A Dalton Boy on His Knees by fmhartz91
A Dalton Boy on His Kneesby lady__divine
On a dare, Sebastian goes to a BDSM club, where he meets a young Dom and the club's owner, Kurt, who takes Sebastian on as his pet for the night. (I don't own the charac...
  • bdsm
  • flogging
  • smoking
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Evidence by SassyDrac
Evidenceby Elizabeth
You and Connor have to take shelter in a run down apartment building while running from deviant Android's who are trying to kill you. He saved your life, quite literally...
  • swearing
  • mature
  • praisekink
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Maddison's Tail by mermanfromdownunder
Maddison's Tailby mermanfromdownunder
After a strange day at the beach, Maddison discovers she transforms into a mermaid when wet. She slowly comes to terms with her new abilities and discovers more and more...
  • tail
  • swimmer
  • fantasy
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The Treat (Killing Stalking) (Oh Sangwoo x Yoon Bum) (Oneshot) by violet_baudelaire
The Treat (Killing Stalking) (Oh violet_baudelaire
wanted to write a fic from Sangwoo's POV, and this little oneshot was the result. Sangwoo has arranged a special 'treat for Bum, but will Bum like the treat or not? &qu...
  • gay
  • sangwoo
  • stalking
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I'll be loud for you - Jikook by memejungcook
I'll be loud for you - Jikookby memejungcook
Jimin choosing that weird hotel wasn't that bad of an idea in the end. Or in which Jungkook catches Jimin masturbating in the shower. _ Thank you so much to my friend...
  • boyxboy
  • bts
  • jungkook
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Human!Kylo Ren x Reader  by xpastelkitten
Human!Kylo Ren x Reader by Kiera Paul
he's a hot rich asshole ;]
  • starwars
  • âu
  • kylo
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Confinement by LillaSvane
Confinementby Ninis-Chicken-Soo
He grabs the binocular and Vaseline before unzipping his pants. Kyungsoo loves watching. He sees himself as a watcher.
  • kai
  • soo
  • ksoo
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The kinky book of Hetalia by sequoiafox
The kinky book of Hetaliaby sequoiafox
Just a bunch of smutty and kinky stories involving the sexy countries of hetalia. WARNING: contains gross kink, yaoi, and Yuri. don't like don't read, requests are open...
  • bdsm
  • omorashi
  • aphrodisiac
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The Wolfmaid by Chaxyhryn
The Wolfmaidby Chaxyhryn
about a wolf that isnt as manly as he should be
  • chastity
  • feminization
  • wolf
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Bangtan's Slut by SonicRomo99
Bangtan's Slutby SonicRomo99
"Be a good little boy for daddy" Yoongi x Bts
  • petplay
  • bdsm
  • breathplay
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