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FAKING LOVE by lliizz15
Ilyas Aman, a 26 year old billionaire has it all. Money, good looks and what not. There's one thing he can have, but doesn't want. A wife. Just to make his Mum happy...
  • lovehate
  • alphamale
  • ceo
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Pillow Talk by Livania_22
Pillow Talkby Livania
His hand gripped her hip, gently, "The way I want to fuck you. Merda! You wouldn't believe it." Freya gasped this time, looking into his eyes and realising he...
  • arrogant
  • love
  • possessive
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Detective's Housebreaker (infinite Hiatus) by exams_killed_me
Detective's Housebreaker ( November O'Riley
She's a girl. A silent girl who steals. That is what anyone has to know. A little girl at five being kidnapped by the Spanish Mob doesn't know anything about the world...
  • thief
  • adrian
  • girl
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He's My Baby Love | Lesbian Story (Book 2) by xxFatherOfLukexx
He's My Baby Love | Lesbian 개구리 🐸
Sequel to She's My Lady Love. Emilia and Rosemary are back, but by no means are they living in perfect harmony just yet. From meeting with Alphas who disagree with two w...
  • baby
  • lgbt
  • witch
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Never gonna happen by jasmineflower567
Never gonna happenby Lady Pendragon
Rabecca Lensher is living the life, working in the best Museum in the whole of America, where people come to visit from all over the world, seeing the historic artefacts...
  • businessman
  • broody
  • humor
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Him & I by Livania_22
Him & Iby Livania
Some say it's foolish to fall in love. For Sybil, it's definitely utter stupidity to fall in love with a man that can never belong to her. _________________________ Za...
  • kaan
  • death
  • possessive
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Unlawful - Harry Styles. (Student/Teacher) by kaygreiselx
Unlawful - Harry Styles. ( kaygreiselx
Unlawful: not conforming to, permitted by, or recognised by law or rules. An unbelievable sexual pull is felt by a girl, Thea, towards her undeniably god-like teacher...
  • boardingschool
  • liampayne
  • love
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The Bad Boy's Heart by kcat111
The Bad Boy's Heartby Ксения
"Meredith is in love with you" Courtney stated with a smirk. My eyes widened. "No, I'm not! I mean I don't even know yo--" My words were cut off as...
  • badboy
  • badboygoodgirl
  • mysterious
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The Unrealistic Truth by demigodintraining__
The Unrealistic Truthby Louise
We use books as an escape from reality. Some read so much that books become their reality. Read and find out how Eli's escape from reality became her reality.
  • jay
  • mate
  • courtney
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MOVIES n POPCORN🍟 by angel_sree
MOVIES n POPCORN🍟by angel_sree
confused which movies to watch. .. look through the list of all genres. .. suggest your favourite movies for us to watch. ...
  • cute
  • marriage
  • magic
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Carmilla (Hollstein) One-Shots by LiesLike2ndNature
Carmilla (Hollstein) One-Shotsby Carter LJ Pendertwat
Disclaimer: I don't own any music used in this writing, nor do I own the characters (This book will more than likely contain spoilers.) A collection of various randomly...
  • vampire
  • lesbian
  • gay
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Shawty's Rhyme Book  by ShawtyRhymes
Shawty's Rhyme Book by Cherub
Here's a book of poetry which doesn't exactly rhyme. Each one may hold a thousand different meanings, but I just hope it means something to you... That's the only thing...
  • couplets
  • nocturnal
  • random
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Diary of Odin by Ven_Ace
Diary of Odinby Scribe Odin
A journey of a darkness manipulator.
  • angst
  • lead
  • alternateuniverse
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 Ericson: The School For Troubled Youth by SkyToTheMax
Ericson: The School For SkyMax
Clementine, Broody, Minerva, Sophie, Ruby, Violet, Louis, Marlon, Mitch, and Aasim we all sent to Ericson at a young age, having grown up together they are really close...
  • ericson
  • aasim
  • louis
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Wings by AnonymouseWriter15
Wingsby AnonymouseWriter15
Isabelle Carter has always gone against the crowd. A leader not a follower. Queen of weird. She always ignored it, but now she's seeing feathers on the ground too big...
  • angel
  • wings
  • broody
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Suppositious by thefieryfool
Suppositiousby thefieryfool
In which the world is external, the reality: fickle. It is the place where the abstract is real, where you can't help but assume, and then risk being lost forever. This...
  • random
  • mysterious
  • opposites
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When in West Point by TheProtectorsGuild
When in West Pointby Unidentified
Rowan has been living her life on autopilot since she became famous. Never letting anyone get to close, with the exception of her immediate family. When her plane hits...
  • cute
  • love
  • romance
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Romeo's Theif by fieete23
Romeo's Theifby Faith Stark
Mage is what people would like to call, a space cadet. Or at least she was. She once was the kid shoving herself into stories and books, marveling as words unraveled in...
  • nerd
  • adventure
  • teen
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