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Story Ideas for You! by Lena-Presents
Story Ideas for You!by Lena
Need inspiration for a story? Look no further. From one-liners to full chapters, here are some ideas I once had that I am now giving to you. All I ask for in return is...
  • fantasy
  • skit
  • random
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big book of poems by nycwentz
big book of poemsby Mad Ghoul 🥀🖤⚰️
A collection of awesome poems I've written, enjoy :)
  • brainstorming
  • poems
  • falloutboy
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How to Make a Good Book cover by Twinklin_Lights
How to Make a Good Book coverby ツ
  • edits
  • covers
  • program
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Creative Writing Things by sophia_holmes221b
Creative Writing Thingsby Sophia Holmes
Just a collection of random scenes. NONE OF THEM ARE RELATED TO ONE ANOTHER IN ANY WAY!!!!!!!!!
  • brainstorming
  • creativewriting
Free Writing by KristenAshley7
Free Writingby Kristen Ashley
Free writing is where people write continuously, without focusing too much on grammar, spelling, etc. It's often a tool to help fight writer's block. I free write at the...
  • random
  • creative
  • freewriting
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A Multitude of Randomness by ifluttershy
A Multitude of Randomnessby Flutters
This is a collection of one shots, I guess you could say. It's stuff my mind comes up with for no reason. Some of them could end up becoming way more.
  • fanfiction
  • brainstorming
  • short
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Submissions, Plot Bunnies & Other Random Scribbles by MizUndahStood
Submissions, Plot Bunnies & MizUndahStood
This book has been created as a space for responding to writing challenges, prompts, and other assorted musings.
  • chicklitwklyprompt
  • commisions
  • covers
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Snippets [boyxboy and girlxgirl shorts] by julensi
Snippets [boyxboy and girlxgirl RB
A collection of short stories strung into a book; each chapter is a different story with new characters, ranging from 500 words to 3500 per chapter. I take requests! No...
  • brainstorming
  • lesbian
  • fluffy
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BrainStorm by maplefoot
BrainStormby maplefoot
This is a community book. By sourcing your knowledge and ideas, to make chapters for the Designing Characters Book. Come inside and have a brainstorm and add to a commun...
  • writing
  • design
  • research
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A writer without a story by Fippis04
A writer without a storyby Fippis04
simply I'm just a writer that doesn't have a story yet. So this book is kinda just me brainstorming whatever imagines and ideas that comes to my mind. And you know I gue...
  • iguesswhynot
  • short
  • storyideas
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A Lazy Writer's Ideas by LittleLilyLord
A Lazy Writer's Ideasby Silver Lily
Within this book, there are the writings of a 'phantom' writer. Filled with the ideas they have gathered over 'years' of reading fanfics and other stories. However, the...
  • otherstuff
  • thoughts
  • pokemon
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10 minutes by magicalpeople2121
10 minutesby Laetitia Seguin
Tout est dans le titre
  • brainstorming
Brainstorm (Verda #1) by EbonyFeather
Brainstorm (Verda #1)by EbonyFeather
A coder blackmailed into software piracy. A gamer forced into bartering high-profile secrets for silence. An engineer threatened into executing catastrophic sabotage. An...
  • virtualreality
  • secrets
  • tokyo
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inner workings and ideas abt W?? [SPOILERS] by dingthemachine
inner workings and ideas abt W?? [ taylor <3
i mean, the title's pretty self-explanatory. Some brainstorms about characters and ideas for the storyline bc i'm having a difficult time getting past the introduction/f...
  • ig
  • brainstorming
  • yikes
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Tigerblade Side Book by egodfrey72
Tigerblade Side Bookby The Kami No Kazen
This book will include the chance to give me ideas for the series, Q&As with the characters, trivia and more!
  • brainstorming
  • tigerblade
Tarot for Storytellers by Holly_Gonzalez
Tarot for Storytellersby Holly Gonzalez
A guide to using the Tarot as a tool in crafting characters, plots, and settings. Included are various spreads and interpretations I've come up with over the years, for...
  • occult
  • tarot
  • characterization
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It's 4 a.m. by ShrutiGupta11358
It's 4 Shruti Gupta
We are all a different person at 4, yet a little same. We think more. Here some of those thoughts thay you might relate to. To the 4 a.m.-ers!
  • life
  • thoughts
  • headcanons
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the journal  by _Direct_
the journal by Direct
these are some things I write in a journal. I think they are very weird. but everyone should be weird. let's be weird together.
  • music
  • newcomer
  • friends
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#BrainstormingTime by ScottFS77
#BrainstormingTimeby ScottFS77
  • forthefans
  • help
  • ideas
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Ideas for stories by SirJulian96
Ideas for storiesby JBaby96
I need your assistance for ideas on stories that you would like to read that's different from other stories
  • ideas
  • discussion
  • creativity
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