the blog belongs to the bbros im just doing some shippings cause im a little sinner >:3 feel free to comment some requests smut or fluff i can do both ! dont worry i...
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Bendy x Boris fic by Sweetblossoms24
Bendy x Boris ficby C.C.S.
Bendy. A famous star of kids cartoons everything's fine..until boris is made at least. Boris like bendy, bendy like boris. But Joey had different plans..but just as he's...
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The Forgotten Toon by SillyVision-Studios
The Forgotten Toonby Liam
Once upon a time, there were three brothers. One a mouse, another a rabbit, and the last a demon who they originally thought was a cat, but upon learning he was a demon...
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Bendy x boris by Buttersweet
Bendy x borisby Buttersweet
bendy x boris i dont own art unless i say so but i do own the story plot
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TVHL ONE-SHOTS by youtube-fnaf
TVHL ONE-SHOTSby Writer-Chan
one-shots of my TVHL series enjoy
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Bendy one shots by Girsgirly
Bendy one shotsby Girsgirly
Just some cute little one shots. some Bendy x Boris fluff. AU
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Mi corazón de tinta bendy x boris [borendy] by boris_el_lobito
Mi corazón de tinta bendy x Panda
Se trata de Boris y bendy
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