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Brenton's girl by seaannmarie
Brenton's girlby Sara
"Don't take away the one thing I love." When the badboy shows you the world of love, sex, money, and drugs, what would you do? Take his hand and walk into the...
  • juliet
  • baby
  • hood
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stand here with me || h.s by TaurusLovesYou
stand here with me || h.sby Em
Sequel to One Minute. "Stand here with me, for one minute."
  • one
  • thwaites
  • brenton
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Fighting for the badboy by seaannmarie
Fighting for the badboyby Sara
"I want you to fight." Ashton slammed me against the wall and I felt his breath fan my neck. "Why wont you fight me, Vivian?" ~ We've all fallen for...
  • love
  • teenfiction
  • daddy
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Same Blood by Renata_alves32
Same Bloodby Snooks
Ariana George ------------------------> Tulisa contostavlos(com 16 anos) BrentonThwaithes--------------------> Ele mesmo Amy George--------------------> Joan Gr...
  • brenton
  • thwaites
She Made Me Her Puppet by LindaMago
She Made Me Her Puppetby Hey
Eric Vega is moving to a new city, Chicago. His summer vacation is almost over, so his new Highschool life in South Loop will soon begin. Carlos, his best friend who h...
  • lindamago
  • badgirl
  • humor
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The Immortality Price by kalyco
The Immortality Priceby kalyco
Brooklyn and Brenton Kelly, acclaimed twins of the Prophecy of the Twins, started off like any other Mortal: living their typical lives, without realizing they had the s...
  • life
  • teen
  • healing
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In The Middle by yeahxana
In The Middleby ana ♡
Aria Falcon and Logan Lerman were childhood besties. When Logan moves away, and it brakes Aria's heart. Brenton Cavanar soon comes into the picture and tries putting Ari...
  • aria
  • brenton
  • stuckinlove
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Sadness Upon by louisstommo101
Sadness Uponby Sara
I should've never had the party.. Tears are now streaming down my face and my whole body is numb. How could he do that? We were so close...Sometimes you think these happ...
  • thwaites
  • dobrev
  • brenton
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Break. by Ok_Books
#9 Olivia Kelly.
Blake is a teenage girl who just wants to go back to acting normal. She's tired of keeping secrets from everyone. When she makes a couple of friends she hopes that she m...
  • blake
  • funny
  • books
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Love or hate? by Rossthedeathangel
Love or hate?by Rossthedeathangel
Rose is just a 17 year old girl who just wanted to finish her high school and graduates. She stop believing in love when an incident happened that cause her to lose fait...
  • twaites
  • brenton
  • bad
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A Jake-Sent by dreaminupstories
A Jake-Sentby dreaminupstories
Rose Clayton, the girl who has been in a mental institute since the beginning of her sophomore year of high school. Rose had been registered into the institute because h...
  • mystery
  • ansel
  • sam
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Living My Life  by sunshine4ever
Living My Life by Dawn Willows
Nicole is a normal teen girl, who is a bit shy, but very sweet once you get to know her. Nervous about starting high school, Nicole might also find the love of her life...
  • brenton
  • revenge
  • love
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The Scandal of Hampton High by ZionaPowell
The Scandal of Hampton Highby Ziona Powell
This is a warning , I write this not to talk about myself. Just to prove my dedication I will not give you my name, but only those of importance because when I leave thi...
  • must
  • cierra
  • thwaites
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The Wave Took Her Heart by nicoletiatie
The Wave Took Her Heartby nicoletiatie
It went away. Just like that. The pain that I once left. It was fast and of course I was beyond hurt. But the hole it's not there. Why is it not there? He took...
  • bad
  • brenton
  • badboy
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Break.  by Ok_Books
Break. by Olivia Kelly.
Blake is 15 year old girl who just moved to LA. Her mother is a lawyer and her dad is a movie director. When she starts going to the expensive high school, she starts to...
  • california
  • school
  • blake
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The bad boy in disguise by mainbabe07
The bad boy in disguiseby Meeee
"Cameron?" I asked, seeing his skin filled with ink and an earring on his lip. What happened to the good guy...
  • alexis
  • drama
  • goodboy
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My Manic Life by CyberGypsy
My Manic Lifeby CyberGypsy
Never in my life that I experience so much drama.
  • thwaites
  • moretz
  • teenfiction
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