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Through Chrissie's eyes by AndyWBlackstorn
Through Chrissie's eyesby Andressa Muniz
Chrissie Mullen was just living her life, focused on studies, and achieving her goals of a steady life when suddenly finding one true love, sees her life changing, adapt...
keep it professional - r. taylor by slytherin_009
keep it professional - r. taylorby slytherin_009
Getting a job managing with John Reid is a dream come true for Elizabeth. When she's assigned a new group, an up-and-coming band Queen, she thinks it's going to be a wal...
❝ so... we both got cheated on huh? ❞ in which they become friends after their partners cheated on them.
Under Pressure [b.h.] by not-nix14
Under Pressure [b.h.]by _notnix_
- Ben Hardy - ... ''You? You want me... to go out with you?'' She let out between laughs. Ben just looked at her, speechless, very serious, not saying anything. She qu...
you made a bad girl out of me | roger taylor by rogerstories
you made a bad girl out of me | sofia
"You were literally shocked. She usually tells you everything, what the hell was happening? Anna was living in the US for six months now and you had no idea that sh...
Bohemian Rhapsody  by 0killer-queen
Bohemian Rhapsody by Perch
Ben Hardy!Roger Taylor fic _______________________________ Roger Taylor, the famous drummer of Queen won a lot of hearts as he performed several gigs along with his band...
You don't fool me // Hardzzellee by Itsametaphorjoe
You don't fool me // Hardzzelleeby Itsametaphorjoe
What happens when both Gwil and Ben, a happy couple, fall in love with their best friend and coworker. They find out that Joe hasn't been completely honest about some th...
Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody Imagines by serpentwithatardis
Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody caitlin✨
A imagines book about the amazing band Queen and the amazing movie Bohemian Rhapsody, featuring the lovely band members and cast members! I write most things except for...
BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY - Film & Cast by SnazzyNatty
BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY - Film & Castby Natalie||-//ϟ ⚯͛ △⃒⃘
I'm obsessed with Queen and BoRhap so I've decided to make this book (I guess you'd call it that) about the cast funny moments in the film and irl and more! :) There's n...
Ben Hardy/Roger Taylor Imagines by lyascool
Ben Hardy/Roger Taylor Imaginesby lya
One shots (or maybe with 2 or 3 chapters) about Ben Hardy or Roger Taylor played by Ben. I do not own these people in my imagines!! Hope you enjoy
Hardzello ~ Stutter by xcelestials1x
Hardzello ~ Stutterby ♡
A hardzello au ♡ (on-pause/unlikely to finish) -- • this isn't real so please don't take it seriously • I'm awful at updating but I try to make each chapter quite long...
Vivid Colors || Hardzzello || by hardzzellos
Vivid Colors || Hardzzello ||by dori | ia
ON HOLD for a boy who suffers colorblindness, ben sure finds joseph mazzello interesting. ••• DISCLAIMER: The storyline does not belong to me. Original (bokuaka au) by...
can anybody find me... // hardzello [FINISHED] by mothermercury_
can anybody find me... // s
hardzello fanfiction, Coffeeshop AU. very soft and slowburn =D (I'm at least *trying* to make it slow burn) DEEPLY inspired by this hooman, @chocolatemilk19 (ngl, took...
~My Life Is In Your Hands~ Roger Taylor (on hold) by starryhippie
~My Life Is In Your Hands~ Roger starry.hippie
It isn't easy being the sister of one of the biggest rock stars. It also isn't easy being famous without wanting to but I can't do anything about it, can I? It was my c...
breakthru ➳ g.lee by whoisgalileo
breakthru ➳ g.leeby ☆ ringo ☆
in which ben hardy's older sister takes a liking to one of his bohemian rhapsody cast mates ☆ social media fan fiction ☆ ☆ gwilym lee x female oc ☆
text me ▪ hardzello-mazzardy by enigmaticfreddie
text me ▪ hardzello-mazzardyby gabby (inactive)
ben hardy has his own way of saying i love you {DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE}
castmates / rami malek by RHAPSODlCK
castmates / rami malekby p.
@lucyboynton i'd fuck rami malek any time of the day. @itsramimalek why, thank you. ;) or in which she fawned over rami malek through her instagram, unaware...
Spread Your Wings by deathorvictory_
Spread Your Wingsby Willz
In which Ben Hardy, a mutant, gets back from a few hours from the fight club but Joe Mazzello, a photographer, wanders too far just to find the mutant's habitat. [USERNA...
Per Ardua Ad Astra // G. Lee by HannahHassall
Per Ardua Ad Astra // G. Leeby i am a john mayer stan first...
AU Wing Commander Gwilym Lee, RAF, meets a woman in a Pub. Little does he know that this woman is going to change his life.