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Word Vomit by suhaniuma
Word Vomitby Kevin G
Just my way of showing the world how stupid bad boy books can be, as well as some other stuff along the way! Beware: there are MAJOR amounts of cussing in this book Ha...
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My Muted Alpha | ✔️ by EnchantressSkittlez
My Muted Alpha | ✔️by EnchantressSkittlez
"And then he breaks. Trembling violently, shattering in my arms, a thousand gasps and choking sobs. I made a promise there, to protect him until all the pain and...
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The Warrior Alpha Female|√ by MidnightstarsStars
The Warrior Alpha Female|√by _N
They say she is a devil who crawled her way out of hell,they call her a monster but he only believes what he see and for him she is an angel in disguise . "What do...
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➵ His Soccer Princess | ✔︎ by -ineffablyflawsome
➵ His Soccer Princess | ✔︎by ✧ Lillian.
e d i t i n g | • »»» • extended summary inside • ««« Alexis Cassidy Baxter. Commonly known as Alex. Football; comfort; determined. Jayden Bryce. Commonly known as Jay...
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Revenge of the Sluts by Floats
Revenge of the Slutsby natalie
WATTYS 2018 WINNER | WATTPAD FEATURED STORY FIRST, there was the email of nude photographs sent to everyone at St. Joseph's High School. THEN, there was the assignment...
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You are the Answer {boyxboy} ✓ (Dogs, Bats & Monkeys series, Book I | Riley) by CatMint5
You are the Answer {boyxboy} ✓ ( Dilyana K.
• Winner of a #wattpad4 contest • Riley's life had not been easy since he came out. His parents kicked him out of the house, his brother turned his back on him and a sad...
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The Enhanced by Toxic_Wonderland
The Enhancedby M. K a n e
A tale in which four kids with daddy issues and strange abilities fight the people hunting their kind. ♘ Selected by Hulu as a Story Featuring Strong Women ♘ Ranked #6 i...
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Muslim Tomboy?...Impossible  by silent_ninja_dfc
Muslim Tomboy?...Impossible by Bond. James Bond
"She made broken look healed, And strong look invincible, She carried the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings." What if you wake...
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Writing POC 101 by talkthepoc
Writing POC 101by TalkThePOC
An advice book on how to successfully write POC characters by Wattpad authors. [Highest rank: #1 in Non-Fiction]
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My Best Friend, The Bad Boy by talia38188
My Best Friend, The Bad Boyby Talia :)
Reputations. They're things people usually obtain without asking for, and seemingly applied to everyone no matter how true or false they may be. Do you know the saying g...
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We are the Answer {boyxboy} ✔ (Dogs, Bats & Monkeys series, Book I | Rhys) by CatMint5
We are the Answer {boyxboy} ✔ ( Dilyana K.
Rhys has been unlucky in love and even though his family supports him, he knows they are anxious for him to find the one he belongs with. He recognizes him in the face o...
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Stereotypes Who? We Don't Know Her-JIKOOK FF by JikookDomJimin
Stereotypes Who? We Don't Know JungkookIsABabyBoy
Where Jungkook is this big and buff looking guy who is mistaken for being a fuckboy daddy, when in reality he is a cute and shy baby boy who wants the right man to treat...
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ENTROPIC THERAPY [COMING 2020] by orphic_thoughts
"Stop making me feel things." • One is a pulchritudinous youth with pompous and flamboyant but uncaring guardians, the other is a disaster with cantankerous em...
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Sentiments & Reason ✓ (Dogs, Bats & Monkeys series, Book II) by CatMint5
Sentiments & Reason ✓ (Dogs, Dilyana K.
"Dad's gone," my cousin's voice was barely above a whisper. "You must come home for the Evaluations," she uttered and the phone line went dead. *****...
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The Georgia Rule by -baltering
The Georgia Ruleby "gabrielle"
You know those stories where the high school's golden boy falls for the shy, innocent girl that coincidentally, no one seems to know? In which the 'Queen Bee' and said g...
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Everything She Was | ✎ by ishaqzadein
Everything She Was | ✎by ⠀অণ্বেষা 👑
pain, grief, lust. | book #1.1 in the fragile hearts trilogy | highest rank #48 in teen fiction. ❛ she was judged, and it was the lewd judgments that wrapped around her...
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REMARKABLE ✔ by Lazaah
|remarkable rɪˈmɑːkəb(ə)l/ adjective worthy of attention; striking.| [Sequel to PARALLEL] Genre: Drama, Spiritual, Romance, Coming of Age, Action. [This in NO WAY identi...
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Your Forgotten  by spicedbroccoli
Your Forgotten by ominira
With conflicting and pent-up emotions, 14 year old Mola writes letters in the middle of the night, hoping to make sense of it all and moreover hoping her mother will one...
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Remember Me Cry baby by SleepyJaneD
Remember Me Cry babyby Jane Doe
Alexis is a cry baby with an attitude problem. Jay is a suave snd goofy fighter who actually isn't that suave. They were childhood friends but Alexis doesn't remember. T...
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The Fun In Being Blackmailed by _poughkeepsie_
The Fun In Being Blackmailedby hayfaa | هيفاء
Brooke never thought that she would be in a situation like this. Where her reputation is on the line and she is comforted by the school's bad boy.
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