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Fnaf (All)  oneshot :) by MOON___DROP
Fnaf (All) oneshot :)by moondrop
x reader here ya go you sinfull simps
Fnaf( Freddy love story) by Piper_Wilcox1
Fnaf( Freddy love story)by Piper Wilcox
The title says it all warning!!!!!-i have grammar problem! sorry if you have a hard time reading!!!!
Raised By Pokemon (Clemont FanFic) by The-Insecure-Otaku
Raised By Pokemon (Clemont FanFic)by ☕VanillaLatte☕
Angel Barnes wasn't your original 15 year old. You see a child she ran away from the hell of her home and got far far away and never returned, she was living in Vanivill...
The Lost Gilbert | TVD Semi-Hiatus by JessicaLizzeti
The Lost Gilbert | TVD Semi-Hiatusby Jessica Lizzeti
Holland knew, she knew that when the car flew off Wickery Bridge that she wouldn't survive and she was right. But she is given a choice. To help who hurt her the most...
CHILDHOOD LOVE [POKEMON]by saraha___senju
"No matter how far we are from each other, we will always be connected."
strange love (a bonnie x foxy fanfiction) by YoutubeGirl9
strange love (a bonnie x foxy YoutubeGirl9
just a fanfiction im writing about bonnie and foxy. HOPE U ALL ENJOY
Survivor (Fnaf fanfic) by Sparten138
Survivor (Fnaf fanfic)by Sparten138
Sasha got a new job at Freddy Faz Bear's pizza. But little did she know that the animatronics are controlled by an evil force. Her death was imminent but then the afterm...
Zodiaki Fnaf by puchacz11
Zodiaki Fnafby Brzoskwinia ≧ω≦
Sam dobrze wiesz o co chodzi ;D
PRINCESSE||SWEET PEA||by Neverendingstory
Fallon Delacroix was the Southside princesse,hotheaded and sly. Sweet Pea was the demon,aggressive and impulsive. They where a match made in heaven. "I'M FALLON HE'...
Leave before dark by Vixxy_The_PirateFox
Leave before darkby Vixxy the Pirate
Mike Schmidt gets a new job at Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria, everything seems alright until....
Freddy X Bonnie(MM) by ASHJKLove
Freddy X Bonnie(MM)by ASHJKLove
MM= Master Mutterer Bonnie X Freddy is a story about two animatronics that fall in love. Most of these characters belong to Scott Cawthon
Shay Cormac vs Edward Kenway by ShadowKraken
Shay Cormac vs Edward Kenwayby ShadowKraken
The Epic battle begins. And Ends.
FNAF x Reader by ALostSoul431
FNAF x Readerby ALostSoul431
This is a FNAF fan fiction. You get a chance at every animatronic and you also get to vote who you want to be with. There will be a storyline as well. This is my first s...
The girl with heterochromia by Samiraarts44
The girl with heterochromiaby Samira
>When we were nearly done with the ritual, Vivian and I just met each other in the same room and some time later, my little sister, Rebecca, started to scream. Vivian...
Back at Freddy's by AceTheWolf
Back at Freddy'sby AceTheWolf
Mike wanted to forget all about that week at Freddy's, but now he's back and what will happen next... well you gotta read to find out
Sorrow | fem!Lucario x fem!Zoroark!reader by RaccoonWyrm
Sorrow | fem!Lucario x fem! RaccoonWyrm
Lucario was captured by trainers years ago, but (y/n) still remembers, and has changed because of it. Until she meets Pokemon Trainer Ash, she thinks all humans are evil...
What the animatronics really think -- discontinued by ToxicGamerLox
What the animatronics really Reeee
We've all seen Five Nights at Freddy's from the security guard's eyes, but have you ever thought of it through the animatronics eyes? It has been established that they...