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Midnight Echoes (ONLY PREVIEW) by eeesh_
Midnight Echoes (ONLY PREVIEW)by eeesh_
#1 in Bokoharam 19/5/2021 #1 in Borno 7/12/2020 #1 in Abuja, 7/12/2020. #1 on Terrorism, 7 July, 2019. #1 in Arewa. 1st January, 2019. #2 in Fulani. 20th December, 2018...
PLEASE READ! NOT A DRILL by Juuzou_Suzuya_kun
PLEASE READ! NOT A DRILLby Boku wa Suzuya Juuzou des
So well I'm gonna be talking about the shit going on in my home country and I'll also post news reports for you to see. I know this ain't what I usually do, but it needs...
Ghost Of The Desert by paulogo5
Ghost Of The Desertby paul ogo
A young man's destiny is changed forever as he journeyed to Northern Nigeria to carry out his national assignment. This was the journey that was a must for him, a journe...
Boko Haram: A Silent War by FulanNasrullah
Boko Haram: A Silent Warby FulanNasrullah
Excerpts from my still being written book of the same name built on research, indepth interviews and first hand information. Contains all about the Boko Haram movement...
ROUGHNECKS OF AREWA by abdullahi_muhd
ROUGHNECKS OF AREWAby abdullahi_muhd
About The Book ROUGHNECKS OF AREWA Is a story of a young man who try leaving a Good legacy but unfortunately end up being a thug. It's quite disheartening to say the rea...
To You Oh My Daughter by Nabeelarh04
To You Oh My Daughterby Aisha Sule Halilu
'To You Oh My Daughter' is a letter a mother wrote to her first daughter, narrating the things she faced before the daughter was given birth to. It's also about how s...
The Day I Died by Sades_World
The Day I Diedby Sades_World
On the 14th of April 2014, a young girl ceased to exist because along with her fellow pupils, she is kidnapped from her boarding school by Boko Haram terrorists. This i...
Sambisan Juggernauts by Akintecture
Sambisan Juggernautsby Akintecture
Sambisa. One of the most dreaded forests in the world and that's because it served as home to the deadly Boko Haram terrorists in the North Eastern part of Nigeria. Unve...
I don't really like military and paramilitary institutions, watching videos of decapitated soldiers by members of Boko Haram makes it more frightening to join these inst...