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Property of the Exchange Student (BBWB) (SLOW UPDATES) by imziamandnarryasf
Property of the Exchange Student ( imziamandnarryasf
Tenoa Amari Silas was just your average sophomore boy at school: thick rimmed glasses, dark chocolate skin, a mouth full of metal and an obsession with Marvel and otherw...
From The Other Side by ccreator
From The Other Sideby grey
Isaiah always had his focus set on school and baseball, but when he meets August, he suddenly begins questioning more than just his lack of a social life. ...
Secret Of An Alpha by WONDERPSYCHO
Secret Of An Alphaby WONDERPSYCHO
The Alpha of Creek Pack is dying. Alpha Rolus' days are numbered, all because of decisions he made when he turned eighteen. In this time of weakness, there is someone th...
Tomorrow's beautiful [BxB] by 2cutebunny5
Tomorrow's beautiful [BxB]by purpleglass
"why are you stuck on a nigga that don't even love You?" "Because he's the only person I have." " That's because you won't give me a chance!&quo...
Ace of Spades by IsisScott3
Ace of Spadesby trippiejaxx
"I'm not deranged, I just don't tolerate bullshit." In which, Bray is an ex-convict that may have gotten himself into trouble once more. Atticus is an artist...
Maybe life isn't all that bad  by SunshineCj9
Maybe life isn't all that bad by SunshineCj9
Maxwell Conner Collins at this point is practically done with life. Between the constant bulling in school. His parents who are always comparing him to his older sibling...
Peaches 'n Cream by AJRossi
Peaches 'n Creamby A.J.
Enter Jericho Tucker, a Nigerian, Brooklyn native with some serious daddy issues, a killer 'fro, and he has a whole lot of love to give. But toss picture-perfect Joseph...
Outcasted Love by EdLane16
Outcasted Loveby Diane Lane
A tale of love with two outcasts- Her, a shunned princess who never stood a chance And him, a colored knight who made his own chances With these two and a cruel kingdom...
My Crazy by Orgyapopplestooan
My Crazyby Altwhore
The man reeked dominance. His walk showed his royalty. His smile melt plenty. But, his glare freeze many. Who is this man? Alimer Santigo But a simple visit from a myste...
Hurts by perried
Hurtsby Avianna Watkins
Read to find out! !! Love you a tons if you read and share x
MoronSexual by That_1_friend
MoronSexualby Jay_Lx4
Just a story about all my oc's doing shit
Situations Like This One by HowsItGoingBae
Situations Like This Oneby HowsItGoingBae
GirlxGirl Boyxboy GirlxBoy Bwwm Bwww Bmwm Doesn't matter to me. 6 friends. 3 problems. One Unpredictable Ending.
PEACHES by writers_blocc
PEACHESby writers_blocc
Cody is not the type of person to be well ... adventurous. Predictable. Stable. Unwavering - are just a few of the words that come to mind if anyone asked to describe h...
Let's Be Judged Together by Writerqueen88
Let's Be Judged Togetherby WriterQueen
He Was Black. He Was White. He Was Judged for his Skin Color... He Was Judged for being Gay.... So What Happens when they get together romantically? »»»»»»»»-----------«...
The Ex ✔️ by annwritess1
The Ex ✔️by annwritess
It's been a 4 months since Julian has seen his ex-finacee Jamal. You would think he would see him often since they have kids. Julian couldn't bare to see him after he le...