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smokin' ||  louigan by sxbjective
smokin' || louiganby a.p.g
an old childhood nemesis shows up on her doorstep with only a duffle bag and a pack of cigarettes. he needs a home, she needs a friend. .sometimes the people you think t...
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You Confuse Me (Bobs Burgers. Louise x Logan) by lilpeeps-baby
You Confuse Me (Bobs Burgers. nessa
I'd never had a crush on any boy before...except one.I had a thing for Boo-boo who was just a idol. Other than that, Nothing.This kid-well teen named Logan started teasi...
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Human DISCONTINUED by theoneandonlymogeko
Human DISCONTINUEDby Mogekowantstodie
Rudy and Louise are your Average couple, life was perfect that was until Logan came to destroy it. "You think I wanted this? Rudy! I have feelings to!" Louise...
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Just A Girl || Bob's Burgers by sofialouised
Just A Girl || Bob's Burgersby Sofia
Tina Belcher is fourteen years old. Her younger siblings, Gene (12) and Louise (10) seem to have their place in the world. A final year at Wagstaff didn't seem like a bi...
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Seventeen || louigan by desmadres
Seventeen || louiganby 백현
you see people differently when you're seventeen.
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Tina and Jimmy Jr : So You Think You Can Dance by ginjjji
Tina and Jimmy Jr : So You Think Sarah-bellum
Fanfic of Jimmy Pesto Jr and Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers - these characters are not my own, but are from FOX network
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Just a crush (Louise X Logan)  by Demonic_Ciel_child
Just a crush (Louise X Logan) by That thing
Louise is 14 and starting high school logan the person she had hated for years is 16 and I on is Jr. Year they have pretty awkward walks to and from school home sence th...
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The Love Game! by A1paca
The Love Game!by Willdo the dilldo
In this the whole kid cast are in high school! Its just easier that way! After Logan learns a game from his friends he decides to play it, lucky for him his friends pick...
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Louigan <3 by spidermansmokesmeth
Louigan <3by Parker Martinez
Seventeen year old, Louise, just started her senior year of high school. And to her luck, Logan, just started teaching there. i do not own any part of BOB'S BURGERS. thi...
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Louigan  by xxlouiseloganxx
Louigan by Drea Kee
Fifteen year old, Louise Belcher is finally starting her first year of high school and she and Logan have gotten pretty close. They each feel a little something every he...
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The Dance Date: A Zina Story by RockyMarciano1
The Dance Date: A Zina Storyby Rocky Marciano
A short love story between Tina and Zeke from Bob's Burgers! Originally titled: The Winter Formal: A Zina Story
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Bob's Burgers Oneshots And Preferences by rmorningstar21
Bob's Burgers Oneshots And Rachael Morningstar
This is just going to be a little side project, since my fiance has been watching Bob's Burgers lately, and I've gotten hooked. I'm not sure how often I will be adding...
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Is That Really Her? by PinkRose37
Is That Really Her?by PinkRose37
Louise Belcher was always evil But what happens when she is 17 Logan is back in town and when he sees Louise he made a promise bring her back (This is just a story I'm...
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Logan And Louise  by Cnareadna
Logan And Louise by Lena Vanity
Louise and Logan love story. So in my story I fixed the age difference between theme so Louise will be 21 and Logan will be 24. Louise is in college for a business degre...
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There's no way I'm in LOVE (Louise X Logan) by Demonic_Ciel_child
There's no way I'm in LOVE ( That thing
When Louise rival's mother can't find a place to keep her son Logan for the summer he has to stay with her Louise develops a crush on the teen idiot so she has to keep...
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Bob's Burgers Headcanons by racheljam9
Bob's Burgers Headcanonsby RJam9
Haha yes
Bob's Burger oh great ( Logan x Louise) by Medinajezebel23
Bob's Burger oh great ( Logan x Jezebel Medina
everything can chance in one moment without even realizing it
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Ask The Belchers by Eleven-stranger
Ask The Belchersby Paddy
We are the Belchers! We are the best and most well adapt family out there. And we want your questions, all of your questions (except inappropriate). Now get out there an...
The Trip by PinkRose37
The Tripby PinkRose37
Louise is forced to spend a 7 hour car trip with Logan. But unfortunately they get into an accident. Lucky they are alive. But the only problem is they have to walk back...
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Logan x Luis(Bobs burgers) by Varra_reads04
Logan x Luis(Bobs burgers)by Jack
No description I guess to sum things up Logan left for collage and Louise took over the family business something around there•~•
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