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Not You Again by aryll13
Not You Againby aryll13
She was a dancer. She loved helping her parents bake during her free time when she wasn't studying, dancing, or hanging out with her best gal pal Melodie. He was known a...
The Steps To Fame - Book 1 by LilyDupainCheng
The Steps To Fame - Book 1by 🌌 🎀 𝐿𝒾𝓁𝓎 🎀 🌌
Marinette is sick and tired of how things were going at Paris. Her crush was dating Kagami, and together plus her former friends started bullying her to the length of de...
Switched: A Miraculous Ladybug Story  by BlazeCharmeleon
Switched: A Miraculous Ladybug BlazeCharmeleon
When a distortion in space causes ripples, Ladybug(Marinette) and Ladybug(Bridgette) end up in their opposite's universe! Marinette enlists the help of the Quantic Kids...
Heal my heart (Felinette) by -Funko_Mushroom-
Heal my heart (Felinette)by Sumayyah Buchanan
Ladybug and Chat noir defeat hawk moth but never reveal their identities. ☆ ☆ ☆ Lila comes back to school and everything goes wrong, she turns all of Marinette friends...
anon • adrienette au by evertea
anon • adrienette auby mari
Which a lonely model named Adrien gets texts from an unknown number and falls in love with her anonymity. TRANSLATIONS Turkish- @liuxingxx
The Secret Royals by angxlshaya
The Secret Royalsby 💙𝐀𝐤𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐲𝐚💙
Marinette & Adrien are secretly royals. No one knows except their own families. When their class is invited to their coronations, they find out that they will have to ge...
Love, Money or Both? (Total Drama Island x Male Reader) by Dvidrvai
Love, Money or Both? (Total Elkaktuszo
Chris McLean, a sadistic, teenager-hating man hosts a reality show at a summer camp which resides on an Hawaiian island, called Camp Wawanakwa. 22 contestants go through...
Total Drama (Harem) X Male Reader by Chomper384
Total Drama (Harem) X Male Readerby Chomper 384
The Origanal Creator of This is SwagMaster4209 please check him out, also this is an inspired story. This Is My Own Verson of the TD HAREM Story so Enjoy :)
The War Over Marinette ~ All Ships by sxdastraws
The War Over Marinette ~ All Shipsby paige | 16 | female
**Major credits to mariexhood for making this cover! Thank you so much, I really love it. Love you friendo.** This story was based on an idea from one of my followers. A...
Total Drama Groupchat  by tdifanlol
Total Drama Groupchat by Yasmin 😀
who let me make this Mostly Aleheather Dunceny Noco
Total Drama Kayleigh's tale by Writingisabitch
Total Drama Kayleigh's taleby Writingisabitch
You all know total drama right? Well you didn't get the whole story there was a girl in the back ground one you never noticed, she had green highlights in her brown hair...
Total Texting by southBBY
Total Textingby Mar
texting with your favorite characters in total drama!!!
Duncney One Shots by shapeofduncney
Duncney One Shotsby shapeofduncney
Just some plots I have in my head but can't stretch them enough to make a book about them, so I put them in one
Total Drama Island by Gay_Leader
Total Drama Islandby Lynn
(Gay) Hosts Jay and Chris are a couple, of course no body knows, until the campers notice a ring on Jay's finger appear in their time there. They try to figure that out...
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worst years of my life ➡️ td highschool  ✔️ by -geoffscowboyhat
worst years of my life ➡️ td nini :)
in which the total drama cast goes to high school . :))
Total Drama Island by JessicaMarie_
Total Drama Islandby Jessica
Twenty-three teens, a gross camp, obnoxious host, a crazy Chef, and 100,000 dollars on the line. Alex can be labled as the Girly-Tough-Girl, going on the island to make...
TDI Romance by MissneonKst
TDI Romanceby MissneonKst
Duncan Nelson is a crafty juvenile delinquent who comes from a long line of policemen and policewomen: his dad, mom, uncle, aunt, grandma and cousins are all cops. He kn...
A Monster in Paris︱A MariBlanc Love Story by lilymagix
A Monster in Paris︱A MariBlanc lilymagix
Joint Project with WillowLaurenGCoy ◦◦◦ "Why can't you just accept it? The Chat Noir you knew is gone." "No, he's not." Marinette held his gaze defia...
Hostile| Cazzie  by CazzieNationCaptain
Hostile| Cazzie by CazzieNationCaptain
They fell back on the sofa, Izzie giggling into Casey's shirt. Casey's fingers supported the back of Izzie's neck as she kissed her, hard. The smile quickly disappeared...
Total Drama Island: When the Irish Girl Came by stephanieobrien_
Total Drama Island: When the Stephanie Ní Bhriain
COMPLETED Stephanie is your typical Irish girl with pale skin and ginger hair. When Stephanie hears about 'Total Drama Island', a reality TV game show being aired in Can...