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Briars ↬ D.M. by MissMeAgain
Briars ↬ sibelle
「 Once upon a dream in a magical castle A beautiful princess fell into a long deep sleep Only a kiss from a handsome prince could awake her So he can...
  • blaisezabini
  • briarrose
  • astoriagreengrass
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Sleeping Beauty | Rafael Solano by siriusblackss
Sleeping Beauty | Rafael Solanoby papi thanos
In which she didn't mean to fall in love with him but it happened anyway.
  • petrasolano
  • solano
  • alba
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BRIAR🌹ROSE⏐ⲧⲁⲉ💜ⲕⲟⲟⲕ by looking4jams
BRIAR🌹ROSE⏐ⲧⲁⲉ💜ⲕⲟⲟⲕby d i o n y s u s
Once upon a time, there were stories to be told, battles to be fought, maidens to be rescued and happy endings to be enjoyed. That time has past and tales have now been...
  • halloween
  • briarrose
  • beast
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capitol princess [THE HUNGER GAMES] by secretnightlights
capitol princess [THE HUNGER GAMES]by - ̗̀ marie ̖́-
briar rose snow. president snow's beloved granddaughter, or in other words, the capitol's princess. really bad at descriptions so that's all you're gonna get, sorry. th...
  • catchingfire
  • katniss
  • primrose
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Sleeping Beauty - Damon Salvatore (2) by -GossipRiley
Sleeping Beauty - Damon Jessica
"From this slumber she shall wake, when true love's kiss, the spell shall break." The Vampire Diaries Seasons 1 - TBD Part of the Disney Diaries Series Book...
  • briarrose
  • malificent
  • damonsalvatore
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Rosetta Beauty (A modernized Sleeping beauty story) by SeleneVackerTheGreat
Rosetta Beauty (A modernized Selene Vacker
(A modernized Sleeping beauty story)
  • sleepingbeauty
  • merryweather
  • selena
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The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales by FreelancerMo
The Brothers Grimm Fairy Talesby FreelancerMo
Has anyone else wondered what really happened in the common fairy tales? Here are the true fairy tales from my copy of The Brothers Grimm Complete Fairy Tales book.
  • true
  • story
  • sleeepingbeauty
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Of Crowns and Curses (Ongoing, Editing)  by _lavendertee
Of Crowns and Curses (Ongoing, lavender
BOOK ONE OF THE CURSED SERIES. Everyone knows how deadly a curse can be, but what happens when a curse goes horribly wrong? When a witch accidentally plagues the earth...
  • witch
  • faerie
  • fantasy
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Life's Blessings by ChloeWrites7
Life's Blessingsby chloe thibault
Briar Carmichael Beautiful. Deadly. Destined for greatness In a land full of mysteries, ruled by a devious king, Briar, a huntress, is sacrificed for a deal made long ag...
  • fantasy
  • highfantasy
  • assassin
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Deceptions by TheRescueRengineer
Deceptionsby TheRescueRengineer
{Completed} The true story of sleeping beauty. "Everyone knows the story of sleeping beauty. She is born, gets cursed, goes in hiding, pricks her finger, falls asl...
  • briarrose
  • fantasy
  • fairytale
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Briar Rose by barryblueskies
Briar Roseby barryblueskies
She's like sunshine. She's got long blonde hair that shines like the sun, dazzling blue eyes like the sky, and a radiant smile that is as white as the clouds in the sky...
  • mystery
  • fairytaleretelling
  • fairytail
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MANIACS && INSOMNIACS | smbq+ by princeosleep
love can make a man sing, can make a man dance, can make a man lie, can make a man die.
  • princephillip
  • wings
  • briarrose
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Can You Melt This Dark Cold Heart With Your Cosmic Blast Flare Yusei Fudo Story by RavenElizabethGarcia
Can You Melt This Dark Cold Raven Elizabeth Garcia Biersa...
Yusei Fudo and the rest of the signers lived their normal lives continuing their dreams.
  • death
  • jackatlas
  • sherryleblanc
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Sleeping Beauty: The Curse by Woolley119
Sleeping Beauty: The Curseby Woolley119
The Curse of Sleeping Beauty, but the rewrite... I hated the movie so this is my best shot on redoing the movie. Hope ya'll like:)
  • sacrifice
  • sleeping
  • angels
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Some Sort Of Newfangled  Fairy Tale by mgirlyyy
Some Sort Of Newfangled Fairy Taleby mgirlyyy
Briar Winston just wants to fit in. But when you're the daughter of the school's principal and guidance counselor it's kind of hard to fit in. Or have any friends. And...
  • badboy
  • briarrose
  • goodgirl
A U R O R A || Once Upon A Time by SymphonyReed
A U R O R A || Once Upon A Timeby Sage
'Sleeping Beauty was meant to be a damsel in distress, not a warrior in disguise...' ________ She had a future made for her, but it was not the future she wanted. Aurora...
  • onceuponatime
  • emmaswan
  • reginamills
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Into The Lion's Den by BriarJRose
Into The Lion's Denby Briar Rose
The Lamb has become one of the shadiest and most illicit hotels in the country. No one wants to work within its dark and desolate halls- But desperate times call for des...
  • mystery
  • thriller
  • horror
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The Tale of A Briar Rose by 21violetred
The Tale of A Briar Roseby 21violetred
A Tale about A Kingdom ... A Queen ... A Princess and A Prince Not your typical love story of Romeo and Juliet. AN alternate reality, based on my creativity, the author.
  • fantasy
  • briarrose
  • aurora
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House of Disney: 3pm Tea and Narcolepsy by AnastasiaTerrell101
House of Disney: 3pm Tea and Anastasia Terrell
Disney characters in this one include Mulan, Belle, Aurora and some surprise ones
  • mulan
  • disney
  • sleepingbeauty
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Grim by theprincessofdorne31
Grimby The Princess of Chroyane
"IN WHICH A WAVE OF CRIME SWEEPS THROUGH A CITY, AND ONE MAN TRIES TO STOP IT." From the depths of Southwark, a new criminal rises, ready to wage war with fair...
  • serial
  • grim
  • fairytales
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