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I'm sorry, Deku... [My Hero Academia] [Completed] by ZakisLovesMusic
I'm sorry, Deku... [My Hero Lyell
Katsuki Bakugou, such a heat-headed, short-tempered and prideful man you will ever meet. He hates Izuku Midoriya - or does he? On the day of the Sludge incident, Bakugou...
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Kirishima x Reader: It all started here (complete)  by ShortSushi
Kirishima x Reader: It all ShortSushi
Your son Hiro asks how you and Kirimisha met. So the story begins. Your shy at first, and Kirishima befriends you maybe. . . He wants to be more than friends.
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Boku no hero academia/My Hero Academia Incorrect Qoutes 2 by SteampunkandSquidy
Boku no hero academia/My Hero Inventor and Squid girl!
Still qoutes I honor from tumblr and my own incorrect qoutes too
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Wild Ride -- An OC Story by TsuyusTrueLove
Wild Ride -- An OC Storyby TsuyusTrueLove
This here will (eventually) be a detailed story of my OC, Kamikuro Yagata, and his adventures throughout UA! You'll see familiar faces from the anime, including Deku, Ur...
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League of Villains Dabi x Lunaris (my original character)  by user96570880
League of Villains Dabi x Lunaris Shadow
Lunaris Shadow has pink and white hair green eyes and pale skin. She wears a black tank-top or T-shirt, navy blue jean shorts and Brown or black knee-high boots. Her vil...
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Villain Deku by dv_writes
Villain Dekuby Dv_writes
After years of being told he would never be a hero, Izuku Midoriya, also know as Deku, snaps. He meets Tomutra Shigaraki and All for One who give Deku a new life as a vi...
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Lone Wolf by Pyro1337
Lone Wolfby George Hess
Young boy by the name of George Hess is the last of his family after an incident only 6 years after his birth causing him to lose his family at the hands of a not so wel...
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BNHA Roleplay   by ToughStcff
BNHA Roleplay by ToɄgh Bottom
this is new to me sooooo