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{McPriceley} by -milkywaylane-
{McPriceley}by Elder Heere
This story takes place during the events of the musical and then continues after the show ends I feel like I should give this an actual title but idk what I would call i...
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The Thrill of First Love || Mcpriceley by sunset__bitch
The Thrill of First Love || sunset bitch ✨
a Mcpricely fic in which Connor is a Devilish dancer that kevin can't keep his eyes off of ;) (this is a very smutty book but there are some emotional chapters, but it's...
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Orlando by LOVEISBLINDatorlando
Orlandoby LOVEISBLINDatorlando
A week after Marvin kicks Whizzer out of the house, Whizzer finally decides it's time to reach out to someone he hasn't talked to in a while hoping for help. Meanwhile...
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McPriceley Oneshots by dearemmaprice
McPriceley Oneshotsby A Freaking Nerd
McPriceley oneshots because I'm trash hurrah *climbs into trash can marked home* REQUESTS PLEASE I AM A DRY SPONGE OF IDEAS Includes like AU's but mainly idk stuff
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We're Inevitable-A Broadway High School AU by Hamiltrash3
We're Inevitable-A Broadway High JoJo
Laurens and Hamilton just transferred into a new high school in New York, where things get ... interesting. Jared and Michael's hopeless crushes on their best friends le...
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Google Translate Ruins Musicals by Hamiltrash3
Google Translate Ruins Musicalsby JoJo
"I can't really tell you that I know what it's about" -Andrew Rannells. I put my favorite musical songs through google translate and see what kind of weird stu...
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Book of Mormon Oneshots by LOVEISBLINDatorlando
Book of Mormon Oneshotsby LOVEISBLINDatorlando
Feel free to request anything you'd like!
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Aggressively Straight by soter-chan
Aggressively Straightby soter-chan
After coming back from Uganda, Connor McKinley and Kevin Price now live in an apartment together. However, Kevin's parents decide to drop a visit. Kevin, still not openl...
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//Four States, One Journey// McPricel(e)y// by BookOfMormonIsGay
//Four States, One Journey// BookOfMormonIsGay
Life throws so many things at you that you don't expect. Rejection. Addiction. Doubt. Divorce. But maybe, with the right people in your life, it can still be greater tha...
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How Much Sawdust Can You Put In A Rice Crispy Treat Before People Notice? by TheWhizzerNextDoor
How Much Sawdust Can You Put In TheWhizzerNextDoor™️
Elder Poptarts wants to know how much sawdust he can put in a rice crispy treat before people notice. This story is also on my Archive Of Our Own account, Whizzer_Going_...
Broadway And Other Obsessions One Shots! by _namelessboi_
Broadway And Other Obsessions Nameless Boi
I'll write about anything I'm into at the moment. I can't tell you what because it changes all the time
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~McPriceley Unoshots~ by YouHaveBearFists
~McPriceley Unoshots~by Torie/Toby/Tyler
Just a bunch of oneshots because I love this ship and bom in general and I always have ideas but I feel like only I can write them properly. Be prepared for: Fluff Angst...
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Find the Box That's Gay-Bonus Content by Hamiltrash3
Find the Box That's Gay-Bonus JoJo
Here's a whole lotta bonus content for my series.
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Book of Mormon pics by Squipy123
Book of Mormon picsby Squipy🏳️‍🌈
This musical is funny so I'm into it now!
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Elder Price×Reader- How to "Turn it On" (COMPLETE) by Im_A_General
Elder Price×Reader- How to "Turn yiatus biatus I am on hiatus
Y/N is a girl who is on a buisness trip in Uganda. She has never wanted anything more than to fall in love. Kevin Price, a mormon missionary who has come to Uganda with...
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To Keep Him Safe by BroadwayGirl1860
To Keep Him Safeby Broadway Girl
Connor McKinley attends Salt Lake high with his boyfriend Steve Blade. Steve is the Quarterback, Connor is the mascot. Their relationship isn't as good as it seems. Betw...
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Musical Theatre Imagines/Headcannons by watsonlocked
Musical Theatre Imagines/ AuthenticMortal
Headcannons and imagines about musicals
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Adopted By Andrew Rannells  by me_me_BIG_sin
Adopted By Andrew Rannells by xXMeMeBigSinXx™️
Eliza Brown had lived the stereotypical life. She was a pansexual Musical Theatre geek who didn't make too many friends due to her anxiety and depression. She would star...
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Lovers Come And Lovers Go [Falsettos High School AU]  by JaredTheDuck
Lovers Come And Lovers Go [ jared
So Marvin's new partner for a writing assignment is Whizzer Brown, a cute boy who he just might have a giant crush on. He's not gay though. .... right? He feels guilty...
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No Use For Moonlight (McPriceley Soulmate/Highschool AU by elder_bitch
No Use For Moonlight (McPriceley Virginia
McPricely Soulmate/High School AU where the first words your soulmate ever says to you are tatooed on your wrist Connor McKinley wasn't exactly excited to meet his soulm...
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