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|| Bryan Quits || TFF || Bolten || Recontinued || by Lily_Darkness2000
|| Bryan Quits || TFF || Bolten || Liliana_Darkness_Gogy
Cussing? Yep. Possible triggers? Hopefully not. Ships sailing? Yep. *This book is a Bryan X Molten book* #1 in fnaf6 : 11/29/2020 #6 in JonJon: 12/27/2020 10.6k reads :...
!Brogen au! (New) (Thefamousfilms) by specialsnowflakeuser
!Brogen au! (New) (Thefamousfilms)by specialsnowflakeuser
Bryan=C.C//Chris afton (I know he said he isn't chris)
|| The Memory Of The Pasts || A TFF Story || Adopted || by Lily_Darkness2000
|| The Memory Of The Pasts || A Liliana_Darkness_Gogy
**The story is a fan-story from TheFamousFilms. And I don't own the artwork.** Bryan lied to everyone he loved. He always did. Thats why when he died and the truth came...
TheFamousFilms AU: The Real Me by KayandLee
TheFamousFilms AU: The Real Meby Kay&Lee Animates
What will happen when the animatronics and Bryan find out who he really is?
|| The Films Family Secret || A T.F.F. || Adopted || by Lily_Darkness2000
|| The Films Family Secret || A Liliana_Darkness_Gogy
This story is a fanfic (?) about TheFamousFilms. I know Bryan isn't Chris but in this universe he is. Bryan looked at the old photo and tears threatened to fall. None of...
|| Animatronic Bryan || TFF - Book 2 || Bolten || by Lily_Darkness2000
|| Animatronic Bryan || TFF - Liliana_Darkness_Gogy
This is a sequel book in this series. The first was 'Bryan Quits'. Please read the first one before you come here. Started: 11/14/2020 Ended: -/--/--
What am I?  Dιʂƈσɳƚιɳυҽԃ  by Chloe1882
What am I? Dιʂƈσɳƚιɳυҽԃ by Chloe1882
Look I am doing a Bryan is Chris theory I know he is not Chris but they are interesting to read. also this is my first book don't judge me. Bryan has head pain a lot an...
Bryan Afton by FreakshowShadow
Bryan Aftonby Shadow Nightmares
This is a story about the secret no one knew except for 1person and you'll find out who eventually Hehehe~ P.s sorry if my Grammar is bad Also In the most recent chapte...
The Afton Family by dj_tiger360
The Afton Familyby Shayla Chartrand
Evolution's of The Afton Family 'Bite of 1987' & The Afton Family 'Bite of 2011'
the one i used to be... (A TheFamousFilms Story)  by _Horror-Sans_
the one i used to be... (A [Shell-AI]
(this story is about Bryan bring Chris Afton) ...I ran across the floor and trying to listen to my sorroundings and focus on the door. As i got to the door i heard my al...