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Stranded(1D Fan-Fic) by DanceLikeMagicMike
Stranded(1D Fan-Fic)by DanceLikeMagicMike
The town of Salem, Louisiana is a quaint little town. No more than forty people live in it. To most, Salem doesn't even exist, in fact it's not even on the map. It's bee...
  • funny
  • selena
  • direction
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Nicki Minaj's diapered fun by Bobsmith2017
Nicki Minaj's diapered funby bob smith
Nicki Minaj is jealous she isn't a baby anymore. So with a little help of a shooting star's wish.... Her, and her friends kim kardashian, and bridgit mendler go from ind...
  • mendler
  • kardashian
  • kim
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The Reason (Westlife) //Completed by EnigmaticFanGirl
The Reason (Westlife) //Completedby Mia Hall
"I can't take this act anymore. I'm...quitting," I mutter almost inaudibly earning a shocked expression from a certain person I need not to mention who. Call i...
  • shane
  • egan
  • byrne
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Breakthrough by DenxBlue
Breakthroughby Neko
[Pair of Kings & Lemonade Mouth Crossover] What if the plane that was supposed to get the famous band Lemonade Mouth to Europe for their tour crashed on an island instea...
  • kelsey
  • mitchel
  • pair
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Alpha and Omega by whitewolfs
Alpha and Omegaby ...
Star has 2 life's one is being human and the second one is being a werewolf but not just any werewolf she's The Black Werewolf. It's Star's 16th birthday and once her ma...
  • liam
  • fantasy
  • payne
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Starry Nights & Campfires (One Direction Fanfiction) by eat_a_brick
Starry Nights & Campfires (One eat_a_brick
Numb. It's that feeling where you aren't sad, angry, depressed, or shocked. You're just kind of lost in time, I guess. He left me completely empty. The strange part? I d...
  • cowell
  • gomez
  • ziall
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And You Let Her Go // J.JK ✔ by Cinematicbeats
And You Let Her Go // J.JK ✔by Đ&§
"Only know you've been high when you're feeling low. Only hate the road when you're missing home. Only know you love her when you let her go..." Jeon Jungkook...
  • emotions
  • passenger
  • regret
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5 Idiots and Me by 1Directionlovexox
5 Idiots and Meby Meg
No one else could possibly know pain better than me. It was my only loyal friend sticking by my side every minute of the day. Now I only got pain for one reason, being S...
  • harry
  • mendler
  • romance
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hurricane // bridgit mendler by hakuna_
hurricane // bridgit mendlerby hakuna_
[book one of the hurricane trilogy] In which a girl is forced to be with a boy // copyright © hakuna_
  • hurricane
  • styles
  • harry
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Postcards (a zak bagans romance novel) by selenamariegirl
Postcards (a zak bagans romance Maddi Elizabeth
I'm not average, I'm not normal. I'm not special, I'm not an undiscovered talent. I'm me, Bridgit Austin. I'm into the paranormal, and Zak Bagans. He'll never know I exi...
  • romance
  • bagans
  • bridgit
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Teenage Dilemmas [UNDERGOING MAJOR EDITING] by bradburys
Teenage Dilemmas [UNDERGOING american beauty
"The Mona Lisa," Steven Newman presented the famous art piece to his twelve year old son and daughter. They both cocked their blonde heads to the side, brown e...
  • duh
  • love
  • girl
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Against Time by LeBelleLune
Against Timeby The Night Sky
Time is now against him before he can take the crown and Andrew wants to savor everything life has to offer. Everything. Prince Andrew has been training to be king ever...
  • steven
  • dolley
  • andrews
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Disney Lemonade Mouth 2: Treble 5 by daisydisneydaily13
Disney Lemonade Mouth 2: Treble 5by daisydisneydaily13
Katelynn Rianne White Brooks, daughter of the famous lead singer of Lemonade Mouth, Olivia White. Kate's the girl that supposed to be bubbling with fame but never had a...
  • naoami
  • dcom
  • mendler
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I'd Lie (Harry Styles Fanfiction) by KennaMeow
I'd Lie (Harry Styles Fanfiction)by KennaBoo Bieber. :3
Kenna Woods. Typical teenager, 15, high school life and best friends. Kenna is best friends with Harry. Not the Harry Styles you see on the magazines and on TV 24/7 but...
  • mendler
  • one
  • love
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summertime sadness // bridgit mendler au by hakuna_
summertime sadness // bridgit hakuna_
"Statistics," he said. "Trends. I'm eight-nine percent attracted to women, nine percent attracted to men, two percent attracted to sheep, and one-hundred...
  • bucket
  • short
  • cancer
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The Sith is attacking the Jedi council when a group of rebels helps the JediCouncil face there enemy. And destroy all Sith space stations. Will the Jedi win?
  • shireenabbas2
  • karalopez5
  • fatimaabbas
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A Kiss In The Rain by Summerbreeze1026
A Kiss In The Rainby Summerbreeze1026
"All i dreamed of is a kiss in the rain." Samantha Dilaurentis is a popular in her school. She had a perfect life. But then she meets the new boy in school, L...
  • rain
  • mendler
  • year
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