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Sweet Tunes by coociemonster21
Sweet Tunesby Sumyia Hashmi
Katy Monroe, a girl who likes to keep to herself, yet still has a sassy side, gets paired up with Andrew Parker, the school's most feared boy, for a music project. She d...
  • humor
  • love
  • friends
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Broken Past by xXShaodwXx
Broken Pastby xXShaodwXx
" I know your hiding something Erika Jones, and I am going to find out what your little secret is" the voice said with a serious tone "You know nothing a...
  • lovestory
  • broken
  • badgirl
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The Runaway by tiggerstar4
The Runawayby tiggerstar4
Everyone aboard the Argo II had assumed that the happy, blissfully ignorant jokester that is Leo Valdez, had a happy past. Boy were they wrong. When an encounter with th...
  • brokenpast
  • memories
  • heroesofolympus
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the she alpha  by adrenroberts
the she alpha by kukku
Blue moon pack. The most powerful pack under the alpha king. ruled by a heartless alpha. The alpha is dangerous and ferocious. any body who cross the alphas path and ch...
  • love
  • romance
  • mates
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The President's Girlfriend by Jasry_Mendoza
The President's Girlfriendby Jasry_Mendoza
"Maybe you should just stop being afraid, and just love her as hard as you can. Fuck your walls. Just jump. There is no better time for bravery than in love and in...
  • instantgirlfriend
  • brokenpast
  • betrayal
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❤️Wattpad's Best books ❤️📚 by DoridoLady11
❤️Wattpad's Best books ❤️📚by dying inside
Wattpad's best books based on my (Kate's) recommendation. This book will include at least one tag from below. Feel free to recommend books and authors and I'll be sure t...
  • brokenpast
  • drama
  • mature
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Bad Boys by swazzleberry
Bad Boysby swazzleberry
Kyle was just Kyle. No last name, no family, no past. It was simple that way. It was easy. There was once another boy by another name, but that boy died when the only th...
  • fighter
  • youngadult
  • lit
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Can't Let Go by XxSarcasticAngelxX
Can't Let Goby Sarcasm Is My Specialty
After her mother's death Nicole Became the outcast at home and at school the only thing that keeps her sane is her never ending love for art and music, and the promise s...
  • drama
  • neighbors
  • artist
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GRAVITY by Itsjustangeline
GRAVITYby Itsjustangeline
I, myself don't know where to begin. It's been a mess since the start. I, Dasey Evans want to know what really is reality. The people that surrounds me and who walks p...
  • teenfiction
  • brother
  • sister
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P.S I Love You by marinerium
P.S I Love Youby Marina Rodriguez
It all started with a simple letter. Catherine is on a search to find whoever sent that letter to her. But everything changed when she transferred schools. Hoping to for...
  • sad
  • past
  • shattered
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Beyond The Reflection  by insanityofthemind
Beyond The Reflection by insanityofthemind
Have you ever wondered what is beyond your reflection? Is it like Alice In Wonderland? Or is it topsy turvy? Is up down and down up? Only certain people are able to answ...
  • insanity
  • generalfiction
  • paranormal
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A seemingly normal girl carry on her live with the constant thought of death from a shattered ruined black past.
  • depression
  • life
  • suicide
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Painter's Pointe by jragonfly
Painter's Pointeby • jod & rhea •
they make art through pain;
  • loner
  • alone
  • happy
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3:23 am by kupukupu92
3:23 amby soulxeater
Night thought that haunts you.
  • poetrycollection
  • love
  • life
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My Sad Past Secrets  by ---ILoveMyLukey16---
My Sad Past Secrets by I ❤ Jacob Sartorius
Warning: triggers emotions, it's the past tho. I will never forget it either it makes sad tho
  • unforgettable
  • lonelieness
  • animals
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Smile (BL Short Story) by ILoveMyBear_2004
Smile (BL Short Story)by Black Mafia Queen
BXB SHORT STORY, DONT LIKE DONT READ U CLOSE MIND PPL Just a one shot story about a person added with a song noted its my first time (not really but)
  • boylove
  • shortstory
  • song
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Pag ibig nga ba? by Gandangbabaetoh24
Pag ibig nga ba?by Rayl Len Palara Castro
Naranasan mona bang mag mahal ng isang taong may mahal namang iba? Ung akala mo siya na ung the one pra sa buhay mo akala mo pag ibig na tlga ... Un pla hndi pa nag kama...
  • brokenpast
  • teenwriter
  • teenfiction
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Hate For The Bad Boy by Hanna_Rose13
Hate For The Bad Boyby Kimberley
Meet Shane Carter, your typical obnoxious, arrogant and cocky bad boy whose ego could be bigger than the earth. On the other hand, meet Chloe Whinston, sarcastic girl wh...
  • brokenpast
  • sarcasm
  • hate
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The Absence of Color by HowlingWolvesQueen
The Absence of Colorby -Wolf Wilder-
Black; its known as the color of mystery, evilness, and corruption. This happens to be a true, Liliya Rurik. She had a very pure past, she was pure, and had the innocenc...
  • darkknight
  • justiceleague
  • natasharomanoff
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