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What a Wonderful World. by thecattrainer
What a Wonderful thecattrainer
Moonlander "Moon" is a Dutch Warmblood mare who experiences the challenges that horses suffer throughout her life, she experiences what life really is for hors...
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Equestrain Lifestyle by Pyshco_HorseLover
Equestrain Lifestyleby SunsetGalaxy
More Cringe I'm remotely not going to try and wrote a description I might later when i figure out the whole plotline. Also don't mind my grammar mad spelling mistakes.
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The Conquered Griffin by JayTheWolf18
The Conquered Griffinby Azari
Amaria is an Albino griffin who gets captured by humans who train them. Read this to see how her life unfolds upon her. Inspired by: @Amberpaw101
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Sorrow Stables: Dreams Come True by FandomsandHorses
Sorrow Stables: Dreams Come Trueby FandomsandHorses
Julia Beck is fresh out of high school and just moved to Kentucky with her horse, J, after getting the job as a working student at Sorrow Stables under the Olympic Three...
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Unlimited Possibilities by Crazymeg1
Unlimited Possibilitiesby Meg
Nora has ridden horses all of her life. Though there are many horses on her parents equestrian centre, she mostly rides a grey thoroughbred named Ace. Everything is perf...
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Meeting Min by Fawniesz
Meeting Minby Fawniesz
The city of Springfield has always been the home to Morgan, a typical teenager who has always lived a bit of a rough life and has had a hard first few years in highschoo...
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Discovering Willow by Fawniesz
Discovering Willowby Fawniesz
It all started on the 3rd of August, 2018 in the small western town named Baltimare when a small family moved to a house in the center of the town. A young novice rider...
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The Silver Bridle  by KingHolls
The Silver Bridle by King Holly
Stacy Wilds is your average English country girl: Strong-willed, happy, capable of taking a few hits for something she loves, only problem is she doesn't know she's abou...
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Meadow (ON HOLD) by Crazymeg1
Meadow (ON HOLD)by Meg
Meg has had a good life, now that she isn't on the run. She works on the ranch giving lessons and training horses, but her fiery mare named Meadow may just be her hardes...
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Losing Freedom by Moon0Tea
Losing Freedomby Moon.Tea
I'd try running, but it was too late. My wounds were to deep, my leg was to sore to run on. He'd caught me I was no longer free.
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Born To Fly (ON HOLD) by Crazymeg1
Born To Fly (ON HOLD)by Meg
McKenzie has become one of the best riders at her barn with her horse Dakota, but pieces of her past still haunt her. It doesn't get any better when Lexi seeks revenge...
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Riding A Walker (My Riding Journal) by Serendipity_Stables
Riding A Walker (My Riding Journal)by Luna Lovegood
Hello! I'm starting to ride at a stable called Moo Neigh Farms and the girl that is giving the lessons owns Tennessee Walking Horses. This book will describe my riding l...
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Protection pony by savagewithsass
Protection ponyby 🤷🏼‍♀️
All different short stories around horses and the bonds you can form with them
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KodiakBlackShadowDancer by wolvesofthemist
KodiakBlackShadowDancerby Hades
KodiakBlackShadowDancer- Professional name: ShadowDancer. Show name: KodiakBlack. Barn name: Kody. Kody is a black register Morgan mare, living in a small stable in Ont...
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Mabel Riding Academy by Caroline4Dance
Mabel Riding Academyby Swaggy Moose
Ashley Thorn has won a scholarship to a riding school. She must make it through the year to win the horse, Dublin, that she is paired with. Can she and her team last th...
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Bridle Gossip by apple20074
Bridle Gossipby OnceUponAAnime
After partaking in a forced marriage, Shay becomes the center of attention. Her suitor Mr. Evens second in line to the throne is depending on Shay to save his kingdom bu...
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High Hopes by Crazymeg1
High Hopesby Meg
Haley loves horses, but she grew up in New York City, so she could never own one. But when she finds out that she's moving to Tennessee it's a dream come true. She plans...
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My Life With A Best Friend by OuijaDemon7
My Life With A Best Friendby OuijaDemon7
This is a story about a girl. This certain girl is bullied. Its not just at school. At home she has problems too. She has always loved the idea of horses and horseback r...
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Striving for Show Jumping by horseloveramy
Striving for Show Jumpingby Horselover.Amy
A story about a teen called Melody (Mel for short) who competes regularly at show jumping. She faces challenges, bullies and over protective parents. She will strive to...
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A Book of Horses by -causewhynot-
A Book of Horsesby -
This book includes a guide to the many breeds of horse from around the world as well as helpful tips to improve your riding and advice on horse care. Also included in it...
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