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A Thugs Mentality  by Takeriya1
A Thugs Mentality by Tayyyy__.
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Multiversal Kombat by TheStarGod
Multiversal Kombatby TheStarGod
A universe where everything is fought Mortal Kombat style... Shadownova has taken over this universe and the Multiversal Heroes must overthrow him... But, they're not do...
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Zombie Island by aestaethyc
Zombie Islandby 『 diamondzeeu 』
[ Zombie Island ] Ten teenagers in one dangerous island. *** Island? Danger? Safe? Death? Ordinary? Zombies? Curiosity kills the cat. Curiosity, It may lead you to deat...
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The Epic  by MasoomaZaynab
The Epic by MZ💃
A short storyline...
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Shades of the Past by ebreezy_
Shades of the Pastby e.m.a.n.i
The one thing Cole has always avoided was his past life. Not many people can say they really know him, not even Kendra and Cole prefers to keep it that way. Once Kendra...
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Showing The Real Us by MileCass
Showing The Real Usby MielCassand
Black Demon Angels isang kinakatakutang gangster sa Gangster and Mafia world pero hindi mo sila makikilala dahil naka disguise sila at pinalitan ang kanilang mga pangala...
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Warriors Super Edition: Archstar's Nature by Raining_Needles
Warriors Super Edition: Archstar' яαιηιηg_ηεε∂ℓεs
-A Warriors inspired story.- The tom has been a menace from the start. Even the medicine cat of ShadowClan knew it. He would lead a path of claws, bloodshed and death. O...
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a whisper in the shadows by skeet_skeet_bitch
a whisper in the shadowsby YEET ME OFF BUILDING
🚫warning🚫 May have brutal scenes// also some dirty scenes as well
Section: Andromeda by Ashleyah_27
Section: Andromedaby Hellish
Hell. One word for a situation
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R00M 2 1 6 by _EMMANUELA_
R00M 2 1 6by Janryl Puno
Ssshhhhh... Silence is a MUST!!!
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Maksimovic High by The_Baroness_
Maksimovic Highby Jade Busog
Maksimovic High is a School For Unordinary Teens. I Mean By Unordinary,Their Not Actually Human-Human,But With Powers. Joe Gabriel Maksimovic,The Proud Son of Anton Maks...
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The Resistance: Vengeance Prevails by chadscheese
The Resistance: Vengeance Prevailsby 𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓭
Cody Harrison tries to find Damian Wells to kill him, after his father died 20 years earlier, because of Damian. [Also, curses and depictions of death are in this story...
Lies in Green Eyes by AshleyPCole
Lies in Green Eyesby AshleyPCole
The child pays for the sins of the father. This is true and there is proof of it throughout time. A father may commit a great sin, or set off a disastrous chain of event...
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That Ruggid Past ||BOOK 1|| by jeongiseul2
That Ruggid Past ||BOOK 1||by Jeong Iseul
Summary: confessions turned into amnesia tf- Here's my first Teen fiction. Hope you enjoy it. Please give it lots of love and feedback if you do like it.
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LandRush, a tribute to MotorStorm by MatthewGalmes6
LandRush, a tribute to MotorStormby Matthew Galmes
A young male who had once graduated a prestigious racing school in Monterey, California gets stranded in Monument Valley, Arizona, looking for his identity and to forge...
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The Mind of a Black Girl by zzstar15
The Mind of a Black Girlby Zoe Lafontant
"The black girl who will embody you all through my small voice that will soon become powerful." ~~~ i have a lot to say and it's on these pages.
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Cold Soul by GiulianaSinesi
Cold Soulby Giuliana Sinesi
It is always said that life is too short and that one should make the best out of it. My life, however, my life became more and more lengthy. Every minute seemed like an...
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Dear white people  by MeriamSL
Dear white people by MeriamSL
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Life by the book by The_Bat_Guy
Life by the bookby The_Bat_Guy
This is a story about a girl named Riley who finds a book. This book is no ordinary book as it begins to set her life according to how it is set in the book. At first sh...
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Insanity is Pure by itsmerinee
Insanity is Pureby Kwinsi Rine
"Ako lang ang para sa'yo, I can protect you, if someone intends to take you away from me, I assure you that they will rot in hell." 'Yan lamang ang sinabi niya...
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