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I'm So Tired /EN/ by markysek4
I'm So Tired /EN/by markysek4
Brian Epstein has nightmares, but is there anybody sleeping in the hotel? Could John possibly turn into an anaconda? And what will happen to George's chocolate? And why...
There's More Here Than What Meets The Eye. by Ringo_Spoon
There's More Here Than What Jude
It all started on January 23, 1965. The Beatles had a massive argument in Abbey Road Studios. Words were said, tears were shed, and the youngest Beatle was hurt. George...
Oh Baby! by shescryingagain
Oh Baby!by Cater
After disobeying Brian's orders, John has to be given a good punishment.
Do You Want To Know A Secret? by KGL1404
Do You Want To Know A Secret?by Katie 🎹
The Beatles finally have a day off from filming their newest comedy, "Help!", and they can't wait to explore the Bahamas on which they're residing. Their fun t...
Do you want to know a secret? Or just more about the best band ever? Then you're in the right place! I present this book to give every fellow Beatlemaniac a chance to g...
Outlawed || Starrison  by starrisonqueer
Outlawed || Starrison by Vii
It's been 1962. Ringo Starr just joined the Beatles, replacing Peter Best. George's happiness turned into a struggle when he discovered he's falling in love with the ne...
Let's Play House by MissMaccaSunshine
Let's Play Houseby Goodtime Girl
Meet The Beatles - they're the modern 1960's family! Daddy John and Mama Paul live a happy life with their good friend (and mortgage payer), Brian Epstein, and their fou...
Woman❤️John Lennon (Anna go with him sequel) by groovy-lennon
Woman❤️John Lennon (Anna go with groovy-lennon
Part two of the book Anna go with him. After finally marrying John, wife Anna Lennon is no longer happy with her new life; however she will struggle to deal with the ear...
beatle baby by wilderharrisontaylor
beatle babyby 𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓷
During the recording of A Hard Day's Night, an incident occurs that causes you and your boss, Brian Epstein, hide a crazy occurrence from the public. Silly story that sh...
The Beatles QuoteBook by GeorgetheParisol
The Beatles QuoteBookby _SavoyTruffle_
Quotes from the Anthology and more. From humorous to meaningful and said by the Fabs themselves! ~-~-~-~
Nowhere Girl  ( Sequel to The Ballad of John and Clara) by blackbird98
Nowhere Girl ( Sequel to The JustAnotherChicana
So John and Clara are married and things couldn't be better. Last time, she saved Brian's life, but when he repays her, will she survive, or would she have been better o...
Wild Jelly Pie by markysek4
Wild Jelly Pieby markysek4
God save Paul's underpants! Who wants it? Who threw a party last night and who wants to sleep? And who will eat all the jelly babies? Open and you'll know!
The phantom of the cavern by BiscuitBrackets14
The phantom of the cavernby BiscuitBrackets14
There were many stories of a phantom haunting the Cavern Club in liverpool. No one knew if they were true, or just an old tale. Paul Mccartney, a young backup singer who...
Escape of the Nerk Twins by DoctorLennon007
Escape of the Nerk Twinsby Doctor Lennon 007
After weeks of incessant touring, John and Paul decide to take a little vacation. They set off on what could be the road trip of a lifetime -- but Brian's furious! And G...
A Cross Between Two Worlds // The Beatles & The Monkees Fanfiction by sofiaa720
A Cross Between Two Worlds // Sofia Armadillo
When The Beatles meet The Monkees, they instantly become friends. When The Beatles' fame continues to increase dramatically over The Monkees', The Monkees grow extremely...
Hey Jude by BohemianHarrison
Hey Judeby BohemianHarrison
Alice Neal is a University student from 2018 but when she time travells to 1980 theres one thing she knew she needed to do. Find John Lennon and save him.
Neighbours  by BohemianHarrison
Neighbours by BohemianHarrison
Rosalind lives in The Dakota by Central Park. After a few years she finally meets the neighbours, one of which she has loved since she was young. But then they form a cl...
If I fell by McLennonLuv
If I fellby Macca's Linda
His memories are lost in the wind. They speak to him, but he never hears them. And it might just stay that way forever... (I don't own the Beatles)
Beatles oneshots (mostly Mclennon) by butamicoolyet
Beatles oneshots (mostly Mclennon)by Revo1ution9
An entire story full of gay. . Includes: Mclennon Starrison Mcharrison Mcstarr Lennstarr
Beatles: Memories Inside The Guitar  by LeilaEvelyn07
Beatles: Memories Inside The LeiEvelyn07
(Takes place in 1964) The Beatles used to live in a difficult life. Lost memories, Strange things, Arguments & Misunderstandings came through. Will these stop them from...