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Sins of Pleasure <3 by PrettyBoy0525
Sins of Pleasure <3by Michael :)
A smut story of a submissive boy and a dommy mommy where things start of innocent and slowly get more dirty as sexual fantasies and kinks unfold. Enjoy the reading :)
Between them H&K by Mia_2022
Between them H&Kby Mia
Anger, disrespect, violence, hatred toward authority. Those are the only thing Blake knows. She came from a broken house and from then on out she was a totally different...
Ace of Spades (BxB) by Solum_Solace
Ace of Spades (BxB)by Solum_Solace
[This is an original story] Ace Phillips is a troublesome boy wandering the streets. After being on his own for years he encounters Mason Swann, a kind caregiver who off...
Princess Ruthie  by lauraruffuno
Princess Ruthie by lauraruffuno
Ruth Ferguson had always know she had the tendency to act like a spoiled brat. But she had cool and relaxed parents that encouraged it. She had everything most men wan...
Little Addie by Gabbylmao3
Little Addieby Gabby
Addie Snow has been in foster care for littles. Until one day it closes down and she is auctioned off to Zane Alter. UNDER MAJOR EDITTING ⚠️Warning ⚠️ contains: abdl, d...
Three powerful, dominant and possessive men. And one innocent virgin, with a brat complex... How did she get here?
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Mon Cher  by Taliesin12GNW
Mon Cher by Taliesin12GNW
He was a dom, she was a brat, can that make it anymore obvious :3
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Cake Sniffer by pplepi
Cake Snifferby rei ♡ ⁷
A CEO is forced to get married to an irresistible rascal who calls him, "Cake Sniffer". 🐰⬆️ 🐯⬇️ Started: July 22,2019 Ended: November 27, 2019 ~54 chapters~ ...
be a good girl by ddlgava321
be a good girlby ddlgava321
Peter and Ava have been together for a while. What happens when all Ava's stress causes Peter's daddy side to come out? Will Ava enjoy the change? Or will she resist bei...
𝓗𝓲𝓼 𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂 by TheoneandonlyElainia
𝓗𝓲𝓼 𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂by ℰ𝓁𝒶𝒾𝓃𝒾𝒶'𝓈
Oh yeah forgot to Introduce myself Hi my names Bella I'm 19 and going strong haha Black excellence is why I'm going to Harvard in the spring as my parents request so I'...
Abby's Mummy and Daddy  by Lucia_Puentes
Abby's Mummy and Daddy by HAZEL ✨
"Two years" she said "two years since we found out she was cheating on us , two years of lies , two years without a babygirl" My wife cried into my c...
(Smut) one shots  by babyspice_649
(Smut) one shots by babyspice_649
Bdsm/ mafia/ devil/ stripper and many other styles as well. Short stories and one shots .
Smut oneshots by kyle2300
Smut oneshotsby kyle2300
bdsm smut (male dom perspective)
Kim Taehyung is a spoiled brat & rude with very bad anger issues but his heart becomes soft for his servant's son named Jeon Jungkook. Taekook got close to each other bu...
⚠️⚠️|| DADDY'S MAFIA KILLER||⚠️⚠️ by loldowntown
⚠️⚠️|| DADDY'S MAFIA KILLER||⚠️⚠️by ᴅᴏᴡɴᴛᴏᴡɴʟᴏʟ
""Let me go ughhh" I screamed tangling from the ropes in the wall. "Aw my little slut is mad at daddy" "Ur not my daddy. And I'm not your...
Babygirl (A Lesbian Brat Story) by wordsnshit
Babygirl (A Lesbian Brat Story)by wordsnshit
An lgbt relationship story about a brat and her girlfriend, Lacy.
Little Brat || yoonmin by ChibiKittie
Little Brat || yoonminby ♡• Kat •♡
"Yoongi, stop being a rude little brat before you get spanked!" Jimin warned. "Go pank yourself!" Yoongi yelled, before throwing a toy car at his car...
Cotton Candy by thesuntomyflower
Cotton Candyby Sun to my flower
A brat model cause a scene in Night Market. Mew, the helper brought him to office for interogation. Mew has a tattoo on his hipbone that says 'Fuck'. "We're soulma...
He's Just A Pup (BoyxBoy+) by UnknowDawn
He's Just A Pup (BoyxBoy+)by Dawn
[WARNING:] [Incest Polyfidelity] Ciro has a loud mouth, he'd speak his mind and sometimes he'd keep things to himself. He's definitely a brat when it comes to things he...
Uncle Uptight  》Taekook《 by Zbook3
Uncle Uptight 》Taekook《by 》태꾹《
"Hey Uncle Uptight, will you please lotion my back?" ~Jungkook says in a flirty tone. "Help yourself kid" ~ his uncle replies. A story in which Jungk...