A Dalton Boy on His Knees by fmhartz91
A Dalton Boy on His Kneesby lady__divine
On a dare, Sebastian goes to a BDSM club, where he meets a young Dom and the club's owner, Kurt, who takes Sebastian on as his pet for the night. (I don't own the charac...
  • kink
  • subsebastian
  • bondage
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Taking a Journey Together by fmhartz91
Taking a Journey Togetherby lady__divine
Kurt and Blaine meet in New York. Kurt is a well-known and sought-after Dom, and Blaine, still finding himself, falls for him fast and agrees to be his sub. (Originally...
  • punishment
  • angst
  • ballgag
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His by Louis_Will_Tommo_91
Hisby Larry
Mature Content (No younger than 16) or just read at your own risk. 25 year old Louis Tomlinson kidnaps 18 year old girl named Kendra Leonard and takes her back to his h...
  • blowjobs
  • handjobs
  • gags
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The Secret My Vault Keeps by CoppeliaRose
The Secret My Vault Keepsby Coppelia Rose
Even though Emma and Regina pretend to hate each other in the presence of everyone else. When they are together, it's a different matter entirely. Pure smut... What is s...
  • bondage
  • spanking
  • lesbian
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The Wolfmaid by Chaxyhryn
The Wolfmaidby Chaxyhryn
about a wolf that isnt as manly as he should be
  • humiliation
  • yiff
  • crossdressing
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Choke me harder | kth&jhs by ohnotuagain
Choke me harder | kth&jhsby ohnotuagain
Kim Taehyung ma wiele fetyszy. Jego zachcianki stara się spełniać Hoseok, który oczywiście robi wszystko, by jego chłopcu było jak najlepiej. No i sam także, kocha uczuc...
  • vhope
  • bts
  • breathplay
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Taegguk by PeachyBabyTae
Taeggukby V [Hiatus]
Don't Like? Don't read. BL! Mostly Bottom! Taehyung tho!🤤🤤 !!MATURE!! also @ wattpad. stop deleting my fu^king stories. THEY ARE LABELED M A T U R E!!!
  • boyxboy
  • homosexuality
  • lgbtfiction
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