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Fight Me [Min Yoongi] by windvalleys
Fight Me [Min Yoongi]by boop
"To that asshole who lives in room 512 and blasts music at 2 a.m: fight me." Cover by @uMOONu (check those covers out they're really cool)
  • kpop
  • bulletproof
  • bts
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Anon [K.NJ] by mxjack
Anon [K.NJ]by jack🎭
In which Kim Namjoon anonymously messages a girl on tumblr (started: May 29th, 2016) (completed: June 25th, 2016) {there's like 3847358 fics like this but IDGAF}
  • bulletproof
  • boy
  • btsfanfic
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Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School (OC's Included) by Braedey95
Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School ( Braedey95
After accepting a job as gym teachers at a finishing school, Shaggy Rogers, Braedey Martin, and Scooby-Doo go forth to help and train girl-ghouls, who have been losing a...
  • comedy
  • originalcharacter
  • shaggy
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BTS Smut Scenarios by BrooklynS344
BTS Smut Scenariosby Bas06
Mainly would you rather and wwyd. Can be BTS×Y/N or BTS B×B. For ya nasties (like myself) BTW THERE IS A WARNING RIGHT HERE THERE IS KINKY ASS SHIT SO IF UNCOMFORTABLE P...
  • bts
  • boyscouts
  • clothingstore
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Spectrum [Min Yoongi x Reader] by windvalleys
Spectrum [Min Yoongi x Reader]by boop
It was interesting to get to know a person and learn about the whole spectrum of their personality. She was just a new partner at first, but she made a place for herself...
  • seokjin
  • jungkook
  • jin
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Text Me Not by yesternights
Text Me Notby O N L I N E
"hello hello (whut) hello hello (whut) tell me what u want rn" "i want u to stop texting me!!!!!1!!!" date started: 02/05/2016 (highest ranking: #1...
  • jimin
  • taehyung
  • seokjin
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Idol by beonaeji
Idolby Aeji
I never knew that you're having a contract on my company, it was everyones dream to be working with their idol. A long story made by beonaeji 190514- |
  • 방탄소년단
  • dancer
  • namjoon
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Oneshots by Araxis222
Oneshotsby Araxis222
Requests open!
  • namjoon
  • bulletproof
  • rm
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BTS TEXTS by pootae-
BTS TEXTSby pootae-
oh you know, casually scrolling through texts with the boys. { request box open }
  • yoongi
  • rapmonster
  • agustd
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Saved as Draft [Kim Taehyung] by windvalleys
Saved as Draft [Kim Taehyung]by boop
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just can't forget you no matter how much I try." Message saved as draft.
  • letters
  • hoseok
  • bts
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Voice Mails by yesternights
Voice Mailsby O N L I N E
this is the continuation of text me not | voice mails.
  • boys
  • bts
  • fangirl
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|▶️| Regret | j.j.k x reader x k.t.h | ft. astro & bts | by Trashy_Taeto
|▶️| Regret | j.j.k x reader x ṭʏƿıċѧʟ ṭяѧṡһ
"I don't understand! Why must this happen all over again!!" "Just stay away!!" "I can't believe you're that type of person y/n," ...
  • kim
  • astro
  • jeon
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Peterpan||PJM by _DevilDeer_
Peterpan||PJMby Trick r Treat
"I'll go looking for you to Neverland by following Tinkerbell, Who was sent by the memories At that place, you and I are smiling at each other I'm am your eternal P...
  • depressed
  • park
  • reader
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Photograph||KTH by _DevilDeer_
Photograph||KTHby Trick r Treat
You Can Keep Me Inside The Pocket Of Your Ripped Jeans
  • soldier
  • angst
  • bulletproof
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Reality Dream by thinoreokookie
Reality Dreamby kenzie
[COMPLETE : first part of 'reality dream' series] Denice Sung is an average American ARMY who wins a contest to go to one of the famous high schools in Seoul. After lear...
  • jungkook
  • kimtaehyung
  • kim
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Set In Seoul » BTS by sykeses
Set In Seoul » BTSby nisha (chankook 찬 국)
Seven boys. Seven clues. One missing girl.
  • bangtan
  • rm
  • yoongi
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| My Favourite Type of Monster | ✔️ | by Trashy_Taeto
| My Favourite Type of Monster | ✔ ṭʏƿıċѧʟ ṭяѧṡһ
In which a girl describes her favourite type of MONSTER!!! ~~ pt. 4/7 for the bts appreciation series. ~~ ✔️ completed ✔️
  • bangtan-boys
  • ff
  • kim
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On Her Honor by parkersensed
On Her Honorby marcy
All Maxine Hollister wanted was to prove to everyone that girls aren't meant to be pushed and ordered around. Girls aren't the weaker gender and that boys shouldn't look...
  • boyscouts
  • highschool
  • equality
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My Conscience (Suga/Min Yoongi X Reader) by Thicctansonyeontan
My Conscience (Suga/Min Yoongi X Thicctansonyeondan
Love at first sight? Never heard of her. All I know is hate at first sight. * * * * Y/n is childhood friends with one of the maknaes in BTS. Finally reuniting with him a...
  • bts
  • bulletproof
  • minyoongi
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Café 451 by 1013_pj
Café 451by 1013_pj
Café 451. Right in the middle of Seoul, next to a small boutique. Its a little brown building with a big coffee mug sticker on the window. The smell of bitter chocolat...
  • jungkook
  • bulletproof
  • boys
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