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The Runaways (A Hetalia x Reader Story) by Kirkland_
The Runaways (A Hetalia x Reader ☆andrews☆™️
Book 2: After being completely fed up with your home life, you decide to run away, along with your dog. On your journey, you seem to run into someone, although he looks...
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Hetalia One Shots by solarkittygirl
Hetalia One Shotsby solarkittygirl
Hetalia OneShots!
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Hetalia: France X Reader Oneshots by sanktatrin
Hetalia: France X Reader Oneshotsby sankta
For all those France fans out there, because there's hardly any France fanfics on here~ Enjoy my beautiful hawkwolves!!!
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Teacher!Stalker!France x Reader by usernamee707
Teacher!Stalker!France x Readerby Arianna
This is a teacher! stalker! France x reader. Im sorry if its not that good... this is my 2nd fanfiction, and my first reader insert.Plus this is being written on a shit...
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A Rose by Any Other Name (A Human!AU: FRUK - Hetalia FanFiction) by Night_0_Shade
A Rose by Any Other Name (A The Citizens
"'Tis but thy name that is my enemy; Thou art thyself, though not a Montague. What's Montague? It is nor hand, nor foot, Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part Belo...
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As The Petals Fall (FRUK) by BoyfriendSecretlyGay
As The Petals Fall (FRUK)by BoyfriendSecretlyGay
England didn't want to be in love with France, so he fights it. Fighting doesn't get you anywhere.
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Hetalia x Reader ~ One-shots! by AnaGlassesGirl
Hetalia x Reader ~ One-shots!by AnaGlassesGirl
One shots with Hetalia! I don't own any of the pictures I'm using.
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~Ask France~ by SlightlyStrange
~Ask France~by Elizabeth
Ask away mes amis~! S'il vous plait?
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Oskarżony: Beilschmidt by SmartPerwoll
Oskarżony: Beilschmidtby Smart
Trwa rozprawa w sądzie, a oskarżonym jest nie kto inny jak sam Ludwig Beilschmidt. Chińczyk Yao Wang ma mu wiele do zarzucenia, tymczasem obrońca Ludwiga nie potrafi spr...
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France X Reader (You're important to me, mon amour~) by GenuineDiscord
France X Reader (You're Sara
<France X Reader (You)> It's been a long, boring World Meeting, and when everyone takes a break for snacks, you're sitting alone. France notices, and he comes to c...
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Even if Death does us Part (an FrUK Oneshot) by kingdom_of_souls
Even if Death does us Part (an kingdom_of_souls
They were bickering; It was probably about something useless, but both refused to back down. They were angry; Neither knew about what for sure, but it was hell in that...
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France x Reader (Hetalia) by MattWilliams674
France x Reader (Hetalia)by ILoveReading
This is a sort of "fanfic" in which you fall in love with France (APH). It's my first story, so... Mercy. Please T.T I hope you enjoy reading this and... Good...
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Matthew's silent scream. by _FandomLover332_
Matthew's silent FandomLover .
Matthew Williams Bonnefoy moves in with his new Family the Kirklands. Matthew finds living with them really hard, when one doesn't know how to speak english just french...
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Don't You Wish You'd Died? by ZheAwesomenessGirl
Don't You Wish You'd Died?by literally satan
England is at war, but in the midst of it all, he can't stop remembering that silky voice, those shining eyes, that bloodstained golden hair. He is flooded with memories...
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 Reborn (2p Hetalia) by happydivorce
Reborn (2p Hetalia)by anime vapelord
My personal take on the origin of 2p Hetalia characters, mainly focusing around England and France. Yes, this is FrUk.
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You're Beautiful (France X Reader oneshot) by KageNoYurei
You're Beautiful (France X Kage No Yurei
You is sad and France sees you and comforts you and please don't be sad, (Name).
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Szufladka z historią by Jubi-liana
Szufladka z historiąby Jubiliana
Hetalia, oczywiście. Opowiadania niekoniecznie paringowe czy romantyczne, ale za to wykorzystujące historyczne wydarzenia przy snuciu długich (i krótkich) opowieści. (A...
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And He Protected Her by MissAubreyPrecilla
And He Protected Herby Mister Ace
Francis had vowed to protect the girl named Jeanne d'Ark. And that is what he would always do.
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France X Reader (The confession~) by GenuineDiscord
France X Reader (The confession~)by Sara
<France X Reader (You)> You've been friends with France for a long time. As your fellow nation, however, he's seduced you without realizing it. This is your plan t...
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Taking It Seriously (FrUk) by SeekTheMorningStar
Taking It Seriously (FrUk)by alexis
Does France can't just take anything seriously? At least, that's what England was thinking. But that all change when he saw a different side of him. After realizing the...
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