things That We've Done ( epiconfire
Sequel to This Time I'll Hang, Close the Door. Summer Quinn has been through a lot. There's been secrets, lies, changes, and promises. Finally some good events are taki...