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New Student? | School Of Rock Fanfic | [COMPLETED]✔ by -lennonboy
New Student? | School Of Rock [ 𝒌𝒊𝒂 ]
(old book, read at your own risk) "I know I shouldn't say it, but my heart don't understand why I got you on my mind„ "Alexandra Chiara Gonzales" or most...
  • fremmer
  • schoolofrock
  • yde
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Malibue Resuce ~ Season 2 by xx_laugh_x
Malibue Resuce ~ Season 2by xx_laugh_x
Season 2 of the netflix series of Malibu Rescue!!!! Many new characters. Mostly about Gina, Lizzy and a bit of Dylan, Eric and Tyler xx
  • eric
  • tyler
  • maliburescue
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In Love With You❤️ by Fremmer_Jicardo13
In Love With You❤️by Gastina_Jicardo❤️❤️
This book is about Breance,Calex,Menji,Mizzy,Tree and Jicardo but mostly Jicardo
  • jicardo
  • jillie
  • thomas
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School of rock social media  by ConnieXalice
School of rock social media by ConnieXAlice
Completed ✅ The life of the school of rock kids from their love life's to drama and life in general as they grow up together and become super famous. Mostly Zamika has s...
  • freddie
  • lawrence
  • zack
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A breance story (completed) by AmyNewton7
A breance story (completed)by Amy Newton
Breanna yde arrives in la from Australia she meets jade pettyjohn, lance Lim and Ricardo hurtado. What adventures do they get up to Aidan and tony are not in this book ...
  • breance
  • lance
  • meetingnewpeople
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Lyrics to all school of rock songs performed
  • zack
  • yde
  • school
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Where I Want to Be by kourtneybooks18
Where I Want to Beby Kourtney
Two little kids with no concept of love outside of family, both are going through some tough times. They become best friends and even though they don't know it, they're...
  • cheesy
  • kids
  • wedding
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SOR: behind the scenes (completed) by AmyNewton7
SOR: behind the scenes (completed)by Amy Newton
behind the scenes of filming school of rock, includes some breance and jicardo moments.
  • tony
  • breance
  • lance
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Naruto And A New Friend! A Fox And A Wolf Become Friends!🦊💛💜🐺 by SonicxBlaze
Naruto And A New Friend! A Fox Breanna The Hedgehog
Naruto Uzimaki, finds out he is not alone, with the death glares and gossip, from the Villagers Of Konaha...yet finds a new friend...when she also get death glares and g...
  • naruto
  • sakara
  • ninja
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Roommate Love  by Kyleenb
Roommate Love by RosesAreRed
Breanna and Jade cannot wait to go to college. But when they get there and find out that they are going to be separate, they start to wonder who will be there roommates...
  • school
  • treddy
  • jade
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SOR Trust Is All You Have by aschneider21
SOR Trust Is All You Haveby Annabelle S
After everything that has happened in his life, Ricardo is finally getting to know the real him. Sure there are arguments between his friends and siblings, but nobody is...
  • jicardo
  • schoolofrock
  • maurice
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Our Worlds...(a Mindless Behavior love story starring you)! by AsianMFvcker
Our Worlds...(a Mindless Safia'GeeGraham
You and your 3 bestfriends where close friends with 4 Guys that Moved to L.A to start there career as a boy band called Mindless Behavior.Now at 19 You and your friends...
  • drifted
  • famous
  • four
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Power Rangers Jungle Fury Fan-Fic Fiery as a Phoenix #Wattys2014 by Mal_AgentOfSHIELD
Power Rangers Jungle Fury Breanna
A new ranger, a Phai Zhia student, RJ has a secret. He has a daughter, whose parents were great Phai Zhia masters. Dominic, Casey, Lily, and Theo take care of Breanna wh...
  • jaguar
  • cheetah
  • powerrangersjunglefury
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~Sexy Sonic The Hedgehog Pictures~ by SonicxBlaze
~Sexy Sonic The Hedgehog Pictures~by Breanna The Hedgehog
Sexy Pictures About Sonic The Hedgehog~
  • sexy
  • sonia
  • shadow
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School of rock fan fiction-Tomika's life by chocolatelover160404
School of rock fan fiction-Tomika' chocolatelover160404
Tomika is cool and care-free girl but deep down in her she has a big secret. This secret could test the friendship she has with Zack, Summer, Lawrence and Freddy. She ha...
  • zack
  • friendship
  • freddy
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My Samurai Dream by Mal_AgentOfSHIELD
My Samurai Dreamby Breanna
My dreams of being a samurai ranger is all I need to succeed. There's my dream about being a Samurai Ranger. I start out as a normal girl in high school, but one battle...
  • emily
  • kevin
  • mermaids
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Sandlot 2: Teenage Pregnancy  by Sandlot_Girl_
Sandlot 2: Teenage Pregnancy by Jazz/Jazzy
Sapphire belongs to @-Officallydanay- read Lover Boy and this will make some more sense. The girls and guys have officially been dating for 3 years. But something happen...
  • sandlot2
  • mac
  • hailey
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SOR Feelings Hurt by aschneider21
SOR Feelings Hurtby Annabelle S
Tony, Breanna, Lance, Aidan and Jade have all noticed that Ricardo isn't himself. He's much quieter, avoids eye contact and seems upset about something. But when the gan...
  • lance
  • ricardo
  • jicardo
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Power Rangers Dino Charge by RangerSistersForever
Power Rangers Dino Chargeby It's Morphing Time! Ninja Spi...
Chase, Shelby, Riley, Tyler, and Koda are cleaning up in the cafe, when Ms. Morgan walks in with two teenagers. Breanna and Jess have bonded to the Yellow and Aqua Energ...
  • tyler
  • truelove
  • riley
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SCHOOL OF ROCK: COMING TOGETHER(Sequel to School of rock: secret's revealed) by DaniMitchi101
Sequel to School of rock: secret's revealed
  • lance
  • zack
  • yde
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