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The Football Player's Unknown Children by kourtneybooks18
The Football Player's Unknown Kourtney
Scarlett Burk is 21 years old. She had been dating her boyfriend, Braden Parker, for 6 years. Her boyfriend just graduated from Oregon State University and she is one ye...
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Skethan And Dorl Oneshots  by AntiandDarkLover
Skethan And Dorl Oneshots by Aṋ̮̭͈͜͝t̴̤͖͍͉͆̊̕͜ḭ̷̶̼̝S̹҉e͚...
*DISCONTINUED* This is a whole lot of gay and incest If you dont like that, this isn't a book for you
  • skethan
  • cenis
  • gay
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You and Me  by AntiandDarkLover
You and Me by Aṋ̮̭͈͜͝t̴̤͖͍͉͆̊̕͜ḭ̷̶̼̝S̹҉e͚...
*Completed* You were just an ordinary girl. He was just an ordinary boy. You both met at Sublex Cafe on Dorl street. He immediately fell for you. You were skeptical at f...
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I'm Not Worth It (Reader X The Pals) (Under Heavy Editing) by written_in_a_daze
I'm Not Worth It (Reader X The LePerksOfBeingATomboy
(Y/N)... Sounds like your normal kind of girl right? Or maybe this girl is not so normal at all... After breaking up with her boyfriend. She moved to a new country. Wher...
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Together {sketchxreader} by Shriump
Together {sketchxreader}by Shriump
You move to Canada not expecting a lot yet you meet Elijah,he changed your life. #95 on roblox
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In The Dark ✓ (BoyxBoy) by ButteryBreadsticks
In The Dark ✓ (BoyxBoy)by ButteryBreadsticks
12/5/18 | #1 in Braden 04/9/19 | #17 in Valerie --- [Completed] Braden and Colin are roommates at Jadeville Academy, a preppy school for rich kids. Braden has liked Coli...
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the pals preferences  by -parkhillromance
the pals preferences by 「𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙘𝙝𝙖 」
|✔️| sketch denis corl alex sub started on : July 29th 2018 completed on: February 26th 2019
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Skalex by littlecdraws
Skalexby little c yt
It's the pals Alex and sketch I started to love this ship lately so here we go
  • braden
  • skalex
  • denisdaily
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My Guardian(s) The Pals x Reader by YellowBubble27
My Guardian(s) The Pals x Readerby U’Nique
Y/N is a 13 year old girl. Her parents had to go away for 5 months because of work. Or did they? Luckily your parents were childhood friends with the Denisdaily. (Your f...
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Forever Can't End....Right? SKETCHxREADER by AntiandDarkLover
Forever Can't End....Right? Aṋ̮̭͈͜͝t̴̤͖͍͉͆̊̕͜ḭ̷̶̼̝S̹҉e͚...
*Completed* You meet Sketch in school and he is a Senior and you are a Jr. You think he looks really hot. Will you end up together forever? Or is it a match made in Hell...
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When you're here. A Denis x Reader. by Solanum_Lycopersicum
When you're here. A Denis x JJ💕
I don't want to give anything away so just read it if you want to know what it's about. :3
  • denisdaily
  • alex
  • elijah
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Me and You  by AntiandDarkLover
Me and You by Aṋ̮̭͈͜͝t̴̤͖͍͉͆̊̕͜ḭ̷̶̼̝S̹҉e͚...
--DISCONTINUED-- **This is a continuation of You and Me. So read that first!** You and Elijah have been dating for a while now. You are getting a family of your own and...
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Final Space: Braden x Fox (OC x Canon) by castorspace
Final Space: Braden x Fox (OC x ★Braden★
Some short stories (one shots) with my main Final Space OC Braden and Fox. •Cover art by me. •The characters Braden Castor, Cole Rigel, Lars Acrux, Warren Castor, and Ia...
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Where I Want to Be by kourtneybooks18
Where I Want to Beby Kourtney
Two little kids with no concept of love outside of family, both are going through some tough times. They become best friends and even though they don't know it, they're...
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  • breanna
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Team mate (Jaden Henline) by avacaniffdallas17
Team mate (Jaden Henline)by 🥳🦋🎊🍻☀️🎉
Ava McKnight hates how boys think there better than girls so she joins the state baseball team but what happens when there's a destruction
  • llws
  • braden
  • adam
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My Pastel Prince ~Dorl~ {Completed} by WhoStoleMyDonut
My Pastel Prince ~Dorl~ {Completed}by madi
~Rated: Mature~ *The whole book is in Corl's POV* Braden Welsh, a new boy arriving in a new city and school. He meets two friends at a bus stop, Denis and Elijah. From t...
  • corlhorl
  • denis
  • thepals
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The Pals Quotes by Sfhalo
The Pals Quotesby Siya ♡
In this book, you will find memes about the pals and fake conversations between them. I really hope you all like this book because I'll do my best in it and try to post...
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More Than Friends (Denis x reader) *completed* by paigep3171
More Than Friends (Denis x reader) 🌺Paige🌺
Denis and you, the most inseparable of friends since 2nd grade, both took an oath that they would never date each other. But what happens when Denis falls for you? And w...
  • sub
  • elijah
  • love
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Abused (Dorl) {Completed} by WhoStoleMyDonut
Abused (Dorl) {Completed}by madi
{Completed} Corl's boyfriend, Andrew, abuses him physically and sexually but Corl still loves him to death. Corl and Andrew are visiting Denis for 2 weeks. Denis doesn't...
  • ethan
  • bandirue
  • alex
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I Can Feel My Heart Break..~The Pals Fanfic~Denis X Reader (DISCONTINUED) by JustAnAverageDweeb
I Can Feel My Heart Break..~The XxBoba.Tea
Y/N's p.o.v: Everything in my life was horrid. I felt alone, scared, angered, and depression every moment of my life, every second. I lost my sister, my father, my best...
  • corlhorl
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  • sketchyt
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