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𝐃𝐀𝐃𝐃𝐘 ー markhyuck by SEOCLIPSE
𝐃𝐀𝐃𝐃𝐘 ー markhyuckby closed.
↓🕊。in which donghyuck's best friend calls him daddy. © SEOCLIPSE ꜜ COMPLETED
My Baby Hyung  by dotae_nonstop
My Baby Hyung by تzy
Chenle might be younger than Mark but,Mark is still his baby!
The Gay Neo's Chat by AK_NCTZennie
The Gay Neo's Chatby AK
A group chat of NCT and also an insta Au. I will name ships in every new chapter. Also this is an OT21 Also you guys can skip filler chaps(I have label the filler chaps...
talk. by lvemrk
#4 — sophia rai
mark needs to talk. sequel to vent. [sensitive story.]
you / Markhyuck by Nanahyuck2345
you / Markhyuckby
mark lee goes into therapy sessions but his therapist recommends him to find love "I just need you please help me" "We'll go through it together,hold my h...
Beautiful Hybrid by MarksEomma
Beautiful Hybridby ila
Mark lee shifted from Canada to Korea because of an incident where his parents died,Xiumin adopted him & made him go to a rich school where he was bullied BC he always w...
Chicago by woodzbf
Chicagoby Elliot
"He smiled and looked at me... I was surprised to see, that a man like that was really into me?" Shortish story of Johnmark based on the song 'Chicago by Mich...
Everyone Loves Mark Lee (REQUESTS CLOSED) by EllisonWasHere
Everyone Loves Mark Lee ( Kelly
-"그를 사랑하지 않는 것은 가능합니다."- -"It's impossible not to love him."- Warning! ⚠️ This book may contain smut. If you don't wish to read that type of thing...
yikes! by lvemrk
yikes!by — sophia rai
❝tolboi: eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs.❞ ❝grandma: NO❞
↓🕊。in which yukhei's parents give him a last minute birthday gift. © SEOCLIPSE ꜜ COMPLETED
The Boy Next Door by Jaeblegum
The Boy Next Doorby Jaeblegum
Mark moves in next door to the twins Jinyoung and Jaebum, and immediately hates them. The feeling is mutual. "Boys! Are you up?" Their mother yells up the stai...
My Mate || MarkJin √ by dyliannesaber
My Mate || MarkJin √by ฅ'ω'ฅ
Mark is the school's perfect guy, so everyone assumes that he's an alpha but he's not. He already told the others that he's an omega and some took it as a joke and some...
Satan Soul (NCT JaeMark) by IamJi-ya
Satan Soul (NCT JaeMark)by Ji
It was with him ever since he was born in this world. It was just asleep inside of him. It was just concealed. A dormant dangerous soul that is waiting to be awakene...
Oneshots 《Harry Potter, KPOP》 by jinglebel05
Oneshots 《Harry Potter, KPOP》by Bel
ANY story ideas that are too short to be made into a separate story book. Literally mixed fandom ! no smut ! I'll try to update each week but can't guarantee it.
Runaways  by dotae_nonstop
Runaways by تzy
mark kills someone and haechan was there to witness it. they decided to runaway but along their journey their are many twist and secrets to be revealed. the two even fal...
oneshot by SofiyaKhan6
oneshotby bella
This book will contain bottom ming,kong,shaofei,king,syn.
Bottom Mark Lee One shots🍉 by ImJoHnNYhiHIhIhi
Bottom Mark Lee One shots🍉by ImJoHnNYhiHIhIhi
🍉🍉🍉Bottom Mark Lee is my religion so yeah I made this book🍉🍉🍉 Slow updates Sorry I don't write full smut
One Last Time {mt+jw} by marksonschild21
One Last Time {mt+jw}by princessmarkie
"I wish I could see you one last time." Mark Tuan is a hardworking single mother. He and his son, Felix were still grieving for the loss of his husband and t...
↪Let's play a game↩ {Yumark} by Taemin_Vocals
↪Let's play a game↩ {Yumark}by °·Taemin_Vocals·°
"Why won't we play a game?" "If you win I will let you go, but if I win I will have you all to myself" ·Yumark ·Top! Yuta ·Bottom! Mark (None of thes...