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Beauty And The Beast - BonKai by BonKaiBonsai
Beauty And The Beast - BonKaiby Need to know
Being stuck in 1994 with each other takes a toll on Bonnie Bennett and Kai Parker. Eventually they return to the real world, only to end up trapped alone together in ano...
I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime by smilinginthedark
I'll Wed You in the Golden smilinginthedark
The ending Kai deserved, this is an alternate ending to the Season 6 finale of The Vampire Diaries. (Originally my prediction for the finale)
Bonkai One Shots by YeraMora
Bonkai One Shotsby Yera Mora
If you ever happen to have a bonkai syndrome, you can help it alleviate by reading fanfics of them. Don't worry, your not alone in your feels because I got them the mom...
bliss x bonkai by bonkaiaf
bliss x bonkaiby 🌚
bonnie decides to go back to whitmore college to study, but things don't go into plan when she meets kappa sigma's very own, kai parker.
Do You Believe In Magic by LysaBartlett
Do You Believe In Magicby Lysa Bartlett
When Kai Parker comes back to Mystic Falls from Portland, Oregon after attending to Gemini Coven business, he looks forward to time with his girlfriend and daughter. How...
Bonkai by HaileyKlose
Bonkaiby Hailey Klose
Bonnie gets drunk one night and sleeps with Kai.... But when a one night stand turns into something more it might be love?... Can this witch tame Kai
Across The Multiverse To Find Home || Bonnie Bennett by rita_andy
Across The Multiverse To Find rita_andy
She didn't know who she was, how she got there or how many times she's been through this. All she knew was that it wasn't home. This is her journey. Disclaimer: I don't...
Neighbors by delenaswishes
Neighborsby D&E Forever
When a family from Mystic Falls, Virginia moves in next to the bloodsucking Salvatore brothers, Damon Salvatore has to keep their secret hidden. But when he falls for on...
Why? - BonKai by summerishwaves
Why? - BonKaiby summerishwaves
[BONNIE BENNETT & KAI PARKER] After the whole wedding failure and Bonne being connected to Elena, Bonnie decides to leave Mystic Falls and live a normal life for a while...
Witch love! by clichebookworm1912
Witch love!by Anonymous
It follow the great relationship between the famous witch bonnie Bennett and sociopath Kai Parker It shows how Bonnie brings the goodness out in Kai and how he changes...
Beauty and the Beast: BonKai AU   by SupernaturalIdjit16
Beauty and the Beast: BonKai AU by SupernaturalIdjit
Hey guys! This is a BonKai fan fiction based on the Disney film Beauty and the Beast. I Hope you like it! A tale of a young girl unique and not quite like the others. A...
Baby Mothers #2 ( Bryshere Gray -ON HOLD by jayloveyouu
Baby Mothers #2 ( Bryshere Gray jaylee
!! Warning - More Drama than Book #1 that might make you curse at your phone . Lol :) !! In Book #1 I left you with a cliffhanger this is the continuation of that cliffh...
Revenge gone wrong (bonkai)  by holyhermione23
Revenge gone wrong (bonkai) by Holy.Hermione
After season 8 of vampire diaries Bonnie goes off to travel the world but that dream was short lived when she had to go back to mystic falls to help Rick . Bonnie start...
Leave Me Again by colorful_skittle92
Leave Me Againby Genesis Trinity Barnes
BONKAI FANFIC "I forgive you. For everything." Tears cascaded down my cheeks. "Thanks, Bonnie." I could fell his heartbeat start to fade beneath his...
Facebook (Vampire Diaries) by multifandxm_2309
Facebook (Vampire Diaries)by G & A
⚠️Warnung⚠️ Spezieller Humor! Wenn Stefan Salvatore mal wieder davon erzählt wie er ein Hasen gegessen hat, und Caroline Forbes über FB mit Tyler und Klaus gleichseitig...
The Nymph and The Big Bad (Klaroline, Kolvina, Bonkai, Katerina and Elijah) by TheMikealsonMarauder
The Nymph and The Big Bad ( Emmy
What if there was another doppelgänger before Katherine but after Tatia what if Klaus triggered his curse in 1545. Caroline is the main character and she has been isolat...
Bonkai by lightninginsummer
Bonkaiby Moonlight
The worst bonkai fanfic you will ever read writen by a banana!
Kairos by FrostedGemstones
Kairosby FrostedGemstones
My collection of drabbles/short writings that I give as prizes to repeating reviewers on my stories. Will be adding tags for the couples and fandoms as I add stories. If...