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aesthete reviews - OPEN by aesthetecommittee
aesthete reviews - OPENby 𝚊𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚝𝚎.
HIRING and OPEN in which the asthete committee reviews your books. #projectasthete #1 in critiques #569 in editor #5 in environment
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Rookywriters Book Reviews by RookyWriters
Rookywriters Book Reviewsby R 🍪🍪ky
Do you need cool honest reviews for your works? Do you need proper editing of your work? Open for all writing, reading, book suggestions and requests!!! Fill out the fo...
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Book Critique/Reviews {OPEN} by lxllix
Book Critique/Reviews {OPEN}by lxllix
Want FREE book reviews and votes? Read for an entry form and rules. I give brutally honest reviews, but I am NOT here to tell you you're book is a pile of crap. I am her...
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Book Reviews & Critiques [closed] by karriezai
Book Reviews & Critiques [closed]by Karrie Zai
I'm hoping to contribute to Wattpad's writing community with some book reviews and critiques. If you'd like to have your story reviewed or critiqued, please check the fi...
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Book Reviews by brryallen-
Book Reviewsby barbara
open, x.
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Charlotte Mallory's Hedgehog Reviews by charlottemallory
Charlotte Mallory's Hedgehog charlottemallory
My focus is primarily on immersion. If I were to pick this up on Amazon or at Barnes & Nobles, how immersed would I be? Once I start to read it, can I even put it down...
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fanfiction reviews // OPEN by mirandapriestlys
fanfiction reviews // OPENby s.s.
requests are open! i'll review your fanfic for free, no matter which fandom.
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Brutally Honest Reviews (Closed for Submissions) by ZashFela
Brutally Honest Reviews (Closed ZashFela
*Rubs hands together and chuckles with glee* Hoho! So you want a book review, eh? Let me warn you, I can be BRUTALLY HONEST sometimes. But I promise, I don't bite. So if...
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critiques by hailey / temporarily closed by xodraco
critiques by hailey / hails!
i will critique ALL types of books! :) come on in and ask for a free critique || cover by soundthealarm [ CLOSED ]
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Collection of Book Reviews by DanielleSkillings
Collection of Book Reviewsby Danielle Skillings
Just a collection of book reviews from 2018 and so on...
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Book Critiques! [Closed For Catchup] by WritersLoveMe
Book Critiques! [Closed For Mimma
Book Critiques! {Currently closed} Head inside if you want your book honestly (and brutally if needed) critiqued/reviewed quickly.
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Fanfic Critique: One Shots by fionna_trancy
Fanfic Critique: One Shotsby Stella Elric
"I wrote a fanfic, but such-and-such Book doesn't critique Fanfictions! How am I supposed to improve as an author if no one's willing to critique my genre?" Yo...
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Coffee Stains (Book Critiques) | CLOSED | by alexandriaASHE
Coffee Stains (Book Critiques) | Alexandria Ashcroft
OPEN [] CLOSED [X] ON HOLD [ ] If you're looking for a critique on your story you've come to the right place. ** CURRENTLY CLOSED **
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Musings and Rants of an Anime Geek by souleaterfangirl888
Musings and Rants of an Anime Geekby MavBunny
It's just my journal full of stupid rants and random thoughts, ah well...Enjoy~!!!!!! :3
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Book Reviews (Closed for catch up!)  by simplewriter21
Book Reviews (Closed for catch ~Ambootyos~
Heya! Want your book reviewed! I can help with that!
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Follow for follow by itzBalodaughter
Follow for followby itzBalodaughter
Get all the awareness you'll like for your book. I also offer book critiques, you gotta slide into my DM for that. No I'm not a writer but an avid reader, and I'm tire...
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ur book sucks by grimhomies
ur book sucksby 💊💊💊
we think ur book bad 💊 we'll critique your books
SINGULARITY SOCIETY |BOOK CLUB| by singularitysociety
OPEN ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS singularity | the condition or quality of being singular; a unique, distinct, or peculiar feature or thing; ------ a book club where we teach...
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