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Mr Billionaires Surprise Baby by CupcakeQueen33
Mr Billionaires Surprise Babyby CupcakeQueen33
Chance Quinn is your not so average playboy. Hooking up with girls left and right, until the night he meets Katie Rivera or will this girl affect his life? Expected to t...
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What if Rachel was pregnant: Finchel by crazy_btch_17
What if Rachel was pregnant: Naley_Destiel_
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The Volleyball Trap (Nishinoya Yū x OC) (Haikyuu!! Fanfiction) [ON-HOLD] by Arisa_Zicara
The Volleyball Trap (Nishinoya Yū ✿ カリザ ✿
A girl named Hiroko Rain, has been a loyal student here at Karasuno High ever since. And at this school, every last school day, you need to pick your club and apply on t...
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My Dominant by Geonie_
My Dominantby Geonie_
Bella, is a nurse at Andrews hospital in Massachusetts. Bella's boyfriend Elijah, CEO of his Father's Law Firm company have been high school sweethearts. Elijah loves he...
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A 'Perfect' Life (on hold) by glowworms
A 'Perfect' Life (on hold)by glowworms
Melanie and Tyler's baby girl Chrissie has just been bought into their large family. Everything about their lives seems perfect, and as though everyone should be jealous...
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Yandere OCS x Reader [!Requests!] by Tadat1010
Yandere OCS x Reader [!Requests!]by Tadat1010
Y/n is with many crazy Yandere with him/her...they kept coming closer to him/her and capture, torture and Cherish Y/n as their own...what will Y/n do..?
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Ask me your OC(Discontinued by ProtoType578
Ask me your OC(Discontinuedby Toy Bonnie's Lover
Ask me your OC and I will make it in a app call WeeMee! Sorry no one asked so I don't like this book any more
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Maybe I'm Being Played Or Maybe I'm Not by delreign
Maybe I'm Being Played Or Maybe I' delreign
Alexandra Was one of them girls nobody noticed. People stereotyped her as a nerd.... until senior year. She thought it was time for a little change.... was this change a...
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Who Am I? by kirsten0510
Who Am I?by kris
In this world you have to be what everyone expects you to be. You have to try extra hard just to fit in. For sam the world is cruel and doesnt except him for who he is...
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Choices by ImSuperGayForYou
Choicesby ImJustUnique
Rebecca meets an amazing girl names Allyson, but her world spirals when she meets a guy named Alex. Rebecca can't make a choice, but she knows she has to. Who will she c...
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Dating My Idol {Season 1} by Aki_Crystallia
Dating My Idol {Season 1}by Aki Crystallia
"My Dearest Mother, I sound like Alexander Hamilton sorry. I'm going to be quick and get this over with. I followed my passion. I'm in CH Entertainment now, but I'...
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leving california, and going to utah by ernsite
leving california, and going to Ernside
teenagers huh, this is my last week in california and i am going to utah. why is this happenign hopufly i meet some new people. tell me do you relate, or do you just tr...
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I found my true love on the other side of the world by Glorianee96
I found my true love on the Gloriannee Horan :)
Glorianne is an 18 years old girl that doesn't believe in love because her ex boyfriend Victor broke her heart, she lived in Puerto Rico a small island in the caribbean...
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She's The Guy by chevaun05
She's The Guyby t o m
"I'm here to play soccer." He looked at me with an expression I couldn't explain. Surprise maybe? "Oh really? How old are you anyways? Freshmen dorms ar...
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His bodyguard by bet_u_love_this
His bodyguardby bet_u_love_this
The kingdom of Abin went into an internal war 100 years ago as a result, divided the kingdom in to four smaller kingdoms, the West, South, North and East kingdom. The...
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My Love Was Taken By Him by fauxlove1029
My Love Was Taken By Himby Jasmine Perez
Elle has a broken compass that points to all the people who are bad for her heart. That is until she meets Dawson summers and her world is turned upside down
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Bullied by my crush by rk800dbh
Bullied by my crushby Tiffany
You were bullied by your crush every day until something changed.....
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