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Otto and Victoria by BrianKesinger
Otto and Victoriaby Brian Kesinger
In the history of storytelling down through the ages some of our most enduring tales have been of heartbroken individuals who have found solace and a fresh appreciation...
The Mashup Awakens by BrianKesinger
The Mashup Awakensby Brian Kesinger
a collection of comics and illustrations that combine all things pop culture!
A World of Imagination by wolfandphoenix
A World of Imaginationby Wolf and Phoenix
In a world that was once filled with magic and hope, a great king ruled with kindness. His love of colour and art was unmatched. But when the king passed away, his son...
The Missing Spark (Brian Kesinger contest entry) by ChantalLigon
The Missing Spark (Brian Chantal Ligon
Kaliah Doli is one of the few residents of the dystopian village of Hackney. Born into a place lacking any sense of creativity, Kaliah frequently indulges in the many ar...
If You Were a Dragon by jo-uh-oh
If You Were a Dragonby Jo Oh
A response to Brian Kesinger's challenge to write about the image above. It's not easy to tell a girl how you feel about her. Especially when you can't speak like a huma...
Loving Real by GoodConnie
Loving Realby I am BUSY
A fantasy about a lady and a dragon applies in the reality if you interpret them as a parent and a child. The story begins with her running away from a palace... She doe...
Was it a Dream? by Secret_Writer_551
Was it a Dream?by Blacc Dévil
This is a short story on the image by Brian Kesinger.
Dragon Spirit (Brian Kesinger Writing Challenge) by SallyMason1
Dragon Spirit (Brian Kesinger Sal
Irina had never believed her grandmother when she used to tell the young girl that dragons were real. "Such imaginary beast do not exist," Irina would say, ret...
The Dragon Artist by DayneSilver
The Dragon Artistby Dayne Michael
"Sometimes the most extraordinary things can happen to the most ordinary people." "And sometimes the most ordinary people can do the most extraordinary th...
The Many Forms Of Feeling Free by betterworse
The Many Forms Of Feeling Freeby @betterworse
The mayor of Gansu... A poor and underprivileged city in China... receives a letter from the elusive and brilliant fantasy book author, Ji Jingcai. The letter states Ji...
The Unknown by TheLonelyWillow
The Unknownby Willow
In a world where dreams can become true, a young girl will soon discover that reality can be just as exciting as her imagination *My entry for Brian Kesinger's visual st...
Now she will fly by EndlessJazz
Now she will flyby Bente Verhulst
This is my story for the Brian Kesinger's Writing Challenge, hope you'll like it!
The Girl and the Garden Dragons   #TheWattys2016 #ThinkFiction by S_Simone_B
The Girl and the Garden B.S.B
Written for Brian Kesinger's Visual Story Telling Challenge!! #TheWattys2016 #ThinkFiction Imagine 1800's England, its the ideal place for a young girl to grow up... alm...
Painting Dreams  by TheHuntress14
Painting Dreams by Ale Rojas
Akane, is a 17 years old girl who wishes to go to the Royal College of Art. Her paintings and drawings are special, beautiful and unique, but because its as everything n...
Queen Of Wattopia by AlexandraMCret
Queen Of Wattopiaby AlexandraMCret
Once upon a time...or maybe not so far... It was a girl, which soon will be the queen of this magic world, Wattopia. But first, she have to pass a lot of traps.
Freya and the Magical Pen by evieramosi
Freya and the Magical Penby Evie Ramos
A girl with a great imagination A pen with magical qualities An adventure like no other.... ****** hope you will enjoy this story even if it is a short one. Godbless!
Through the Painting by no-life-but-books
Through the Paintingby 'Ello Guv'ner
Joice is a very inspired young woman, fresh out of school. She draws fantastical pictures of fairies and dragons and mermaids, writing stories to go along with every one...
Meghana of the Naga Clan by KittyinBookworld
Meghana of the Naga Clanby Kitty
She hadn't chosen this life. She hadn't chosen to be the next head of the Naga clan, and she sure as hell hadn't chosen to the prophesised first female head who was dest...
From The Heart by Ohsnapitsemily
From The Heartby Emily Mae
The Adventure of a young woman when her artwork didn't seem to want to stay on the page.