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Smut  by I_Am_The_Fallen_One
Smut by Dinkleberg
Pretty much just gay porn lol. Kinky as fuck tho. My last one got deleted so im bringing back the chaps along with some new ones hope you enjoy them lol. Also this would...
  • gay
  • breathplay
  • riding
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Taegguk by PeachyBabyTae
Taeggukby V [inactive]
Don't Like? Don't read. BL! Mostly Bottom! Taehyung tho!🤤🤤 !!MATURE!! also @ wattpad. stop deleting my fu^king stories. THEY ARE LABELED M A T U R E!!!
  • analsex
  • collars
  • breathplay
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Human!Kylo Ren x Reader  by xpastelkitten
Human!Kylo Ren x Reader by Kiera Paul
he's a hot rich asshole ;]
  • breathplay
  • starwars
  • petplay
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Prideful by khoelers
Pridefulby khoelers
The one-sided lovers-to-friends story of a slave and a never-to-be-crowned Princess as they try to figure out what is right and wrong in life. Meanwhile, they face banis...
  • gaymentions
  • kindadark
  • fantasy
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Autumn Leaves| min yoongi by PurestNicole
Autumn Leaves| min yoongiby PurestNicole
"Who do you think has the biggest dick?" Yoongi asked, the shit eating grin prominent in his voice. ~~~~~ In which Taehyung is jealous of Yoongi's new girlfri...
  • mature
  • bts
  • minyoongi
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ABCs of Lams Kinks | c o m p l e t e d by ilovegreaseraus
ABCs of Lams Kinks | c o m p l e 🌾wheat feild🌾
"life is too short to pretend you don't like your ass being slapped or being choked" -unknown this is seriousl...
  • gay
  • lams
  • safesaneandconsenual
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harsh treatment // jk + poly bangtan by jiminsbrokenheart
harsh treatment // jk + poly fog
An exciting turn of events lead up after Jeongguk proclaims his love of being dominated into a state of oblivion by all his band members.
  • spanking
  • punishments
  • cbt
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I'll be loud for you - Jikook by memejungcook
I'll be loud for you - Jikookby memejungcook
Jimin choosing that weird hotel wasn't that bad of an idea in the end. Or in which Jungkook catches Jimin masturbating in the shower. _ Thank you so much to my friend...
  • fingering
  • palming
  • breathplay
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Bangtan's Slut by SonicRomo99
Bangtan's Slutby Spacemilk
"Be a good little boy for daddy" Yoongi x Bts
  • slave
  • bloodplay
  • slut
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