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jupiter's moons | 1 | ✓ by nosekissed
jupiter's moons | 1 | ✓by raine
he is jupiter and i am nothing but another lonely moon caught in his orbit. [ lowercase intended, unedited ]
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boys don't cry. [h.s]  by styleskaia
boys don't cry. [h.s] by mari
Although she wouldn't like to admit it, Isabel Allen can be selfish, argumentative, and more than a little insecure. When she and the moody, tattooed and positively inf...
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Big Boys Cry (boyxboy) by trxyesniffmyarse
Big Boys Cry (boyxboy)by goodcrapsonly
❝What's more selfish? Committing a suicide or forcing someone to stay in a world where they are so unhappy?❞ a story about a b...
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The Jock by LePizza
The Jockby Medhavi Darshan
When the jock hooked up with the star dancer, he hated, the look of a classic cliché took a mask. Nobody could read between the lines. Nobody knew that not everything wa...
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Boys Don't Cry |BxB ✓ by Thats-the-tea-bitch
Boys Don't Cry |BxB ✓by 💫 J a y 💫
Boys don't cry. But Bennet cries. Is he not a boy then? ________ Oh yeah, the beautiful covers are made by @Rosin_Reads ________ #2 in dontcry #702 in sadness
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What is Boys Don't Cry? by boysdontcry_
What is Boys Don't Cry?by #boysdontcry
"...boys can cry too..." This is a Project Book about the issues and complicated roles surrounding the male gender and also works to spread awareness around me...
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BLONDE by Lefleurbabe
BLONDEby Expen$ivegrl
Frank ocean's blonde Love can be irregular like the color blonde...
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To Hold the Affections of a Demon by fict34
To Hold the Affections of a Demonby Mar
Rules of the Gergis household: 1. Never look a spirit directly in the eyes 2. Always avoid going near sites of the recently deceased, ominous, and strange 3. Never make...
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the ice king by NoriyukiSugarCube
the ice kingby n o r i
❝Her love & aching touch felt like old sun on charred sea... but her hatred, O her hatred, meant euphoria for me.❞ a • poem • anthology
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A Poetry Soul by gonna-love-me
A Poetry Soulby Aissata
Live life. We all know that sentence. That is what we do everyday. We all know that. Though, in life, everybody does not live. Some human beings, they survive. Therefor...
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The Very Gay Sun Rays [MxM] by -scottywrites
The Very Gay Sun Rays [MxM]by scottyyy
No one ever told Xavior that love would hurt. No one ever told Xavior that love would be like falling off a cliff and flying at the same time. No one ever told Xavior th...
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Guy In Distress  by aj_fahima
Guy In Distress by 'Ajlaa'
It's not the damsel who's in distress. It's a guy. [Following through his journey written in poems is a story about a guy in distress who feels uncertain about his life]...
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Daisuke x Michiko One Shots by KaguraMichiko
Daisuke x Michiko One Shotsby 神楽美千子
A series of one shot stories of my OC (Michiko Kagura) and my boyfriend's OC (Daisuke Kawaguchi). I'm new to writing stories, and I don't think my ability to write stori...
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The Stigma by KanansJediTemple
The Stigmaby Kanan Jarrus
a short Poem I wrote about the stigma of mental health and what society expects of us
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channel, ORANGE by _yaardiiee
channel, ORANGEby _yaardiiee
That One Summer After Hawaii. And All I Could See. was Orange.
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̶B̶̶o̶̶y̶̶s̶ ̶D̶̶o̶̶n̶̶'̶̶t̶ ̶C̶̶r̶̶y̶ 『ᴘ.ᴡ』 by underscoretay
̶B̶̶o̶̶y̶̶s̶ ̶D̶̶o̶̶n̶̶'̶̶t̶ ̶C̶̶ underscoretay
Drop Your Weapons are opening main stage at Slam Dunk with many other amazing bands, including As It Is. River Maxwell is immediately drawn to Patty Walters. I suck at...
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Boys Don't Cry by DivineKitsune
Boys Don't Cryby Jasy
Okay before I get on with the description this story was originally on Eirxmani. That is my old account this is my new account for anyone who saw it on there. __________...
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Mr. Misty Eyed by Authoritative
Mr. Misty Eyedby Ꮯ Ꮋ Ꭺ Ꭱ Ꮮ Ꮠ Ꭼ
"Gangsters don't cry therefore I'm Mr. Misty Eyed" -Twenty One Pilots This book is a mess, read at your own risk. Wrote it a long time ago © Charlotte Écriva...
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Boys don't cry by Jey_Van
Boys don't cryby Eternity
Nobody can help me
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