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A Royal Beginning by history296
A Royal Beginningby The Nerd
Covering the time period of April 1925 to March 1939, this first novel begins with the childhoods of Prince Alexander and Princess Isabelle, and their journey together...
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The Lions: A Struggle for Power (Book 2) by Joseph_Von
The Lions: A Struggle for Power ( Joseph Gagermeier
Now President, Thomas Jefferson, sits happily behind his stolen throne in Washington. Guiding the nation through a period of reconstruction and healing after winning a w...
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Haiku Quotes ~ Famous People by Warrior_Prophet
Haiku Quotes ~ Famous Peopleby PJ Perry-Roberts
Quote's the famous and infamous have actually said. I've sifted through their words until I've found a little spark that fits the haiku 5,7,5,pattern. Enjoy! PJ
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Napoleon: Emperor of Elba  by PercyPenworth
Napoleon: Emperor of Elba by Percy Penworth
Paris has fallen. Europe is in ruins. The man responsible? Napoleon Bonaparte, short, morose, dictatorial, conquered the hearts of France by his charm, conquered the cou...
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Library. History about... books? by noirek
Library. History about... books?by Krzysztof M. Borowiak
It may seem incredible, but this story was created by IT Student. Not a humanist, language teacher or historian, but an IT guy. And though it was to be a story made for...
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Once upon a Clock (ON-HOLD) by A_M_dEtoile
Once upon a Clock (ON-HOLD)by A_M_dEtoile
Ce credeti ca s-ar intampla atunci cand, prin ironia sortii, un geniu in varsta de 17 ani este transporta la curtea Reginei Victoria? Alexander Daveray - talentat, intel...
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Alexander and Napoleon feet talk *pics included* by alexoleonxXForever8
Alexander and Napoleon feet talk * Edwin Bonaparte
Alexander and Napol were always talked about their ruling but what about their toes? I don't know the gentleman on the cover, I just felt like he belonged there.
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Napoleon Bonaparte: A Biography by Carries00
Napoleon Bonaparte: A Biographyby Angelina Covas
“History is a set of lies agreed upon.” Napoleon Bonaparte
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Napoleon Bonaparte x James Garfield by corsicanwithaplan
Napoleon Bonaparte x James Garfieldby On Hiatus
Another sinful story you shouldn't read tm
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Sultan Bonaparte by PhilippeBornet
Sultan Bonaparteby Philippe Bornet
Venise 1797. Une femme mystérieuse et belle remet une bague à Marmont, aide de camp du général Bonaparte... Bonaparte échappe de peu aux espions qui cherchent à l'élimi...
Napoleon's Subservient Europe by Joe75Ogb2019
Napoleon's Subservient Europeby Joseph C Ogbonna
The canons thunder, the rifles rage, and the horses like swarms of bees storm the plains of feudal Europe. Her princes tremble and willingly capitulate. Prussia's undoub...
The New Republic: A Struggle for Power (Book 3) by Joseph_Von
The New Republic: A Struggle for Joseph Gagermeier
After Napoleon crushed the United States with a lightning speed invasion, he dissolves the government, and places his brother Joseph in charge of the newly formed French...
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The Secret in the Box by Johnoutram
The Secret in the Boxby John
Kim bought an old jewellery box at a garage sale. It was not only old but very old with mystical properties that were built into it by the box maker, and by owners throu...
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The Bravest Of The Brave by DavidCook0
The Bravest Of The Braveby David Cook
Marshal Michel Ney's final hour at the Field of Waterloo.
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The Bonaparte Traitor by TheBlissed
The Bonaparte Traitorby TheBlissed
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Twinkle Twinkle Bonaparte by ArthurWellesley
Twinkle Twinkle Bonaparteby Arthur Wesley
Twinkle, twinkle, Bonaparte! I know you are such a fart! I've got many things to say; when you die in Waterloo. Twinkle, twinkle, Bonaparte! I know you are such a fart!
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Worth A Second Chance by Simply_Purrrrfect
Worth A Second Chanceby Simply_Purrrrfect
Humanity is deteriorating—fast. Otherwordly beings have caught on to the happenings of humanity, and they aren't happy. Zion 2.0 is sent out on a mission: to find out wh...
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Chicken Run by Dhericean
Chicken Runby A.J. Russell
Dominion Tank Police Fan-Fic from a long time ago. Leona and Al have been relegated to patrolling the industrial zone of Newport City at night. A chicken run to try and...
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