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The Seven Archangels by AureliusHeimdall
The Seven Archangelsby Aurelius Heimdall
A dream. It haunts Percy Jackson but nobody he knows can explain it. The world starts turning upside down and time loses its meaning when secrets from era before even t...
the last of snake tribe [tcf fanfic] by _DP_M0R1
the last of snake tribe [tcf Mori Harmonic
Miruo got reincarnated after his death and wakes up in a boy body that have bruises and was surrounded by snakes. Then the boy realize that he have powers and etc. But s...
a bunch of random, free hand one shots of gay men. any suggestions are welcome.
Betting On Him by T-Hotland
Betting On Himby El
The mafia had always been a part of her life, even when she was young enough not to know it. But unlike other youths in her position at the time, she chose to join her u...
ᦓρ꠸᥅꠸ꪻꫀᦔ ꪖ᭙ꪖꪗ. (haku x reader) by yourlocalcostco
ᦓρ꠸᥅꠸ꪻꫀᦔ ꪖ᭙ꪖꪗ. (haku x reader)by zomi ☺︎
your best friend, chihiro, sits you down and proceeds to run down through the tale of the spirit world beyond the tunnel, asking you to meet with her past friends about ...
Weasley Twins One-Shots by ThatDudeThing
Weasley Twins One-Shotsby Isaac 😈
Most of these will be sad but I'm open to requests!! Fred is my favourite twin, but I love them both. Enjoy
⛓️😈Queens of Mafia😈⛓️[on Hold] by J_Livi
⛓️😈Queens of Mafia😈⛓️[on Hold]by 🖤Mr.KANG🤍
මාෆියා ලෝකයේ රජ කරන කෙල්ලො හත් දෙනෙක් 😈⛓️ හැබැ වුණු ආදරයක් ❤️ කියවලම බලන්නකෝ 😈 මෙ මගෙ පළවෙනි ff. එක අඩුපාඩු තියෙනම් කියන් යන්න ☺️
Harry Potter One-Shots by ThatDudeThing
Harry Potter One-Shotsby Isaac 😈
Just a few Harry Potter drabbles I think of- open to requests!!
fake story by sophiapaarker
fake storyby Sophiaaa
please don't read this story ⚠️ it's a private story 😌🖖🏻
You & me- Sangiovanni by valentina_086789
You & me- Sangiovanniby una__scema
T/n è una ragazza di 19 anni e ha una passione per la danza un giorno si iscrive ad amici e....
Cose senza senso 2 by Italian_muffin_
Cose senza senso 2by Hey :)
Leggi quella della prima storia
Spirited Away / Connected yet worlds apart by Alphaniah
Spirited Away / Connected yet
Chihiro and Haku, a love story... Can anyone decide what true suffering is, how lonely life can be when you've never felt truly alive. Chihiro knows, her whole life has...
robeh !  by egokowo
robeh ! by k i r i ☆
un libro stupido dove spammo tutto quello che mi viene in mente!!! vi chiedo di non leggere i primi capitoli poiché probabilmente vi darebbero un'idea sbagliata su di me...
•Hollow rimes• (eng/ita) by milu08undertale
•Hollow rimes• (eng/ita)by •Pure_Vanilla•
•just the diary of someone not important...• •semplicemente il diario di qualcuno non importante...• -hollow rimes- -poesie vuote-
Bill Nye x Barney by tigger137
Bill Nye x Barneyby tigger137
this is a joke btw nothing is serious
When He Was Six [Fred and George] by ThatDudeThing
When He Was Six [Fred and George]by Isaac 😈
When he was six, George nearly drowned When he was twenty, George nearly drowned I decided to do this as a separate one shot because why not. I've had this in my head fo...
Home Again (Spirited Away) by VioletteWaters
Home Again (Spirited Away)by VioletteWaters
It's been seven years. Chihiro Ogino could never forget the affairs of the Spirit World and the Bathhouse that happened almost a decade ago. Never in a million ye...
Mi Presento "UWU" by __1maN4N4__
Mi Presento "UWU"by
In questo "libro" mi presento bene :=)
DARK RED by antaradas5
DARK REDby 𝑬𝒔𝒕𝒐𝒊𝒍e 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒓❤️
We have heard about thousands stories of girls in red lighted areas that how they forced into it, how miserable is their life, how pain they are facing. We also heard ev...