Brigittelindholm Stories

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Little Mekanic by HgirlHero
Little Mekanicby Hero
This is a small collection of one shots that I've written in my free time. Why? Because I was bored and Brigitte x is probably the cutest gaming ship I've ever seen...
Don't Fear The Reaper (On Hold) by WolfSama8
Don't Fear The Reaper (On Hold)by Wolf Sama
Toshinori and his wife inko yagi both fresh out of UA barley 6 month into there hero carries when inko got pregnant they weren't ready to be parents but inko refused to...
A Vow of Silence (Brigitte x Widow)  by RedValentine999
A Vow of Silence (Brigitte x RedValentine999
One night, renowned mechanic Brigitte Lindholm is visited by a shadowy assassin after something much more than her life...
Heart of Music by SapphireAngelBunny
Heart of Musicby SapphireAngelBunny
Being heir to one of the famous musical families, Hanzo Shimada felt his life getting more and more out of his control. Dealing with everything spiraling as he is frustr...
Brigitte and Reinhardt Short Stories! by SymmetraIsLesbeam
Brigitte and Reinhardt Short Gay I Tell Yooou
No I do not ship Reinhardt and Brigitte these are just short one shots that are supposed to be cute
fast love  by angieeluvx
fast love by Florezzangie
Brigitte's best friend Fareeha suggests she should give speed dating a try. Just for fun she says, but little did the two of them know, the Swede might find someone who'...
^Your My Little Kitty^ Brigitte Lindholm x Hana Song  {Read Desc} by DruidTheFox
^Your My Little Kitty^ Brigitte ⛥⛥ĐⱤɄłĐ⛥⛥
This is an Overwatch story based on a former healer Brigitte and former tank D.Va (Hana). Hana has always had feelings for Brigitte. She kept them hidden.. But to Brigit...
Each Other's Shield: Brigitte x Reader by Struggling2Write
Each Other's Shield: Brigitte x Struggling2Write
The rising threat Null Sector threat and with rumors of a Talon force forming, a new hero is called upon to help Overwatch and become a champion of the people. You will...
Brigitte Lindholm x Reader by sandyfrost
Brigitte Lindholm x Readerby Freyr Frollo
I am in pure shock there aren't any more of these on the internet yet.. but yeah.. You are a member of overwatch, 27 years young, who is picked up for your interesting a...