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Bendy x Boris by 1105Italy
Bendy x Borisby 1105Italy
These two lovers. OMG I can't even with these two.
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TVHL ONE-SHOTS by youtube-fnaf
TVHL ONE-SHOTSby Writer-Chan
one-shots of my TVHL series enjoy
  • moods
  • tvhl
  • yaoi
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ғeelιngѕ (Bendy & Boris fan-fiction) by MangleSpider
ғeelιngѕ (Bendy & Boris Active on Instagram
(Still in the works, and creating a plot. This is for fun and my enjoyment, and hopefully yours! Tweaking and edits will be applied to this fan fiction. Whatever plot is...
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BATIM RP SERVER by oOArtemis_maidenOo
BATIM RP SERVERby oOArtemis_maidenOo
Come join our Batim discord server!!
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  • tagssothatpeopleactuallylookatthis
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the blog belongs to the bbros im just doing some shippings cause im a little sinner >:3 feel free to comment some requests smut or fluff i can do both ! dont worry i...
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The Forgotten Toon by SillyVision-Studios
The Forgotten Toonby Liam
Once upon a time, there were three brothers. One a mouse, another a rabbit, and the last a demon who they originally thought was a cat, but upon learning he was a demon...
  • boris
  • happy
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【BATIM】The Wonderful Wedding 【Boris x Bendy】 by LoveBoris
【BATIM】The Wonderful Wedding 【 Rachel-Sama
❤❤❤ It is a great thing when people get married; witnessing two people take their vows and begins a life together brings out the softer in everyone. And Boris and Bendy...
  • aliceangel
  • borendy
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bendy x boris  by Rusame_The_Child
bendy x boris by Rusame
Hi this my frist one so plz dont juge me
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【BATIM】Control【Yandere!Boris x Bendy】 by LoveBoris
【BATIM】Control【Yandere!Boris x Rachel-Sama
Everyone knows that Boris is a "Friendly Wolf" what happens if he meets the love of his life? Nobody know his secrets nor his thoughts. Sometimes wolfs can be...
  • mugman
  • boris
  • henry
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Bendy one shots by Girsgirly
Bendy one shotsby Girsgirly
Just some cute little one shots. some Bendy x Boris fluff. AU
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  • borisxbendy
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Mixed World's by Llama2000000
Mixed World'sby Llama2000000
This is just something that I made and that I really got the idea to make this by some one who is me greatest friend ever. :) P.S hope you enjoy.
  • ốc
  • sammyxhenry
  • borisxbendy
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Mi corazón de tinta bendy x boris [borendy] by boris_el_lobito
Mi corazón de tinta bendy x Panda
Se trata de Boris y bendy
  • corazon
  • 7u7
  • español
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Boris x Bendy by Sweetkiller342
Boris x Bendyby Blade killer
I dont own the image . I dont own the charecters the plot yes though beny will become preggers though.
  • boyxboy
  • bendyandtheinkmachine
  • borisxbendy
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Bendy x boris by Buttersweet
Bendy x borisby Buttersweet
bendy x boris i dont own art unless i say so but i do own the story plot
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  • ink
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