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Sex Ed. (Kirishima x Mina) by theytrynaeatcrack
Sex Ed. (Kirishima x Mina)by theytrynaeatcrack
Kirishima and Mina were just curious 1st years, okay? That's why they did what they did. It's not weird okay?😭 Idk I just did this for fun and it somehow ended up being...
The Nikiforovs by drgharris
The Nikiforovsby drgharris
My fanfiction,"The Nikiforovs", follows Viktor, Yuuri, and their three children, Natalia, Vincent, and Sakura throughout their day-to-day lives. This fanfictio...
It Started With You by AmiraTurner
It Started With Youby Amira Turner
A bxb fanfic of Dorsey and Asher. Asher sees Dorsey and its fucking lust at first sight. Does dorsey want the dick too tho?? Asher tops btw. enjoy
Hungry Like A Wolf by BrownBunz
Hungry Like A Wolfby BrownBunz
James likes to eat but never before like this. A nasty bite leaves him with an appetite his crush might not be able to handle.
2 Birds 1 Stone by Luna_Vaetae
2 Birds 1 Stoneby Luna_Vaetae
two freshmen in high school are in love with each other very much, but one is religious and does not want to take action while the other one doesn't give a flying shit...
I never gave it a title. by pinkjeanedash
I never gave it a Carter
Something about boners and muke i cant remember. Just read the authors not at the beginning.
The Holy Jungcock by SwaegAfSuga
The Holy Jungcockby 나를 죽여줘요
Read the damn book to see what it's about...Jk You'll get very moist. Maybe even wet? ⚠SMUT WARNING⚠
Oh My Fucking~ by otakustories_
Oh My Fucking~by Wren
This ish about a 16 year old French dude name Jordie. He likes penis. Enjoy ~with love. Mama Weeb Cow
How to tell a girl your gay by thetannedafrican101
How to tell a girl your gayby p!gscanfly2
You know in every cliche story the popular bad boy is always surrounded by hungry females who worship him. Normally to any guy that sounds great, ruling over the school...
1d 5sos one shot by ellomalikzaynyy
1d 5sos one shotby ellomalikzaynyy
You are a model/mostly singer on tour w/ the boys and you get a spherical job offering.