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The Alpha Is My Key by neary17
The Alpha Is My Keyby alex
He was supposed to love me, with all of my flaws, all of my scars. He was destined to save me. But, he left me down here to die, how could I ever forgive him?
Platonic by YouDontKnowShipping
Platonicby •YDKS•
May and Drew begin their new adventure together in the Johto region! However, things aren't as they seem. Something is going on under the surface. Can Drew protect May w...
Stitching Hearts [Hoennshipping] by ScarletPetal
Stitching Hearts [Hoennshipping]by ✿ོ࿔⠀|⠀k . scarlet
May's life has been a disaster from the very beginning. Each coming day, she was getting one step closer to her end, her expiration date, her death. If only she had some...
Logan Paul   *|  Smut  |* by my_fav_stories
Logan Paul *| Smut |*by • Love yourself •
Jessica and Logan have been dating for 4 months but she can't said I love u to him and Logan too. Jessica (you) will find out if he is the one who love's and Logan will...
Aphmau Memes 1 by problematic_af
Aphmau Memes 1by 👁👄👁
Are you an Aphmau fan? Then this is the book for you! Aphmau Memes 1 is a book full of memes that have to do with Aphmau. Highest Ranking: #112 #112 - Random (12/23/17) ...
Contestshipping Drew X May: More than Rivals - Part 1 by ContestshippingWorld
Contestshipping Drew X May: More Contestshipping Series Writer
Follow drew and may on their journeys and mysteries together! DISCLAIMER: I do not own pokemon!
My Life, My Secrets, My Story (THE LIFEST SERIES BOOK 1) by MysteryWriter96
My Life, My Secrets, My Story ( (It's a) Mystery
There's no reason. No explanation. No scientific function, for what is about to happen. No one knows who, or when or where or why. But it's going to happen. A girl, th...
A Brendan Gallagher Fanfiction by brandoncrust
A Brendan Gallagher Fanfictionby Calista
A short story, that turned into more. Read on :)
ABODE AT THE RIM OF DARKNESS(Him, I And The Two Worlds) by GaganaSree
"You have two options. Either kill me or run away far enough to question my existence." He says sternly. I can make out clearly that he means every word he mou...
A Love Like No Other's by mryllstrp
A Love Like No Other'sby PERYL
A Peryl one shot Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan bieng in a relationship and what happens in their daily lives. Just some fan fiction of one-shots cause do love them a...
Graveyard On Black Street: The First Adventure (Book 1) by Jel1ybeanz
Graveyard On Black Street: The Jelly
| COMPLETE | When Willow Black moves to Maplefalls from Pennsylvanian, she just knows something is off about the small town. First, there's a boy who calls her a vampire...
The Next Generation: Teddy Lupin by Dobby_Is_My_Hero_
The Next Generation: Teddy Lupinby Miss Weasley
It's Teddy Lupin's first year at Hogwarts. Time to make friends, enemies and have the best time of his life. But wait! There's one crucial detail. What happens when Hogw...
Pokemon ORAS x reader: Contests by randomesquewriter
Pokemon ORAS x reader: Contestsby randomesquewriter
So I'm gonna try my hand at an x reader drabble-ish thing. We'll see how this goes. (this includes Brendan, Wally, Steven, Maxie, and potentially Wallace and the reader...
Mrs. Fletcher (Zach and Brendan Fletcher's love story) by snickerdoodle_777
Mrs. Fletcher (Zach and Brendan Eliza Schuyler 💙💌
This is a Brendan and Zach's point of view instead of Eva Fletcher. We don't need her ^^ . Any who, Brendan is welcomed to college by his roommate, Zach, something abou...
Warrior by RensLightsaber
Warriorby Hailey
This is my and my amazing friends re-written version of the movie Warrior. Adding our characters to it and putting more back story into fighter. Again, a lot of story ch...
My Friend From Hoenn  by ZelTheWeavile
My Friend From Hoenn by Zel
Short story about May and Brendan. Takes place in a sort-of alternate reality. Warning: super sad Cover created by the amazing @Imberlapis Finished: December 2018 Curre...
One More Miracle {Pokémon Watty Awards 2015} by captainmuriica
One More Miracle {Pokémon Watty captainmuriica
// UNDER MAJOR REVISION // {DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN POKEMON OR THE COVER. I ONLY OWN MY OC} [This story follows the main plot of Pokémon Emerald, but I added some 'twis...
How Lucky Am I? (A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction) by cmwest
How Lucky Am I? (A Zayn Malik cwest
Emily Phillips is going through hell. Her boyfriend cheats on her, with her best friend, her dad abused her, but she has the best 5 guys for best friends. One Direction...