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STEPHEN JAMES Book 1-30CUTTING HEARTS CUTTING HEARTS Xene Kabo (Jean E) (BWWM) An African American college graduate has signed to a new model company "Barcelo...
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The Meaning of Life by krystiii
The Meaning of Lifeby krystiii
I've always wondered how could my life be without so much... so much. I couldn't stand my life, my family, school, people, life... I couldn't stand myself. I wish that...
  • british
  • bff
  • loveatfirstsight
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IN THE DARK ~ ORIGINAL by millieslove
"You never can tell what goes on in the dark" In which two British teens become unlikely friends after witnessing a traumatic event, and in turn discovers the...
  • apply
  • murder
  • brittish
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Pirate Tales: The Legend of The Golden Oak by LeafBunn
Pirate Tales: The Legend of The Leaf Studios
-=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- Captain Selena must retrieve the map of the Legendary Scrolls from the Moonlight Port library on an island in...
  • ships
  • curse
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Turn My Oyster Up by RainbowNumber587
Turn My Oyster Upby RainbowNumber587
Two men attempt to navigate being gay in London in a time where homosexuality was criminalized. This story will contain a fair amount of Polari, a spoken language primar...
  • british
  • policeofficer
  • london
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My Twin's Lover || Marcel Styles by Lil-Tee
My Twin's Lover || Marcel Stylesby Lily
"Maybe it's not about Trying to fix Something that is broken. Maybe it's about Starting over And making so...
  • marcel
  • bulliyng
  • marcelstyles
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~Truth or Dare~ with Arthur Kirkland by -britishbrows-
~Truth or Dare~ with Arthur ♡▪ᵁⁿᶦᵗᵉᵈ ᴷᶦⁿᵍᵈᵒᵐ▪♡
I'm lonely-- Ask or Dare this scone-loving Brit anything that your heart might as damn desire~~~
  • aph
  • random
  • kirkland
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More than friends? - (Tom Hiddleston x reader) by HandsomeBoiTom
More than friends? - (Tom Emotional
An x reader story of how you're adapting to your new life back in England. Maybe being the new kid won't be so bad after all... I'm not that good at writing, but I just...
  • fluff
  • loki
  • cute
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SuperWhoLock: The Missing Girls by teamtrenchcoatl
SuperWhoLock: The Missing Girlsby Nerds Up North
Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have taken over the responsibility of raising Rosy. It goes well for 17 years until one day she goes missing, along with ten other girls...
  • johnwatson
  • doctorwho
  • johnlock
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Oasis by Crazyshhhh
Oasisby Cherry
Our protagonist is merely eighteen years old when her life spirals into insanity. Having suffered from chronic anxiety for as long as she can remember what will Megan d...
  • scared
  • magic
  • original
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It's only Rock'n'Roll  by kayla-hubba
It's only Rock'n'Roll by :)
DISCONTINUED "I really liked your set." "Honey it's only Rock'n'Roll" The year is 1972 the decade is just picking up a lot can happen... What...
  • brittish
  • keithmoon
  • thewho
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Violin Heart Strings by huggimel3
Violin Heart Stringsby Alme
Alè Hummus is a liberational activist, although some would say she's a radical troublemaker. After staging her most idiotic, (what she belies as her greatest) act, she i...
  • goliath
  • violins
  • triangle
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If you go out in the woods tonight by IrelandMccarthy
If you go out in the woods tonightby Irelandmccarthy
If you go out in the wood tonight your sure to have a surprise But let me promise me, its not teddy bears. With the woods changing everynight to form new paths and monst...
  • thriller
  • surprise
  • canada
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God Save The Queen by UnionJack02
God Save The Queenby King Darius
The Queen and the Country matters most.
  • unionjack
  • queen
  • brittish
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most likely by ysabelabelabel
most likelyby ysabel
"Why do you do this to yourself?" He asked, his voice thick with frustration. "It's easier." I answer with my usual nonchalance. "You can't keep...
  • sophia
  • school
  • alexander
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The Grizzley Bears by boctavian
The Grizzley Bearsby B Octavian
When pushed into the real world, four band mates try to shatter their odds and make it to the big leagues. They want world tours, albums, and more importantly, they want...
  • america
  • music
  • musical
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Acting Was Never This Exciting. (Tom Hiddleston) fanfiction by FreeCUddleston
Acting Was Never This Exciting. ( FreeCUddleston
Annie was the ex-fiancé of sir. Tom Hiddleston. Tom cheated with his co star Elizabeth Olsen. Annie is also an actress. Because of their break up, the once quirky and f...
  • zacharyquinto
  • tomhiddleston
  • chrishemsworth
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The Job by davidtennantfanatic
The Jobby Clara.On.Wattpad
The sweet story about Dawn and her work life with David Tennant.
  • awsome
  • davidtennant
  • cute
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All the Poor and Powerless by WeAreTheVolumeLimit
All the Poor and Powerlessby Seiger Gijs Bergmann
Robb Friedman is different. He watches our world from strange eyes. He judges our leaders silently. And he spends his time trying to give his nightmarish life a superhum...
  • trial
  • villan
  • german
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