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The Tales of Francis and Arthur (FrUK fanfiction) by pomegranatekisses
The Tales of Francis and Arthur ( Jamie
Arthur and Francis getting it on
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👁‍🗨bad guy👁‍🗨 | a FrUK story by lonelyjuul
👁‍🗨bad guy👁‍🗨 | a FrUK storyby jules
In a world full of where The Great Something decides your fate. In a world full of choices you can't make. What will Arthur and Francis do if they can't fight back? Fra...
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Where The Fruuukkk am I?!! (Hetalia fanfic: America/Alfred F Jones) by Poptartslover
Where The Fruuukkk am I?!! ( Poptartslover
Malaya Salazar is your typical filipino 18 year old. She lives alone, and she likes it that way. However, her boring and simple life takes a sharp turn when hetalia char...
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Tout les temps (France x reader) by cagurei
Tout les temps (France x reader)by cagurei
This is my first posted fanfiction and I hope you all enjoy! There is a little bit of reader x Prussia for plot sake. But for the most part it's you and Francis recoveri...
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Los días de un amargado escritor by Axis_2pFrance
Los días de un amargado escritorby Fʀᴀɴᴄᴏɪs Bᴏɴɴᴇғᴏʏ
-Pensamientos. -Historias. -Relaciones.
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Headcanons | 2pFrance by Axis_2pFrance
Headcanons | 2pFranceby Fʀᴀɴᴄᴏɪs Bᴏɴɴᴇғᴏʏ
-Headcanons -Curiosidades -Datos
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Hetalia x Reader ~ One-shots! by AnaGlassesGirl
Hetalia x Reader ~ One-shots!by AnaGlassesGirl
One shots with Hetalia! I don't own any of the pictures I'm using.
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Forbidden Love by Moustahce
Forbidden Loveby MocaLatte
An Angel and a Demon has fallen in love, breaking the rule that has been set years ago, that the Angels and Demons shan't have love. The Devil has other plans about the...
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Szufladka z historią by Jubi-liana
Szufladka z historiąby Jubiliana
Hetalia, oczywiście. Opowiadania niekoniecznie paringowe czy romantyczne, ale za to wykorzystujące historyczne wydarzenia przy snuciu długich (i krótkich) opowieści. (A...
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Bonnefoy by articscorpion
Bonnefoyby articscorpion
"When I saw you I thought God does wonderful things." ---- A collection of short stories including the personification of France and you. Mature viewers only A...
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0330 | fruk by ark1975
0330 | frukby ark1975
At 17, Francis Bonnefoy's parents finally allowed him to move out of their neighbourhood and into a small and affordable apartment close to his new highschool. However...
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Nuevos Tiempos by Quimina
Nuevos Tiemposby Quimina
Este es un fic que se me ocurrió luego de los sucesos hechos en Siria, fue algo rapido que hice a las apuradas hace un tiempo, asi que si hay algun error narrativo u ort...
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Aquamarine Possession (UkFra) by ash_f_trash
Aquamarine Possession (UkFra)by Ash
In the fanfiction "Aquamarine Possession", Captain Arthur Kirkland is out in an expedition for the Queen of England to collect treasures and valuables from the...
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Matthew's silent scream. by _FandomLover332_
Matthew's silent FandomLover .
Matthew Williams Bonnefoy moves in with his new Family the Kirklands. Matthew finds living with them really hard, when one doesn't know how to speak english just french...
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Oskarżony: Beilschmidt by SmartPerwoll
Oskarżony: Beilschmidtby Smart
Trwa rozprawa w sądzie, a oskarżonym jest nie kto inny jak sam Ludwig Beilschmidt. Chińczyk Yao Wang ma mu wiele do zarzucenia, tymczasem obrońca Ludwiga nie potrafi spr...
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France x Reader (Hetalia) by MattWilliams674
France x Reader (Hetalia)by ILoveReading
This is a sort of "fanfic" in which you fall in love with France (APH). It's my first story, so... Mercy. Please T.T I hope you enjoy reading this and... Good...
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Joyeux San Valentin (FrUk) by UKArthurKinkland
Joyeux San Valentin (FrUk)by Arthur Ignatius Kirkland-Bonn...
FrUk oneshot Fluff z nieco smutnym zakończeniem, konstruktywna krytyka mile widziana. :3
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aph - fruk | roses ; những bông hoa hồng by greenishsummer
aph - fruk | roses ; những bông Hạ xanh.
tôi yêu hoa hồng, và tôi yêu em. như vậy là đủ rồi.
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De Historias y Amores by AlisaElvet
De Historias y Amoresby Alicia Tomoe
Una canción puede evocar fuertes recuerdos... SongFic Canción: Si fuera fácil-Los Cadiz Tercer Lugar en el Concurso: "Escrito Musical", de la Comunidad "E...
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A Spy Story by galacticlouds
A Spy Storyby galacticlouds
Arthur Kirkland a well known spy in the community is perfectly capable of taking care of himself, thank you very much. Until the director assigns him a new partner. He...
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