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Dave The Smuppet Fucker by davebrodirk
Dave The Smuppet Fuckerby davebrodirk
ship: brodave NSFW dave has always hated those damn smuppets that bro's so fond of, but he's gotta know what the appeal is. he's just gotta try it for himself
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Fate by Marceline134
Fateby Marce
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Striders (Dirk x Reader x Dave x Bro) by TheBlindPotato
Striders (Dirk x Reader x Dave x annna
This is what happens when you go yell at the neighbors, You fall in love with them. Oh why does life have to be stressful? This is my first Story/ reader x person/s so...
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Nobody needs to know... - Stridercest  by Sal_Fisher_5
Nobody needs to know... - Jake
Dave Strider (David Elizabeth Strider) has grown strong feelings for his brothers, but not your everyday normal, sibling relationship, he love-loves them, like, a husban...
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You Can Be The Boss Daddy (COMPLETED) by davebrodirk
You Can Be The Boss Daddy ( davebrodirk
Ship: bro/dave NSFW (obviously) Dave gets slightly drunk and decided to dress up for his big bro and well...Bro isn't complaining.
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Bro x Reader Just a Number by XXLunar_DragonXX
Bro x Reader Just a Numberby XXLunar_DragonXX
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Don't Ever Leave Me ( Stridercest ) by Spectrumplays70
Don't Ever Leave Me ( Stridercest )by Spectrum
Dave gets weird feelings about his Bro and decides to tell him about it..what he doesn't know is that Bro feels the same way
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Homestuck One-shots by goshfrickenheck
Homestuck One-shotsby Rori
REQUESTS; OPEN! I do any Regular Homestuck as well as AU's! I do ships and reader inserts! These include; Homestuck, Tricksterstuck, Zombiestuck, Monsterstu...
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Ironic Purposes. by BRIGHT_RED_CROCS
Ironic Eijiro Kirishima
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BroJohn Nsfw  by SpaceWatercolor
BroJohn Nsfw by SpaceWatercolor
John is an idiot. Self explanatory.
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You Were Mine (Stridercest) by SpaceySenpai
You Were Mine (Stridercest)by ケイトリン
He came home, with the smell of alcohol on his breath. He has finished another one night stand and was filled with agony and regret. All that could be heard was yelling...
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Demonstuck by ToastsandGhosts
Demonstuckby Jean
This is old and I refuse to rewrite it.
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Feels Like Sloppy Seconds  by davebrodirk
Feels Like Sloppy Seconds by davebrodirk
Ship: stridercest [D/Bro] NSFW!!!! Bro started feeling attraction towards D when he was just a damn teenager, what's he gonna do now that he's grown and able to give a h...
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That moment when no-homo no longer applies by ronweasleyisgod
That moment when no-homo no Dont Kinkshame Me
Hello! I'd just like to credit my title to shimigamiloveyaoi. I asked for suggestions, and I got some! I probably would not have even made my second update without that...
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my stridercest sketchbook by Louise040506
my stridercest sketchbookby Louise040506
so yeah, it's just as it sounds, 2019 and I still ship stridercest. there will probably be smut drawings. Also, you may ask why am I putting this on wattpad? well becaus...
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O-talk-u: Dirk Strider X Reader by ubiquitousAnarchist
O-talk-u: Dirk Strider X Readerby Jo
Falling in love is a myth. We drift towards others to help ourselves feel secure. Having someone to lean on is selfish; it's not love, just a mask for something much les...
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Little Bro (Dave and Dirk Strider) by leoisalright
Little Bro (Dave and Dirk Strider)by leo the king
Dave and Dirk have been drifting apart lately, and Dave has been keeping secrets from his older brother. But as Dirk realises what's going on they grow closer again unti...
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FUCK YOU STRIDER [Davekat] by benshapiroisgreat
FUCK YOU STRIDER [Davekat]by benshapiroisgreat
karkat vantas is an ass yes but DAVE FUCKING STRIDER is an even bigger bulge sucker then most will the ass fall for the bulge licker or will he just fucking kill him? Al...
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Homestuck Headcannons!! by gayassmaterial
Homestuck Headcannons!!by Adder, He/Him
read the title lmao includes: Sadstuck cannons, Sexstuck cannons, etc.
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epic gamer dirk x Jake fiction  by JamithegodhimselfMur
epic gamer dirk x Jake fiction by Jami the god himself Murder
Dork Strider, his brother dave, and his dad Dwayne (the BROck) Strider get caught up in some wacky antics when they meet a blind werewolf on tumblr who lives next door...
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