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Abused to being loved by Mura_Torch
Abused to being lovedby Mura
((First off this is a boy x boy so if you don't like it then why you here? and second off.. I'm not sure on the Title so give me some name suggestions) Damion Flynn, tal...
A bit different by _family_show_styles_
A bit differentby Jen 🖤
COMPLETED!!! Peyton is a 16 year old boy with autism, he doesn't have friends as he just joined school after moving to a new town called Ravenswood. He wears baggy hoodi...
Change by Fanfic_Bitchh
Changeby Something
Izuku was at his boyfriend's (todoroki) dorm. Todoroki had gone to the bathroom and izuku was sitting on his bed when todoroki's phone buzzed. Izuku went to checked who...
Victuri Smut by magicath19
Victuri Smutby Cath Shackle
It's exactly what the title is. If you clicked it you know what's coming. ;) enjoy CREDIT TO THE ARTIST WHO MADE THE COVER I kind of made this s joke why does it have s...
Church Boy |Yoonmin| by -LovelyHoe
Church Boy |Yoonmin|by ♡
;Being gay is a sin. ;Wait intill I have you on your knees sucking me off, church boy.
♦️ Arrogant love ♦ ( 𝚈𝚒𝚣𝚑𝚊𝚗 Ongoing ) by A_xian_
♦️ Arrogant love ♦ ( 𝚈𝚒𝚣𝚑𝚊𝚗 A_Xian
• අහම්බෙන් හමුවන වෙනස්ම ජිවිත දෙකක්... කිසිදා නොවිදි , දෑස් නුදුටු බොහෝ දේ අත්විදින්නට සිදුවන ආරම්භයක්...🧡 • නපුරු අහංකාර පාතාල නායකයෙක් හා දගකාර කටකාර කෙලිලොල් තරුණය...
🔞SHORT TAEKOOK (BL) 🔞* by Keo_theary
🔞SHORT TAEKOOK (BL) 🔞*by Keo_theary
-សូមអធ្យាស្រ័យសម្រាប់ពាក្យសម្តីណាដែរមិនសមរម្យ. -បើសិនជាមិនពេញចិត្តរឿងប្រភេទនេះសូមអូសរំលងកុំអានអី.
តំណែងបេះដូង❤️ by KWANGLINI
តំណែងបេះដូង❤️by KWANGLINI
ថេហ្យុង: ខ្ញុំត្រឹមជារូបកាយដែលជំនួសកន្លែងមួយពេល ដល់ពេល ខ្ញុំក៏ចាកចេញ ទោះចិត្តស្នេហ៍ខ្ញុំមានឲ្យបងប៉ុណ្ណា ខ្ញុំមិនអាចក្បត់សច្ចៈ ធ្វើមនុស្សអត្មានិយមបន្តក្បែរបងឡើយ អូនស្រឡាញ...
Beautiful Time ~ NCT Dream (0T7) {Nomin, Markhyuck, Chensung} by LisaP2000
Beautiful Time ~ NCT Dream (0T7) { LisaP2000
Jaemin is back from his hiatus and everything gets complicated. Because Jeno is really tempted to just grab him, bring him somewhere more private and kiss the shit out o...
TAEKOOK SUMT & ONE SHOT [ evilqueen____TK
this book is my 2 book my first book is psycho's love Start: 1-8-22 End- ??????? one shot book boy×boy boy×girl girl×girl top- kook bottom-tae man have female body p...
The Reverse of Wearing Books Changes Your life by SellManga
The Reverse of Wearing Books Sell Manga
While reading a novel, Chu Ye, an older leftover man, accidentally travels to a world where soul pet masters rule the king. After crossing the journey, Chu Ye found that...
Kookie's Lovely Husband (쿠키의 사랑스러운 남편) ✅ {Completed} ✅ by Frozen_Hnin
Kookie's Lovely Husband (쿠키의 사랑스러운 ♡Lôvë_Hèãrt♡
Vkook Yoonmin Namjin Toptae Bottomkook Unicode & Zawgyi Start-2020 October [4] End-2021 January [9]
All Jinkook/Kookjin - Oneshot's by JanntulAfrin0
All Jinkook/Kookjin - Oneshot'sby J.F.A💜BTS♥9297 ff
Another Oneshot Book.. But this time only Jinkook oneshot book. Just some sudden and small story from my brain to here😂 And note that🔞:- Top : Jungkook Bottom : Jin ...
ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴀɢᴀɪɴ🥂🐾 by AlexandrineKim
ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴀɢᴀɪɴ🥂🐾by M.W.H.
•ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇᴅ•ᴜɴɪ×ᴢᴀᴡ• •ᴠᴍɪɴ-ᴛᴀᴇᴊɪ -ᴊᴀɴᴜᴀʀʏ 2 ᴛᴏ ᴊᴀɴᴜᴀʀʏ 17 -2021
Body Electric ⚡[Manhua Myanmar Translation|Completed] by Smeraldo__K
Body Electric ⚡[Manhua Myanmar ကေ
Author (s):Benming Manhua,Ming Qiang Artist (s):Dong Ye Genre(s): Drama, Mystery,Shounen Ai,Webtoons Associated Names:Body Electric,The Omega Files,Oumijia Dangan Type:M...
┌A Sᵗrᵤᵐ ᴼf ᴾᵅin╲╮ by Binnixx
┌A Sᵗrᵤᵐ ᴼf ᴾᵅin╲╮by Sai
{Sonic Boom Universe} 《Warning! Boy×Boy, swearing, violence, potential smut[Bottom Shadow], suicide\cutting, mentions of rape, and a bit of Manourge.》 ~ "You had yo...
With the death of Susan Adams, Maggie and Liam found themselves in a dilemma, one that could only be solved with a marriage alliance between the two. Maggie is happy to...
လက်ကလေး  (Completed)  by khit002721
လက်ကလေး (Completed) by khit
မင်း တော်တော်ဆိုးတာပဲ အရင်တိုင်းပဲ Bright အေးချမ်းနေပါ​ပြီးဗျာ ခုမှမလာပါနဲတော့ Win
 ကန္တာရချယ်ရီ by Tatainemhwae
ကန္တာရချယ်ရီby တ တိုင်း မွှေး
နှလုံးသားမြေအလွှာမှာပျိုးတဲ့ပန်းမို့ မွှေးရနံ့ကြွယ်ကာသင်းရင် မေတ္တာတရားလို့သာခေါင်းစဥ်တပ်ချင်ပါရဲ့ ႏွလုံးသားေျမအလႊာမွာပ်ိဳးတဲ့ပန္းမို႔ ေမႊးရနံ႕ႂကြယ္ကာသင္းရင္ ေမတၱာတရားလိ...
Addicted  [ Yoongi centric ] by Gloss933
Addicted [ Yoongi centric ]by Yoonie_93
Min Yoongi is forced into an arranged marriage with none other than Jeon jungkook , even though yoongi has a little crush on him . But what happens when he comes to k...