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Spirit Animals One-shots (for any ship) by HerosOfErdas
Spirit Animals One-shots (for HerosOfErdas
One shots for spirit animals ships, such as reilin, coneke, shanbeke, and larik
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Spirit Animals Characters in Real Life by HerosOfErdas
Spirit Animals Characters in HerosOfErdas
These pictures of people inside the book are what I think the spirit animals characters would look like in real life.
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Wild {Spirit Animals} by tsunamisea
Wild {Spirit Animals}by LHTsunamisea
The ground began to tremble. The sky darkened. A brilliant flash pierced the gloom like lightning. - Rushi, the elder sister of Meilin had Sanctuary with the Greenclo...
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Hunt {Spirit Animals} by tsunamisea
Hunt {Spirit Animals}by LHTsunamisea
He raised the flask to his lips and gulped down the Bile. It was like drinking death itself. But within that blackness, he felt something vast and strong and dark. - W...
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Spirit Animals: Ask a Character by HerosOfErdas
Spirit Animals: Ask a Characterby HerosOfErdas
Ask your favorite Spirit Animal Characters questions. by @bribriboss
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Spirit Animals Roleplay (open) by HerosOfErdas
Spirit Animals Roleplay (open)by HerosOfErdas
A Spirit Animals Roleplay. All are welcome and can join at any time. Join me, @Leif777 on a journey with your newly called Spirit Animal through Erdas as we put your bon...
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"I Guess I Kinda Liked The Way You Helped Me Escape." ~ Great Beast Roleplay by xXOnceUponAStarXx
"I Guess I Kinda Liked The Way Star
Tellun. Ninani. Halawir. Suka. Briggan. Uraza. Cabaro. Essix. Dinesh. Jhi. Arax. Gerathon. Kovo. Mulop. Rumfuss. What do they all have in common? Well, let's just say...
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Spirit Animals One-Shots by Moora_Daddy
Spirit Animals One-Shotsby Moora Daddy
**NOTICE: THE COVER ART BELONGS TO ME! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DOWNLOAD IT, REPOST, OR CLAIM AS YOUR OWN!!** The title tells it all! This book will be full of one-shots, sh...
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Erdas - The World of Memes... and Spirit Animals by shallone101
Erdas - The World of Memes... The Kid With TEA
Funny / weird things from Spirit Animals... Basically Spirit Animals on crack I don't own any of the characters.
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SA as Adults. by No_Name_Walter
SA as No Name Walter
What happens when these guys are adults? What happens after the last book? And these are only a few questions and I will raise some more.
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Spirit Animals - The Weeping Legend by HalawirTheEagle
Spirit Animals - The Weeping Legendby The Eagle and the Elk
In the world of Erdas, five heroes rise up from the ashes of a war massing on the horizon. Once separated by vast distances, Conor, Abeke, Meilin, Rollan and Kyran are n...
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Spirit Animals: The New Generation by emiboxingday
Spirit Animals: The New Generationby Briggan_da_wolf
Many generations after Conner, Abeke, Meilen, and Rollan saved the world, their family members will have to save the world once more. 5 girls. All with a Forgotten Beast...
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Spirit Animals Fan Club! by Greenfever15
Spirit Animals Fan Club!by Green
Where we can all get together ands talk about the best series in the world! (In my opinion) Join me, fellow Greencloaks! Warning: Contains spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...
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Spirit Animals SPOOFS! by Greenfever15
Spirit Animals SPOOFS!by Green
I see a lot of funny little spoof thingies based on Warriors, but to be honest, I'm sad that that's pretty much the only fandom-based spoof I've seen, and I love Spirit...
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Spirit Animals Roleplay Story (Unedited) by HerosOfErdas
Spirit Animals Roleplay Story ( HerosOfErdas
The story of a @HerosOfErdas roleplay by @Leif777. The first conqueror war was years ago. The second conqueror war has not happened yet. But visions from people like Le...
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Four Fallen || A Spirit Animals Fanfic Series !ON HOLD! by lysia_lee
Four Fallen || A Spirit Animals 𝐋𝐲𝐬𝐢𝐚.
Four animals from another world have woken in the different corners of Erdas. Four children of the land have summoned them. As fate pushes them together, a sinister plot...
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Spirit Animals: Reilin by MLB333
Spirit Animals: Reilinby MLB333
Stuff.Just some very sappy things. VERY, VERY, VERY SAPPY. Belongs to whoever owns Spirit Animals. I don't know, too many different authors.
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Spirit Animals - The White Wolf by AdrianaPitek
Spirit Animals - The White Wolfby Alpha_Wolf
Każdy słyszał o Urazie , Brigganie , Essix i Jhi. Lecz czy ktoś słyszał o Lunie ? Nic wam to nie daje do myślenie ? Spoko, przecież Zielone Płaszcze zamazali pamięć o Pi...
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Heartache / Rollan by Dancing_snow22
Heartache / Rollanby Dancing_snow22
Book 1 - ? The world of Erdas, where spirit animals are real, a rare bond between human and beast giving unimaginable powers to both. Five children will discover if they...
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Spirit Animals: Reborn And Wild by Blue-topaz-helping
Spirit Animals: Reborn And Wildby Gem
Many years have passed since the Heroes of Erdas and their animal partners have lived out their lives. Now the children that carry their blood will call back the four an...
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