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Journal of the Amnesiac Wizard: A Setosorcerer/FyreUk/Deadlox/GoldSolace Story by missmatched123
Journal of the Amnesiac Wizard: Emma
An unconscious injured wizard is found on the grounds of Fyre Academy of Magic. Masters Waglington, Phil, Tom, and Matt take the stranger in, aiming to help the wizard r...
Giant Problems (On Hold) by EnderShadeMC
Giant Problems (On Hold)by Moved Account
In 2146, an apocalypse had happened, one that almost wiped out the human race. All 7 billion humans had been minding their own business when one day, gargantuan human-li...
kings WILL do such things by JosieTheKraken
kings WILL do such thingsby Josie
Fear is the strongest emotion, other than love. This society is run by fear. Adam knows that very well. His father does too. But he thinks of it differently. He fires up...
EnderOni by NinjaNekoAru
EnderOniby NinjaNekoAru
It all started with a letter. A letter that brought them to a mansion. A mansion that then trapped them inside with a monster. A monster known as the EnderOni. Now 13 un...
Evil Youtubers × Reader by SeaSorcerer
Evil Youtubers × Readerby Sea Delne
Soooooooo... I was bored when I made this... I'll take requests, just no smutty ones... seriously, I'm like 13... and Jimmy Casket for a cover cuz I got nothing else...
Team Crafted Adopted... Me??? by WHO_LIK_MINECRAF
Team Crafted Adopted... Me???by Ashley Power
Ashley is a 15 year old girl. She's been at Miss Daisy's Orphanage for Girls since she was 5. She never expected to be adopted. Especially by TEAM CRAFTED! Warning: Str...
The Melon-Head Boy -a Simdil fanfiction- by fabulousmultifandoms
The Melon-Head Boy -a Simdil Elo
(My first story eveeeer, yaaaaaa partyyy) Bodil is in 2nd year at a college in Bulgaria. He's one of the 'cool' boys and no one has a problem with him being gay. It's th...
The last ender dragon by Ender_writes_book
The last ender dragonby Ender army leader
Ender is a hybrid that some how is living with team crafted as she lives life it's limits with sky as her dad,team crafted as apart of her new family and some old friend...
Minecraft Youtubers x Reader Oneshots [DISCONTINUTED] by KittyKCraftz2014
Minecraft Youtubers x Reader KittyKCraftz2014
[REQUESTS: CLOSED!!!] You guys might always wondered that how it will feel like to have a mincraft youtuber as a lover, well here's a book for Minecraft Youtubers X Read...
Team Hybrid (Team Crafted Fan Fiction) by punken316
Team Hybrid (Team Crafted Fan punken316
This is not just a normal Team Crafted hybrid story. It starts like any other day, but something happens that changes some things about what the Team knew about Jordan...
TeamCrafted Headcanons 3 by athenspride
TeamCrafted Headcanons 3by ◇athens◇
Simdil40/Simdil90 }{ never again (boy x boy ) by TheBananasss
Simdil40/Simdil90 }{ never again ( Eva
Read to find out if there love is real or if it's hate...................?
Minecrafters Oneshots (REQUEST CLOSE) [ON HOLD] by FlamingButterSpace
Minecrafters Oneshots (REQUEST FlamingButterSpace
Its a oneshot between you and all the requested minecrafters! You can add for a mobs oneshot if you want it. Girls only, sorry boys lol :P
There is literally no explanation for this. [⚜UPDATE⚜] I finally hit the chapter limit!! ~(0u0)~ New book should be up soon. Thanks for the ride, guys. <3
Five Nights In Wonderland by Tullemor2007
Five Nights In Wonderlandby Milly
(Language Warning, there will be swears!) "I... saw horrible things down there... Things, nobody ever should see. It was awful, f*****g awful! Everything was red...
Simdil90 OneShots!? by Kohaku_reads
Simdil90 OneShots!?by A Person?
Many one shots for the ship simdil90 or bodil40 x Simonhd90. Boyxboy, so if you don't like then don't read plz~ (Cover drawn by me)
MC Youtubers Truth or Dare by shadow11230
MC Youtubers Truth or Dareby The NewTubers
Hello there! This is MC Youtubers Truth or Dare, a book where a bunch of Youtubers are forced to do stupid dares because... why not! Feel free to suggest Youtubers that...
My new Brother Bacca? by Minecraft2014
My new Brother Bacca?by Edwin McCauley
Mitch and his Grade 5 classmates where going on a field trip to Miss. Poppy's Adoption Center during there trip some strange things been happening around the students. a...
Just A Game (simdil90 fanfiction) by me2ow1
Just A Game (simdil90 fanfiction)by me2ow1
"Let's play a game." "Okay." "To play this game, we will kiss, hug, hold hands, cuddle, and be with each other all the time. Everything a true c...