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[ Fanfiction CCSĐ ] Hoàng tử, chàng yêu ai? by _-Pg-_
[ Fanfiction CCSĐ ] Hoàng tử, chà 28 điểm KA
"Tại sao người có được hạnh phúc không phải là em?"
College Lives by Kyleigh_Ann
College Livesby Kyleigh 💞💍
Tina, Rachel, Quinn and Brittany are best friends moving to New York to go to college Brittany and Tina are going to Juilliard where they meet Blaine Anderson and Mike C...
Tiểu bạch thỏ, chạy đi nào - Rein Shade - SM - Sủng - Ngược by nimuoi123
Tiểu bạch thỏ, chạy đi nào - Hạ tỉ
Rein : Anh mang tôi về đây rồi nhốt tôi lại thì có khác nào nơi đó chứ. Shade : Anh yêu em đến điên cuồng, vậy mà em lại chối bỏ anh. Giỏi lắm, cứ chạy đi tiểu bạch thỏ.
[Rein*Shade/ Fine*Bright] Đạp cửa! Xông vào trái tim em!!! by 5453hatsune_asuna
[Rein*Shade/ Fine*Bright] Đạp cử 💥Aiyumi Hanasaki💥
Sumary: Đơn giản chỉ là một câu chuyện tình tay ba, tay tư rắc rối của tuổi 18 giữa một cô nàng cứng đầu hám zai( Rein) và một chàng trai chuẩn soái ca kun ngầu( Shade)...
BRINE | Herobrine Origins [DEMO] by Fantine_Dream
BRINE | Herobrine Origins [DEMO]by Jessie Yun
THE FULL BOOK WILL BE PUBLISHED IN AMAZON THIS FEBRUARY. _________ Where the whole story begins. . . BRINE is a 2017 Minecraft supernatural horror film, directed and scr...
The Hero of the Village (Herobrine Series, Book #1) by JamTheDemon
The Hero of the Village ( JamTheDemon
How does an innocent man become the most feared and known in all the realms? How does one who never experienced battle, become a leader of it? Brine has never questione...
The Pretend Relationship (A Shein Fanfic) by xSecretPersonLOLx
The Pretend Relationship (A SecretLoL
[The Pretend Relationship By: Me Myself and Bunny in] A Shade x Rein (Shein) Fanfiction Disclaimer: I don't own Fushigiboshi No Futagohime!
Bullied by team crafted by shipsaremeanttofly
Bullied by team craftedby shipsaremeanttofly
Bailey hasn't had the best life. Her father is in jail. Her mother is never at home. Her brother is a world famous youtuber. He's Skydoesminecraft. The only problem. He...
The Side Of Herobrine by Lucarietta
The Side Of Herobrineby Lucarietta
Story: Lucarietta Original RP: Lucarietta and Claritygirl127
Minecraft: Herobrine Origins: The Movie. Part 1: Brine. by Dalek07
Minecraft: Herobrine Origins: DalekGiratina07
Story: The Story of steven Briggs Father: Who also had the Brine powers but What powers is it? Find out in this story.
Brine? by the-sleepdeprived
Brine?by Skyler
Herobrine poems :) i don't own the cover
Hero brine by cookieman909
Hero brineby cookieman909
I was playing minecraft and I got stuck playing minecraft
Is herobrine in Minecraft? by Wafa123456
Is herobrine in Minecraft?by Tarek Almustafa
Herobrine is not in Minecraft. By Tarek Almustafa. There are no references to him at all in the source code,and there is no code to allow for any entity to act like hero...
Herobrine Origins: The Movie. Part 3: Origins Untold. by Dalek07
Herobrine Origins: The Movie. DalekGiratina07
Story: After talking with the Father Of Steven Briggs he is now Either good or PURE EVIL but What could happen What if the military Or Police Find THEM?
Minecraft: The legend of Herabrine by QueenMinecraftia
Minecraft: The legend of Herabrineby Queen Nicacia
This story is about my Minecraft character. About her past and her life. Enjoy my story! :) _____________________________ I wrote this story 4 years ago. I didn't copi...
Chiller Manufacturers by anujairtech
Chiller Manufacturersby Anuj singh
Our consistency in delivering durable and reliable range of refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems at competitive prices has helped us to make many clie...
DISCONTINUED Dimension Differences: Only Time will Tell by doodlesrune
DISCONTINUED Dimension Rune Phantomhive
MikuBrine, Hannah, is a Brine. EnderLox, Ty, is an Ender. They meet. What happens? Only time will tell.
the code = 858528945 by Leracos
the code = 858528945by Leracos
a student from high school decides to download minecraft, until he realized that there was a new mysterious player with him in his world......he tries to remove it but h...
Hối hận......,bắt đầu hạnh phúc mới by Rein_hinasaki
Hối hận......,bắt đầu hạnh phúc mớiby thanh hà
sau khi giải phóng hành tinh kì diệu rein đã nhận ra tình cảm của mình muốn thay đổi mọi thứ.......... vào truyện sẽ rõ ^.^