Brenton's girl by bebadassy
Brenton's girlby im sea
"Call me daddy.". "Daddy?" "Daddy." ~ A book where the bad boy, gang leader falls for the innocent good girl. - Brenton is the towns gang...
  • romance
  • drugs
  • juliet
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stand here with me || h.s by TaurusLovesYou
stand here with me || h.sby Em
Sequel to One Minute. "Stand here with me, for one minute."
  • one
  • ángeles
  • los
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Fighting for the badboy by bebadassy
Fighting for the badboyby im sea
"I want you to fight." Ashton slammed me against the wall and I felt his breath fan my neck. "Why wont you fight me, Vivian?" ~ We've all fallen for...
  • rivals
  • spinoff
  • teen
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Living My Life  by sunshine4ever
Living My Life by Dawn Willows
Nicole is a normal teen girl, who is a bit shy, but very sweet once you get to know her. Nervous about starting high school, Nicole might also find the love of her life...
  • teenfiction
  • love
  • hendricks
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