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A Little Bit (Izuku x reader) by KrazyKat000
A Little Bit (Izuku x reader)by Woosh
UNDER EDITING You've enrolled into UA but the semester has already started. You look to make a new name for yourself and a better reputation, as soon as you find your cl...
Nature Hero: Ume by pearlrose2324
Nature Hero: Umeby Charlotte Rose
Izumi Midoryia has her grandmother's quirk from her mother side, overgrownth. She can make a lot of plants in just her hands alone. So she don't have that much control o...
Break The Mask by TheBlueKitty07
Break The Maskby TheLion
What would happen if Izuku had a dormant quirk the whole time. What if he never got One For All. What if he's abused. What if he's depressed, suicidal, and has severe an...
I-I'm pregnant?! by animeweeb325
I-I'm pregnant?!by Mk
In this story toya aka dabi is a hero and is a teenager so is Keigo and they are in the hero course at ua. They are in a happy relationship that's lasted five years (the...
Vigilante Okami (Izuku Midoriya) (Discontinued, New Book Coming Soon) by magpieohhhhhhh
Vigilante Okami (Izuku Midoriya) ( Mr. Manniquin
When will it end? I want it to stop. I don't want to live here anymore... Wait. . . But don't I deserve it? They said I could be strong like the others I dont want to b...
soft (katsuki bakugo x fox! reader) by SaltyYuuri
soft (katsuki bakugo x fox! reader)by Bryce
f/n l/n was accepted into UA, even though she didn't pass any entry exam or physical test. The class who supposed to only be composed of 20 students was forced to make r...
BNHA Husband/Boyfriend Scenarios [Discontinued] by KhaoticKris
BNHA Husband/Boyfriend Scenarios [ KhaoticKris
I said screw it and making the book for my latest obsession
bnha on crack book 2 by IJustLikeCatsYeah
bnha on crack book 2by IJustLikeCatsYeah
just look at the memes... please.
Hero route by redpan45
Hero routeby DinoGum
Toga is Izuku childhood friend and lived together because toga was abandoned by her parents. They begin to become heros together with there friends showing everybody can...
Shinsou x Denki One Shots •kinda• by B_AshBlood
Shinsou x Denki One Shots •kinda•by B_Ash Blood
Thing I will do 🍆-Smut 🍭-spice but no smut🎰-AUs ☁️-fluff 🌧-angest ⛈-Angest w/ triggers and bad ending🌦-Angest w/ happy ending I WILL SAY IF IM UNCOMFORTABLE WITH IT...
Bakukamikiri/our pride(little kiri/little space) by babybatbug
Bakukamikiri/our pride(little Bee
warning cussing little space emotion boyxboyxboy
you're too pure by wh1spy_
you're too pureby may
Tԋιʂ ιʂ α LҽʂႦιαɳ ʂԋιρ. Iϝ ყσυ ԃσɳ'ƚ ʅιƙҽ ƚԋαƚ ƙιɳԃ σϝ ʂƚυϝϝ, ԃσɳ'ƚ ɾҽαԃ! ---------------------------- Iƚ'ʂ σႦʋισυʂ ʂԋҽ ԋαԃ α ԋυɠҽ ƈɾυʂԋ σɳ Tʂυყυ Sԋҽ ɯαɳƚҽԃ ƚσ ƙιʂʂ ԋҽɾ...
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A little rough, but still loveable! TMNTxFemDeku by yoaixay
A little rough, but still xcurly girl
Izuku got cheated on by Bakugou with her bestfriend Uraraka. Izuku then got bullied and got the cold shoulder by most of her classmates. Izuku couldn't take it anymore n...
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__Explosive-Bitch__'s  instagram by __Explosive-Bitxh__
__Explosive-Bitch__'s instagramby Thotski_Bakuhoe
heh. this is a instagram, bnha. Rp is allowed, NFSW good, maybe sometimes go to pm. but hope you enjoy. I don't know how to do this instagram bullshit so I hope I'm doin...
The New Threat (BNAH x Creepypasta) [DISCONTINUED] by JulesRedenger
The New Threat (BNAH x JulesRedenger
After a fight goes wrong, Jeff, Jane, Annalise, Eyeless Jack, Masky, Hoodie, Sally, Ben, and Slenderman all find themselves in a different world. With no solid idea of a...
.●○°•Touch•°○●. by Hoty_Thoty
.●○°•Touch•°○●.by why
Touch is the way of feeling, the way of showing affection. But it is not always used for affection, it can be used for violence. Read more to find out these uses for Tou...
The Perfect Nomu(Overhauled)  by KaiRyuga
The Perfect Nomu(Overhauled) by Kai Yami
This story takes place after the defeat of All for One The story of the first humanoid nomu with the quirk allowing him to control the darkenss and bend it to his will...
Missing you~~ Aizawa x Oc by DemPuppies008
Missing you~~ Aizawa x Ocby Melissa S.
When Aizawa was still in school he had a friend, a childhood friend that he would talk to everyday. But after things started happening in her life she became distant and...