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Like I would |z.h| by xxNikita1dxoxo
Like I would |z.h|by ~ Nikita ~
"Why don't you ever stay the night?" "Because I'm married, Zayn." "But he can't love i would." .. Or the one in which Niall...
What My Boyfriend Doesn't Know |N.S| by xxNikita1dxoxo
What My Boyfriend Doesn't Know | ~ Nikita ~
Niall has a pussy and Harry just doesn't know. cover by SLOTHTATO
The Coach's Son [Narry]✔ by alpakaCrown
The Coach's Son [Narry]✔by kodåline
I'm his own flesh and blood son, but he doesn't treat me like it. I think he likes that damned footie player more than me... (cover credit to: HunterMay18) WARNING: Con...
The Rose Tattoo *Narry* (On Hold) by WritingZmyPassion
The Rose Tattoo *Narry* (On Hold)by Jay
"This is what connects us." He said pointing to his massive rose tattoo before pointing to my small one. All rights reserved. Cover by the lovely and amazing @...
Impotent |n.s| by xxNikita1dxoxo
Impotent |n.s|by ~ Nikita ~
Harry was impotent, but Niall changed all that. .. Cover by "zgnorant"
Indescribable || Narry Storan by Aismrsstyles
Indescribable || Narry Storanby A C E
" There aren't any words to describe it... Breathtaking? It feels like we are a dream team and there's nothing we can't do. Never apart. Forever lasting. Tranquilit...
Needy [ziall] by hidden_ziall
Needy [ziall]by ❝ ⓛ ⓘ ⓑ ⓔ ⓡ ⓣ ⓨ ❞
S E Q U E L to Break Up With Your Boyfriend, I'm Bored Sorry if I'm up and down a lot, Sorry that I think I'm not enough, And sorry if I say sorry way too much. You can...
Demons ✓ [narry] by tomlinsir
Demons ✓ [narry]by dre
who knew a stripper could get rid of voices that didn't exist? harry styles, 21, has had schizophrenia since he could remember. niall horan, 20, a high school dropout s...
✜ Arms Of A Stranger | N.S | ✜ by NarryLovely18
✜ Arms Of A Stranger | N.S | ✜by 💭Happiness🍯
_ یه روز حتی با فکر دیدن تو توی آغوش یه غریبه صدبار میمردم و زنده میشدم... ولی الان واقعیش رو دیدم و نمیدونم چطور هنوز زندم ! من دیدمت... دیدمت لعنتی که چجوری تو بغل اون...
Fist Of Fury l.s (ON HOLD FOR TIME BEING?!!) by Biseggsual_Psycho
Fist Of Fury l.s (ON HOLD FOR My_BiPsycho.IsShowin
Louis Tomlinson Punk,Jock,and Fighter while most punks are dumb Louis has 4.0 GPA Harry Styles Girly,Nerd,Needy wants to be treated like a princess One day in the hall...
 voicemails // n.s. by onedeez
voicemails // el
❝hey haz i've been trying to call you but u wouldn't answer and would just go straight to voicemail❞ a story about niall's voicemails to harry ©Copyright 2016; el
Nothing to Everything by MichaelStylinson2
Nothing to Everythingby LaLa Baby
*This is a Larry and Ziall* I did have a summary but it was bad so if you don't want to waste your time don't read. Have fun reading.
Starring Role [ Ziall ] by hidden_ziall
Starring Role [ Ziall ]by ❝ ⓛ ⓘ ⓑ ⓔ ⓡ ⓣ ⓨ ❞
It almost feels like a joke to play out the part, When you are not the starring role in someone else's heart. You know I'd rather walk alone, than play a supporting...
devious • n.s by softdummie
devious • n.sby bruna
When my dad was taken away from my life, my whole world came crashing down on me. I never asked for any of this to happen. I didn't want things to turn out the way they...
broken glass • n.s by softdummie
broken glass • n.sby bruna
"humans are like glass, we break and don't get fixed." // s l o w u p d a t e s //
Something Great by ziall_rendezvouslove
Something Greatby ziall_rendezvouslove
All Louis ever wants is for Harry to love him . All Harry ever does is one-night stands and relationship is definitely not on his list . So why does Louis keep running b...
All We Know |n.s.| by xxNikita1dxoxo
All We Know |n.s.|by ~ Nikita ~
" I was your cure but you were my disease. I was saving you but you were killing me." Or the one in which Niall is Harry's habit and Harry is all Niall has ev...
Flying & Falling || Narry AU Boyxboy by LolNarryIdk
Flying & Falling || Narry AU C'est moi, Fiona
"There is nothing so mortifying as to falling in love with someone who does not share one's sentiments." ~ Georgette Heyer, Venetia ❀ ❀ ❀ *MATURE CONTENT*