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She's Mine | Camila Cabello and Neymar Jr by ladzontour
She's Mine | Camila Cabello and neymar juninho
In which a girl moves to Barcelona with her best friend and ends up spending a heck of a lot of time with the one and only Neymar Jr. Would she go far into a relationshi...
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Alone (countryhumans x reader) by h5d1o1m
Alone (countryhumans x reader)by tincfam
It's about ____, a girl (you can change the genre) whose life is a little difficult and lonely. She has a difficult past. But all this changes when you meet certain peop...
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The S Mafia by sentimaxo
The S Mafiaby Sentimà
"Your hands are scarred from murder and yet I trust them completely." Sequel to The Girl who Fought to Provide and cannot read as stand-alone. ©️All Rights R...
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(RusAme) ~ Roommates ~ (CountryHumans) by sec0ndacc0unt
(RusAme) ~ Roommates ~ ( ~Second Account~
Russia finds out that he's having to share a dorm room with the one and only America, a country that's too loud, too excited, and too touchy for Russia's taste. However...
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World Cup  [larry stylinson a.u.] by sebLarry
World Cup [larry stylinson a.u.]by Sebastian
I went to Brazil wishing to hook up with as many straight men as I could find but a gay tourist with a nice butt was all I got.
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The Billionaire's Ex Wife by Queen3amyyy
The Billionaire's Ex Wifeby Amy Njie
After two year's of marriage, Miranda discovers that she is pregnant. She was very enthusiastic that she decided to Surprise her husband William Knight owner and C.E.O o...
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Hetalia - Kinky Powers. by Post-Moe
Hetalia - Kinky Post - Polnareff
A few of you may know of my previous story of Kinky Countries. It got taken down. What's the smartest thing to do? Put it back up, obviously, duh. *plz don't hurt me Wat...
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The Snake King (Paranormal Lovers: Book 1) by Grown30
The Snake King (Paranormal J. B. Naylor-Wilson
When two cousins, Mona and Domino, join their fathers on an archaeological trip to a temple in Brazil. The two were overjoyed to be spending the first two weeks of the N...
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MONEY, FAME, FORTUNE ー NEYMAR | ✓ by wvaterlily
MONEY, FAME, FORTUNE ー NEYMAR | ✓by 𝑻𝒂𝒍𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒍𝒆𝒔𝒔
❝ Beautiful things don't ask for attention. ❞ © 𝕎𝕧𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕝𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕪
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The Life of Hunter Lovato by Misfit_Lovatic
The Life of Hunter Lovatoby 💫
The Life of Hunter Lovato Hunter Lovato is a 14 year old girl who lives in Dallas Texas. Blonde hair and blue eyes she has anything but a normal life with 3 famous siste...
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Countryhumans x Reader (Oneshots!!) by nebula_ascending
Countryhumans x Reader (Oneshots!!)by nebula_ascending
You guessed it. Another Countryhumans x Reader book floating around the sea of Wattpad. Enjoy! Requests are currently closed, but will open soon! Also, cover and chapter...
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CountryHoomans x Reader by desperatelyanxious
CountryHoomans x Readerby ᴀᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ ʙɪᴛᴄʜ
Lemons and Fluffs, Kinks and Cuddles. Ahh..the world of fanfiction. I do indeed take requests.
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Scars (Russia x America) by Manaqueen_Bee
Scars (Russia x America)by Mannequeen_Bee
I can't do descriptions, so read this if you want. Also, I drew the picture (but sorry it's so blurry, idk what happened. I'll probably fix it one day) Best rating right...
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New Mom 💗 by neyyy27
New Mom 💗by neyyy27
Charlotte Martinez is a young student at UCLA. She's also a part-time model. One day she went to Brazil for a photo shoot, but she didn't know that this photo shoot will...
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Happy Poems by mustachiominion
Happy Poemsby StarLily
These are just a bunch of poems that are just happy and funny. They are all suitable for kids.
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The Footballer's Girlfriend (Neymar Jr) by paulpogbas
The Footballer's Girlfriend ( 🙃🙃
*Just a disclaimer, I wrote this when I was very young and had absolutely no writing skills at all so read at your own discretion. My newer works are more developed and...
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Wasted (Neymar Fan-Fiction) by FanFictionality
Wasted (Neymar Fan-Fiction)by Not Yolanda
Before I could fall, I felt a strong pair of arms, like that of an athlete’s, wrapping around my waist. “Annoying brat,” his familiar voice huffed, but this time, I foun...
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TEXTS || Neymar Jr. by userdelrey
TEXTS || Neymar nik
Collection of texts exchanged between Neymar Jr. and a girl
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Ribbons and Pearls  by _LilDark
Ribbons and Pearls by 미야 노박
HR 35 in humor HR 62 in humor HR 81 in humor STAND ALONE BOOK. ? Inaya Nourbese is a German, with gray eyes and golden hair, a typical blonde. Childish, pathetic or...
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Neymar Jr Imagines by JaneBoueri
Neymar Jr Imaginesby Jayn
★#1 Neymar Jr Imagines book on Wattpad★ Highest ranked in fanfiction #173 (Written back in the weird fangirl days. I swear i write a lot better and more logically now.)
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