Brew Books 1 ✓ by ellekirks
Brew Books 1 ✓by elle kirkpatrick
London. A café and bookstore, run by 7 young bibliophiles. Until one disappears. Newly single, dropped out of her first year of university, and troubled by her past, Jan...
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The Girl Who Read [And the Boy Who Kissed Her] by Siriusly_fandoms
The Girl Who Read [And the Boy Sophie Claflin
She was quiet, and lived in the small neighborhood bookstore. And he watched her, every day. Pick up a book, read page by page, tears streaming down her face, or laughte...
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Majestic Inc Reviews and Promotions by majesticawards
Majestic Inc Reviews and Promotionsby Majestic Inc.
Hello, fellow Wattpaders!!! Welcome to our Hall Of Fame. Basically, here we will showcase the books that will be reviewed and promoted by us. Before starting let us enli...
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The Bookstore ⇔ Finn Wolfhard by glittxrs
The Bookstore ⇔ Finn Wolfhardby ✨
[highest rank: #147 in Stranger Things, #351 in Fanfiction] "You know you're not supposed to play video games at a book store." "Yeah, I know." A ga...
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Highlight // 2jae by notimjaebum
Highlight // 2jaeby S.K.
"Hello, welcome to Prologue Bookstore! Can I help you find anything?" "I need to find an escape."
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Drawings- a Destiel soulmate AU by angrysandwichnoise
Drawings- a Destiel soulmate AUby angrysandwichnoise
To you a scar is a scar and a mark is a mark but to your soulmate it is a mystery. Twenty two year old Castiel or "Cas" Novak is curious to the oil smudges and...
  • bookstore
  • drawing
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bookstore blues: a frerard fic by elvisdepressedly
bookstore blues: a frerard ficby elvisdepressedly
"I've never seen true beauty until this night." >> in which two boys evidently fall in love in a damp, dusty bookstore. *:・゚✧ credit to elvisdepressedly...
  • mcr
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tiny vessels//awsten knight au by maddyreadsstories
tiny vessels//awsten knight auby #1 waterparks stan
maddy-june williams, or as her friends called her, MJ, she meets a boy named awsten knight at a newbury comics while he was looking at CDs and she was looking at comic b...
  • alternateuniverse
  • waterparks
  • cds
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The Book Worm| YoonMin~ by BTS_Potatos1626
The Book Worm| YoonMin~by BTS_Potatoes1626
Yoongi runs into an unexpected student in Book Worms Comics.This is a story about two bootiful men from BTS. Yoonmin, Yoongi x Jimin.
  • bookstore
  • yoonmin
  • boyxboy
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Checked Out by Rubbish_Seagull
Checked Outby ☀️Mad Lad☀️
Berwald had been working a job at the local bookstore in Marstrand, Sweden. It was the perfect job; well paying, cozy, and full of literary masterpieces. Best of all, th...
  • bookstore
  • aph
  • cute
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Bookstore- a She Ra AU by galrafreyan
Bookstore- a She Ra AUby Cassie
I was just writing this for myself but some people wanted to see it so I'm publishing it here A she ra bookstore AU because I'm obsessed lol cover by @chimechien !
  • alternate
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  • spop
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last page ー jooheon by jooheonbub
last page ー jooheonby ash
❝ look at the last page ❞
  • mx
  • romance
  • monstax
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AUTHENTIC •• ( leonardo dicaprio. ) by josephmazzello-
AUTHENTIC •• ( leonardo dicaprio. )by yo quiero muerte
"it's hard to not look at you like it's hard to not look at the sky during an eclipse." - - - aleka williams is a homeschooled, shy girl with no friends. she g...
  • 1990s
  • vintage
  • 90s
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Bookstore - Julian Draxler by evaacoline
Bookstore - Julian Draxlerby Ева Колина
Alors qu'Aurore révise ses examens pour le lendemain, un groupe d'ami fait irruption dans la librairie où elle y travaille toutes ses après-midi. Elle aurait bien voulu...
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Book Brew| Namjin by EmilyBlue22
Book Brew| Namjinby Emily Blue
A cafe and bookstore on opposing corners. An author, two owners, and fourteen friends brought together by a mystery that can't be explained. Namjoon x Jin I might change...
  • emily
  • author
  • namjoon
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Books and Billions by Aria_Glenrose
Books and Billionsby Aria Glenrose
CEO Jordan Harlow gets everything he wants, until he butts heads with bookstore owner Lily Aberdeen. She refuses to give him the building that's been in her family for o...
  • ceo
  • billionaire
  • love
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Suicide Love Letters (Completed) by FortressMeadow
Suicide Love Letters (Completed)by Kimberly Braulio
One letter can be a coincidence, two letters can be a prank but the a few next letters can be serious. Theo, a nineteen-year-old teen, felt isolated at Autumnsfield. Whi...
  • café
  • books
  • roalddahl
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The Last Bookstore by RainstarQueenbow
The Last Bookstoreby RainstarQueenbow
It's year 2195 and books are very illegal. Eleanor Stones grandmother just let her in on a big secret that will change her life forever : the only bookstore in the world...
  • library
  • random
  • fandfanboys
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Reading and Angelika  by embroideredlove
Reading and Angelika by embroideredlove
Reading Williams is a quiet and reserved eighteen year old. He works in a coffee shop in a hidden part of the city; it's walls are mounted with either classic books or o...
  • coffee
  • bookstore
  • music
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FRAGMENTS by fairysdust
Avery Woods is a quiet boy working in a bookstore/cafe. His mother is a workaholic, his father is estranged and there's a pretty girl with worlds behind her eyes. Throug...
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  • romance
  • cafes
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