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[Discontinued]𝙐𝙨𝙚𝙧 𝙤𝙛 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙎𝙪𝙣 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙈𝙤𝙤𝙣||Kny×M!reader by Zero_TheSilentKiller
[Discontinued]𝙐𝙨𝙚𝙧 𝙤𝙛 𝙩𝙝𝙚 – 𝙕𝙚𝙧𝙤♛
⚠️This Story might contain Manga spoilers⚠️ [discontinued] ×✧×✧×✧×✧×✧×✧×✧×✧×✧×✧×✧× Your Tanjiro's older brother looks similar to Yoriichi. And your father is pretty prou...
breathe just breathe   [EDITED / REWRITTEN VERSION] by Har1eyWilson
breathe just breathe [EDITED / Har1eyWilson
Harley Macallans could handle the beatings, she could handle the cursing and the tear-filled nights. But what she couldn't handle was the scars left on her little sister...
Ruining The Life Of A Jerk. (Sequel To A Nerds Romance) by shelbsters15
Ruining The Life Of A Jerk. ( Shelby :)
Sophie Green, used to be a nerd. Until Zack Daniel changed her life with one little bet. Zack Daniel didn't mean to make a bet, but thanks to his friends, Ian, Mike, and...
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Daddy Dempsey by elianassoleil
Daddy Dempseyby eliana soleil
18+ "your just an extra on greys anatomy, Patrick Dempsey catches your eye. But he's married, what will you do?"
Breathe  by xgiannx
Breathe by rem
A lot has changed since Kiri has left to go back home, and Asher finds himself struggling to move on. Tired of battling his demons he secludes himself from everyone else...
First love|| Hwang Hyunjin  by bookcafe00
First love|| Hwang Hyunjin by FicCafe
Moving. That was always the concept when it came to Her, place to place and friend group to another. However, it shifted when she moved to a new place. But could her sta...
BREATHE ✔ by Osaro_Oghadeva
BREATHE ✔by Osaro_Oghadeva
[COMPLETED] Meet Isi, a Nigerian who was transferred to Brazil by her employer. She is strong, courageous and religious. Then there's Adrian, a Brazilian business m...
Dying to Breathe by Kate_Marr
Dying to Breatheby K A T E M A R R
Millie went missing three months ago. Police suspect the worst. Penelope refuses to give up. When she finds the cryptic note Millie left for her, she finds herself on a...
Re-Awakened Once Again.  by T-Mess
Re-Awakened Once Again. by —Ren
I don't own Genshin Impact or Demon Slayer <><><><><><> A storm of snow continued to cover the earth, a small golden glow on the grou...
REASON TO BREATHE  by splash_happiness
#1 - reason {26/09/2021} Manik Malhotra, a 28 yrs old hotshot businessman....rude, arrogant, short tempered, doesn't like to talk. LIVING WITH HIS PAST!!!!! Nandini Murt...
Our Goodbye (#TheBAPAAwards2020) ✅ by princessreedragon
Our Goodbye (#TheBAPAAwards2020) ✅by Ree💜
Saying goodbye is never easy. No matter what age a person is, there is always something that they say goodbye to. Happy reading.❤️❤️ 20/10/20 rankings: #51- invisible #5...
Mia's Story by YoungWritorMaisie
Mia's Storyby 𝓜𝓪𝓲𝓼𝓲𝓮
Born without parents, raised in a dodgy neighbourhood, trafficked across borders and taken in by a secret arrangement nobody knows about. Mia's life is just about as fuc...
The Nevite Gate [Project NaNoWriMo] by Rita_writes
The Nevite Gate [Project NaNoWriMo]by ♋
"You think the air here is bad? Wait till we get to Akambé, a place known in the old Nigeria as Ajegunle." In the year 2089, the Eron virus struck Nigeria. Aff...
Beating Heart  by Appy008
Beating Heart by ~☘☘~
Love is one of those feelings which can make a soul the strongest but sometimes the weakest too. It can force someone to feel like the most helpless, the most vulnerable...
Henry Danger ~ Panick by foreverharryxxxd
Henry Danger ~ Panickby Foreverharryx
Henry was when he was 10 diagnosed with anxiety only his family know because Henry is scared that Ray wil fire them and that Charlotte and Jasper are gonna hate him but...
Trust Me (A Jacob/Edward friendship story) by bumblebee_5n4p3
Trust Me (A Jacob/Edward Bianca
'Trust me' takes place at the end of New Moon, and is compatible with the world Stephenie Meyer created except that vampire venom does not kill a wolf. So when Jacob get...
Artificial Kids by xgiannx
Artificial Kidsby rem
a collection of bonus chapters for my books. tell me if you have a request or idea :)
Breathe Me  by d_arkening
Breathe Me by Salem Stone
In my panicked state I feel strong arms wrap around me, pulling me close. I inhale, his smell filling my senses. "You're safe now, just breathe me in." He says...
Breathe [Maylor] ✔ by UniqueKindOfRebel
Breathe [Maylor] ✔by 𝙭𝙤𝙭𝙤™
Maylor fanfic [COMPLETED] It's been three years since the band started and Queen is becoming more and more popular with each new gig and song. The publicity is great and...
Notes App by taptejkaur
Notes Appby Taptej
This book can help you explain feelings to your therapist. Sometimes we feel a certain way but we're unable to put feelings in words. I'm here to help you with that. My...