Bangtan's Slut by SonicRomo99
Bangtan's Slutby SonicRomo99
"Be a good little boy for daddy" Yoongi x Bts
  • slave
  • slut
  • yoongixbts
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ABCs of Lams Kinks by ilovegreaseraus
ABCs of Lams Kinksby lavender plant
"life is too short to pretend you don't like your ass being slapped or being choked" -unknown this is seriousl...
  • aftercare
  • hamilton
  • safesaneandconsenual
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I'll be loud for you - Jikook by memejungcook
I'll be loud for you - Jikookby memejungcook
Jimin choosing that weird hotel wasn't that bad of an idea in the end. Or in which Jungkook catches Jimin masturbating in the shower. _ Thank you so much to my friend...
  • showersex
  • jikook
  • masturbation
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Taegguk by PeachyBabyTae
Taeggukby V [Hiatus]
Don't Like? Don't read. BL! Mostly Bottom! Taehyung tho!🤤🤤 !!MATURE!! also @ wattpad. stop deleting my fu^king stories. THEY ARE LABELED M A T U R E!!!
  • mature
  • toptaehyung
  • kinks
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Strangled on a Wobbly Picnic Table by xxxtentinmypant
Strangled on a Wobbly Picnic Tableby xxxtentinmypant
A short thing about Midoriyas thing for being strangled and Bakugou strangling him in a fight on a picnic table in a park.
  • dekuxkacchan
  • katsudeku
  • awkwardsituations
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harsh treatment // jk + poly bangtan by jiminsbrokenheart
harsh treatment // jk + poly fog
An exciting turn of events lead up after Jeongguk proclaims his love of being dominated into a state of oblivion by all his band members.
  • kinky
  • little
  • mxm
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